Sunday, December 18, 2011

Why Now? The Desperate Anglo Assault on Russia

Why Now? The Desperate Anglo Assault on Russia

One may ask the question, why now and why such a blitzkrieg, by passing all diplomatic norms, of even the worst of the Cold War and the 90s and quite literally fringing on war? Why during a parliamentary election and not the actual presidential? The West, that is the Anglo-West, did not even wait till the votes were counted to start its assault. Some areas were still voting and the OSCE had not yet said a word, when the Hitlery, er Hillery led assault began.

By the way, here is an excellent article from the Sublime Oblivion site, comparing neutral poling results with actual voting results and totally, with statistics, disproving the vapid and Satanic Anglo-American assault. Are Russian Elections Rigged?: Opinion Polls Speak Louder Than Western Rhetoric.

Regardless, this again, does not answer the "why". After all, why spend all of the political clout on the second best important elections and not on Putin? From Fox's blatant lies to America's mad hatter John McCain's insane jabberings on Twitter.

As I mentioned in America's Failed Russian Putsch , the American actions are acts of war, blatant acts of war. If it came to light that Russia, China or Germany had flooded one or another of the US parties with foreign cash, the scandal would never quiet down and that same Jabbering fool McCain would be singing "Bomb, bomb (fill in nation's name)".

But the answer to my question is much more ominous, ominous for my readers living in the West, both the USA and EU and in Japan and China. Quite frankly, the end is here. China is already in free fall for the past three months, with over 200 property retailers closing in Beijing, just this month and real estate prices dropping by as much as 30% in the first tier cities, wiping out the savings of tens of millions in the Shadow Banking market, even as provincial budgets go bust for lack of fees from property sales.

Japan's earth quake and endless nuclear nightmare, with its international hypocrisy are also doomed to stay in the deep trenches.

But the engine of destruction, as most everyone knows, the engine that will bring down the Americans and the Chinese, is the Euro. While the EU itself will not die, and indeed will metamorphosis into something much scarier, the Fourth Reich, it will necessarily first shed its outlying provinces: Greece, Spain, Italy, Ireland and such and then turn inwards to build itself back up. In the orchestrated crash and scalping that will be the imploding Euro and its Reich replacement, the US, which is tied to the Euro banks by several trillion dollars directly and which counts on the Europeans for export of its own inflation as well as its few manufactured products, will equally plunge.

However, the US may just face a lot more then just a depression of historic proportions, it has one of two roads ahead of it: absolute Marxist Fascism (the police state organs of which are already in place, including the just passed laws allowing the US military to detail indefinitely and without charges US citizens in the US as well as new Internet censor laws) or a total balkanized collapse.

In short, all major markets are on the edge of total collapse, all with the sole exception of Russia. Russia, which until this past week, as been isolated by lack of membership in the WTO, will of course take a hit from falling energy, steel and machinery exports, but in total these present more of a financing problem for the government rather then for the economy. All three combined represent less then 20% of the economy and no matter what, some energy exports will continue. Energy exports, however, do represent 90% of the government tax base, as they should in any energy rich nation. To counter that end, I bring back my old suggestion of the gold ruble, for which our reserves are plenty big.

As for the collapse itself, the Chinese will be in Chaos for at least a decade, but will recover, albate they will be set back a lot more. The Fourth Reich will come roaring back in its own time, more then likely also nearly a decade, which includes fully rearming a small military. The Japanese will continue to limp. The Americans, though it would be better off for all if they balkanized, will more then likely turn into the Marxist police state most Americans are convinced "can't happen here and only happens over there."

So to what end leaving Russia alone? The end that is that if Russia is left on its feet, by the time the Marxist regimes recover, world balance will have tilted to far for them to continue business as anything as close to usual. To that end, they have already shown a great willingness to destroy the Greeks, to keep Russia out of the Balkans.

But the Balkans are but a secondary theater. The main avenue will be a two pronged Russian resurgency: the return of Ukraine and the destruction of Turkey, thus ensuring a very strong, and ready Orthodox block to counter the Marxists, the Islamics and the Sino-Marxists.

Though, of course, the godless, Satanists of the Western Elite will try their best, they will fail, because, put quite simply: the Third Rome WILL NOT FALL!


Turp said...

"From Fox's blatant lies to America's mad hatter John McCain's insane jabberings on Twitter."

Stanislav - can you provide details for these statements?

Anonymous said...

You need details for Fox News lies? hahha. Sir, you are a troublemaker and proponent of deception.

This writing is spot on. Ye shall wait, and see.