Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Is Russia Taking Her Rightful Place: Defender of the Faith?

Is Russia Taking Her Rightful Place: Defender of the Faith?

As I first mentioned in The Third Rome, A Heavy Responsibility", Russia, the Third Rome, has always had the responsibility of protecting the Christians, particularly the Orthodox Christians in Islamic lands.

To that end we went to war with Turkey on numerous occasions, to first stop their slave raids and then to free our Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbia, Greek, Armenian and Assyrian Orthodox brothers. Even before that, the Turks feared to act to rashly least they brought the wraith of the Tsars. The only times they felts encouraged was when they had a Western power on their side.

Even while Russia was weak, it sent its troops to fight. Half the Polish army that relieved Vienna from the Sultan's siege, was Russian.

In the Caucuses, Russia practiced counter raids with the Chechens and then conquest and occupation, when they would not stop slaving the Georgian and Armenian Orthodox, both protectorates of the Russian throne. There were also two wars with Persia and the conquest of Khiva for those same reasons.

Indeed, it was not until Russia was removed, in the form of civil war and Bolshevism, by US banking elites and US socialist "do-gooder" politicians, that true prosecution of Christians began. It was then that the Turks, armed by the US and their new ally Lenin, murdered the second half million Armenians, half million Assyrians and two million Iotolan Greeks.

Since those black days in the first quarter of the 20th century, the lot of Christianity has fallen drastically across the world. The so called Christian powers: US, UK, France, Germany, support one Islamic jihad after another, conveniently pulling out their "free" press to avoid scenes of mass Christian murders. No need the rubes having to much on their brains.

And os, it is with great pleasure that I read in RIA that Vladimir Putin, when presented with the bare facts of Christian persecution, with the facts that a Christian dies every five minutes, presented by Metropolitan Hilarion, foreign relation chief of the Russian Orthodox Church, agreed to defend them.

In specific, Metropolitan Hilarion asked for President-Elect Putin to defend and protect Christians. This includes in the "free" towns of Syria, where US/UK backed Islamic Jihadist fanatics are already on their usual murderous deranged Islamic jihads. Why wait till you win a civil war to kill those Orthodox and Catholic Christians?

Taking up the mantel that was held by the Tsars will help give back to Russia that national idea she once had. Instead of having to swallow half regurgitated ideas from other cultures that never fit and rot their parent countries out, here is Russia's chance: the National Idea of Christian Orthodox stability, temperance, vitality and strength, as well as conservatism in culture and morality.

We will see what Putin brings us in the next six years, but he must be kept to his word and the Islamic barbarians, feasting on the blood of Christian martyrs, while sitting in their mud brick huts and houses, must know why to fear the North Wind.


Яша said...

the "defender of the faith" is arming iran with nukes, you hypocritical fuck.

Juniper in the Desert said...

I find it interesting that in one of your previous posts, you attack the American Republican party. They alone defend faith, particularly Christianity, against the assaults of islam. The Democrats are lead by someone with a doubtful and mysterious past, unlike Mr Putin, a man who was brought up in mozlem countries and says the most beautiful sound is that of the islamic call to prayer. He promotes abortion - literally, including late abortions which are in fact early births where babies are killed. But Obama is also an Alinskyite Communist and "community organiser" who has always been supported by mozlems: Pakistanis and Saudis. So, unless you are a mouthpiece for the Putin regime, putting in your roubles-worth of attacks on Obama's opponents, I do not see how you can now post a pro-religious piece without seeing the hypocrisy!!

Juniper in the Desert said...

No mention of Russian aid here:http://www.aina.org/news/20120306013944.htm

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on election. You wouldn't believe the hatred and screeching in the media here about 'vote fraud' in the land where it was invented. Also I can't believe how many 'middle class' Russians that keep running to microphones and TV cameras to badmouth their native land.They are embarressed that Putin has support in the 'provinces' only, basically the backbone of the nation, but of course Russia's troubles always sprang from those sophisticates eager to grovel before the brain diseased and vile classes in the west.

This US ambassador mc Faul is also an Oxford trained hack who openly stirs up trouble in Moscow. Putin has shown great patience not to send him packing to Sheremytova.Keep the Spear sharp.

Stanislav said...


Really? Care to name your sources? One reliable source that shows transfer of nuclear weapons technology? Or are they going to throw civilian nuclear reactors at you? Of course the fact that the Persians haven't started a single war in 200 years as opposed to the US/UK/Israel/Germany/France holy morality brigade, never crosses the wise and all knowledgeable mind of you...right?

Stanislav said...


Protect Christians? That is why the Christians of Iraq were ousted under Republican Bush. That is why Hamas came to power under Republican Bush. That is why Hezbullah came to power, under Republican Bush.

This is why the Azerbajani Muslims were backed in their war on the Orthodox Christian Serbs by the Republican Bush Sr.

That is why the PLO was saved by US marines, after genociding 100,000 Lebonese Christians, under Republican Reagan.

How about the extermination of the Cretan Greek Christians, in Northern Crete when the Turks invaded with US weapons and resupply under Republican Nixon?

The point for us non-US Christians is: it does not matter at all who sits in the US throne, they are all the same.

Stanislav said...


Those are wannabe intellectuals, the last time they helped the US bankers and world socialists bring us Bolshavism and were the first bastards to run away...far...far...away. Now a new generation of groveling self haters has formed. Blind to everything bad there and seeing everything here under a microscope.

As for me, I know quite a few middle and rich class Russians who voted Putin. Basically anyone in manufacturing, including most of the upper management and owners vote Putin. Finance and oil voted others. But finance always was a whore amongst whores and a pillager amongst thieves.

Its a necessary evil but one that must be kept strictly within confines.

Adolfo Giurfa said...

What about,first, reestablishing the right hierarchical order in the Third Rome by having a Tsar as your peoples´representative? That would unite all of you around its symbolic figure and it will socially stronger before your enemies.

Anonymous said...

@ Juniper Its time to grow up. Repulican / Democrat are two heads of the same beast based in London / New York. Wahhabi Islam is another 'head',with solid Western support for 70 yrs- who can forget W Bush holding hands with Crown Prince? Their empire is fraying [Thank God] so the policy now is scorched earth-like a spoiled brat throwing the chess game to the floor rather than repent. As for American 'Christianity' ,God help us.


The answer is...READ THE ORTHODOX PROPHECIES (Αγαθάγγελος- (Agathaggelos, Κοσμάς ο Αιτωλός-Kosmas o Aitolos, Παϊσιος-Paisios, Ιωσηφ ο Βατοπαιδινός- Josef from Vatopaidi).

Russians brothers & sisters...get ready ...Lord is calling you ! What an exciting time for you !!

Stanislav 7 Μαρτίου, 2012 12: 12 AM

Cyprus..not Crete

Greek Orthodox

Unknown said...

I hope you are right about Russia helping Christians in the Middle East. God knows the West keeps on enabling the Islamic jihad against Christians. The West is nuts. Russia is the last hope of the Christians of the Middle East.

Unknown said...