Monday, January 9, 2012

Russia's Past Is America's Future

Russia's Past Is America's Future

In some sense it is of course ironic that the revolution, war, murder and oppression that American money brought to our shores to destroy our great nation is finally arriving back to it's own coop.

Of course, as an Orthodox Christian, even when looking into the eyes of those who happily helped and backed their oligarchs into bringing rivers of blood to us, I am saddened at the rivers of blood that will soon flow in those ignorant and soulless masses in America.

You see, dear reader, the Soviet Reign of Terror, that first started by Lenin and brought to it's full fruition by Stalin was not just committed by the Bolsheviks but enabled by a people who had turned their collective hearts from Christ All Mighty and had swallowed the bile of class jealousy, materialism, and wanton hate for their neighbor. It was a generation or two that God punished, as He is wanton to do, by giving the juveniles what they wanted: freedom from His rules and love. As always man devoid of God is an evil and despicable animal, feeding on his own as rivers of blood flow.

And as such that is exactly what we now have in the USA, a nation of Christless greed, class envy, moral less elites, absolute materialism and hatred for each other.

As the arrests by the newly empowered military get really underway, as the machine of oppression, labour camps and death gets going, it will be fed by the willing participation of the population giving up each other in a petty play of petty vengeances, unable to forgive each other. The glee of watching a hated neighbor or family member carted off to oblivion will only be tempered by the ever present paranoia of being on the list themselves, of being the next door that the black auto stops at.

Only after extreme suffering and such losses, that a third of the population is gone and then rest emotionally scared for generations to come, will the Americans really return to God, as we Russians have and continue to do in ever greater and greater numbers.


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Right on cue , New Jersey offers $1000 to snitch on your neighbour if they own a gun. God help us , Solzhenitsyn tried to warn us but no.