Friday, December 9, 2011

America's Failed Russian Putsch

America's Failed Russian Putsch

The first question we should as is: is this a legitimate act of war by the insane Islamic Marxist regime of the United States?

As we all know so well, the American love affair for intervening in every nation in the world, and wandering why they are despised all over the world, has become an Obamaniac obsession.

Few regimes have been so rogue and evil as that which now occupies the White House, outdoing such notables as Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, Roosevelt, JFK, Carter, Bush Sr, Clinton, and Bush Jr. As a matter of fact, it is quite plain to see, as the nose on any man's face, that for the past twenty plus years, the US has been descending further and further into pure evil, with each puppet ever more the tool of Satanic forces.

Now to the Russian elections. Yes, the elections, in which the US media at first could not quite get its story together. Some claimed they were a huge embarresment for Putin, because United Russia did fall from the upper 60s to 49.3% of the parliament, while others were screaming they were rigged, because they fell from the upper 60s to 49.3%. Either way, the political are what they are, four parties, the ruling center right United Russia, the far left Communists who surged to 19.2%, the leftist Just Russia got 13.2% and the right nationalist Liberal Democratic Party got 11.7%, while three other parties did not get the minimum 7% of the vote to take their place: the neo-liberals of lets steal everything Yeltsin fame Yablako, and the right wing parties: Right Cause and Patriots of Russia.

Compare this to the pathetic American Congress, where 96% of the votes are held by the One Party Two Branch Democrat-Republican money machine with a tiny sprinkling of independents, many, like the Himmler wanna be Lieberman are still animals of the machine who were previously replace or side lined by even more loyal animals.

Screams of corruption echoes out right of the bat. The funny thing is, they came from all of America's favorite Marxists. After all, the Red Plague that is Washington DC is the new ComIntern, spreading itself (along with its Jihad Islamic branch) throughout the world as a modern day virus, one infestation at a time.

The Communists, the architects of the one candidate 100% vote system of 70 years, were screaming about how these elections were not fair. Seems the protest vote was not big enough to put the maniacs promising a return to "Stalin's Best Days" in true power so they must have been corrupt. Following them were the pathetic Yablako bloc of spineless opportunists and clueless 20 something intelligentsias working for the opportunists, all equally happy to flee Russia if things fall apart, just like their 1917 soul mates did. Lastly came America's most favorites, the New Jersey resident and Russohater extrodinaire Kasparov and his Nazi ally Limonov and his National Bolshevik (Socialist) Workers' Party aka Nazis. From the Russian Nazis to the US Tax Payer: Thank You.

The tried and true instrument of the Western banking cartels, Mikhail Gorbachev could not keep out. Instead of going off to some dacha, preferrable in California, and dieing in solitude, this man, who destroyed the nation he was given charge of, while accepting prize monies from Clinton and doing BMW and Gucci commercials and giving lectures on why Socialism is a darned brilliant idea (a favorite topic in modern USSA) had this to say:

"More and more people are starting to believe that the election results are not fair," he told Interfax. "I believe that ignoring public opinion discredits the authorities and destabilizes the situation."

But yet this rather contradicts with this from the Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who's observers painted a rather different picture. The Foreign Minister, who was in Moscow this week, stated that According to the report, Lieberman said that he shares the view of the Israeli observers who oversaw the election in Russia, who said they were fair and democratic.

Or the statement by Riccardo Migliori Vice President of the Parliamentary Assembly of Europe’s OSCE security organization, who stated that he had found no irregularities at polling stations, but had received reports of logistical mishaps. These, Mr Migliori said, are easily understandable in a vast country like Russia.

Whom shall we believe?

Then came the protests. While there were many, they were never nearly as serious as what the US was funding and trying to establish, just a few hundred to a few thousand demonstrators here and there, with the police mostly keeping them from blocking traffic. Of course, this was not enough for the US press which was and is running endless headlines of revolution in Russia. I quite assure you there is non and with a 6.4% overall unemployment rate and lots of new corporate investments, there will not be any.

Neocon megolomaniacs in the US are calling for US intervention into Russia, with oped pieces such as America Should Side With Russian People Against Putin or Foreign Policy: Russia's Decemberists (NPR)

Which interestingly gives light to the lie of mass protests with its opening statement of:

Tonight is the first night without protests here since some 6,000 young people gathered Monday night to express their frustration with the electoral fraud in Sunday's parliamentary elections and, more broadly, the institution of Putinism. They came out again Tuesday night, where they were met by thousands of drum-beating pro-Kremlin youth activists. And again on Wednesday.

The demonstrations themselves followed the following line. The organizers had a permit for 500 people, they brought in the 5,000. Ok, authorities let that slide. As they were chanting "Russia without Putin", Ilya Yashin of Solidarity called on the crowd to march on the headquarters of the Central Electoral Commission. It is at this point that they moved out of their permitted area and started blocking traffic and disrupting the city. OMON moved in, arresting some 200-300 of the over 5,000 who refused to move and continued blocking traffic. Considering this is a fraction of what the "leaders of the free world" do in NYC and every other American city to their own serfs, er citizens, why has the Kremlin not stated its concerns for the state of American democracy, while pouring in hundreds of millions to the US radicals?

So the massive protests in Moscow, a city of 14 million, were a "staggering" 6 thousand. Considering how much money the US piles into NGOs you would think they could do better. (NGOs, Agents of US Empire) Incidentally, the US is now attacking the Israelis for doing the same things that Russia did to curtail American NGOs, that disrupt and corrupt the host society and government in which they operate.

Then there is this cry to battle by the Canadian New Socialist Now the streets must become the arena of political struggle. Russia will either take its place in the global anti-capitalist movement, or again sink into apathy and stagnation.

Hillery Clinton, a US politician of incredible fame for her wanton corruption at every level, as Secretary of State, launched the US paid for Russian demonstrations with these words at the election-monitoring Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), when she said: “Russian voters deserve a full investigation of electoral fraud and manipulation. … Regardless of where you live, citizenship requires holding your government accountable.”

We should, of course, pay no attention to what the demagogues and madmen and their police thugs in America do to any protests and protesters. From Bush era Free Speech Zones, cordoned off by fencing and two or more blocks away from Bush and his goons, to the Obama era steel boot crushing of pro-democracy demonstrators with batons, rubber bullets, tear gas, pepper spray and mass arrests, all done by laughing, giddy cops of steroids

The NPR piece goes on to further describe the incideous poisonous Western media plague:
"the Western press is scrambling to tag this phenomenon with something, anything — the "Slavic Spring," "OccupyKremlin," or "White Revolution" for the white ribbons organizers are handing out — to make it digestible, classifiable, understandable."

However, it is one thing to write hollow words for the US/UK serfs, but sooner or later they want to see "proof" in pictures. Faux News took steps to provide such non-existent coverage by relabeling its Athens news coverage, masked as Moscow. It did not take long to unmask this blatant American lie. FOX, lies & the wrong videotape: What’s NOT happening in Moscow and “Greek protests” on Moscow streets . We can forgive the stupid and uninformed dupes that pass for American journalists in not knowing the difference between Greek and Cyrillic, they do kinda look similar, or in finding out that the big golden lettered sign at the end of clip say "Bank of Greece" or that the plastic police shields, as opposed to the black steel ones in Russia, say Athens Police, but not to notice that Molotov throwing youths running around in the streets, in jeans and t-shirts, amongst tall palm December Moscow? Really? Can you possibly be that sloppy or your audience that stupid? Well we do know the answer to both, do we not, dear readers?

But the big news is being broken in Israel, itself an endless victim of DC power mongers and Islamic appeasers. Artuz Sheva 7 in Clinton Admits Meddling in Moscow quotes Her Imperial Vileness as saying:

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on Thursday, openly admitted the US had encouraged protests in Russia after Vladimir Putin's United Russia party held on to power in the most recent elections.

Clinton didn't deny Putin's accusation that she was stirring up trouble and backing protests in Russia. Instead, she responded by saying her having done so "doesn't justify Russian military counter-measures" taken once the protests erupted.

Maybe she and her half Arab boss are to stupid or to power drunk to understand that this is an out and out act of WAR? Maybe the American people should be asked how they like the prospect of not just fighting some Arab country with bombs from 3,000 meters, but a nice fat world war with hundreds of thousands if not millions of casualties. Well, it would sure solve the 20% US unemployment and those military-industrial companies, the only ones still really making anything in the US, would be fat and happy. What is the worst that could happen? A nuclear war?

Americans, that is, the tame, lame serfs of a population, had better wake the hell up and take control of their power mongering rogue regime of a government, as they have crossed all Rubicons, at this point.

And do not forget: you have elections coming up, you have a spring coming up and at 20%+ unemployment, it really will not take much international meddling, that is pay back, to crack that rotting back.


Aged parent said...

My dear sir:

Your article, as usual, is excellent. But you did say something rather startling. You called the USA a "Marxist Islamist regime."!


My good man, what planet have you been living on? The President, both houses of Congress and nearly 100% of the corporate media is rabidly pro-Israel, no mater what crimes the Israelis commit against the Christiand and Moslem population of the Holy Land. And being squarely in the pocket of the Israeli lobby our government is doing everything it can to demolish Muslim regimes (unless, of course, they can use Muslims to demolish Christians, as in Serbia).

I strongly recommend that you take a second look at what is happening in America.

Anonymous said...

Great piece, it seems they are lying so long now they feel they have to say something negative about the election. I dont know what the problem is , it was a pretty standard election with some gains by the the commies. Go figure. Is there no way to charge Gorbachev with treason or something? Or at least deport him. This guy has been a western asset from the beginning.

@aged parent. You are right to say the US govt is pro Zionist , but this is more in connection with feeding the war machine and the 'Christian' fundamentalists in the South rather than any love of Israel. These nuts are preparing the way for Israel's destruction along with the rest of us in a final showdown . Also the Washington / London crime network is supporting stone age muslims everywhere, while murdering strong secular leaders like Hussein, Quaddafi and next on the hit list Assad.

K.L. Ashley said...

The US citizens vote 95 percent of them back in, no matter how miserable. Senator is a career. Average age is ancient. Are they in a stupor or they all in it together? Must be all that Anglo blood?

Add William McKinley (Filipino massacres) and T. Roosevelt, who baited Japan into becoming a military nation, and we know the end result.