Monday, February 27, 2012

Round Up January 2012

Ukranian Isolation
The EU has proudly announced that it has moved to further punish Ukraine for the trial and sentencing of Yulia , by not signing a free trade agreement and putting a freeze on any talks of further integration.

We should definitely thank our EU neighbors, at this point, as they have done us a major favour. Though I truly do not see the point of placing Yulia in prison and making her living Mandelesk martyr, instead of stripping her of her ill-gotten fortune and sending her into exile where she would eventually just fade away.

In truth, Brussels, in it's endless self righteousness and arrogance has made sure that reintegrating a bankrupt and economically sinking and rapidly deindustrializing Ukraine will be all that much easier.

Simply put, Brussels does not think that Russia will be on her feet when the Eu implodes in it's metamorphosis into the end game Fourth Reich. However, the US sponsored White revolution is over before it started, and fortunate for DC too as the more then likely outcome would not have been the dejected Liberals or the mindless and soulless Communists. Who would have come to power but the Orthodox Christian White Guard, a true White Revolution but not of the DC type.

Then White Guard will still come into it's own but it will be and is being incorporated into the present government power structure that has heard it's roar and not missed the implications.

American Hypocrisy: Primaries
So where are the international observers (band in Yankee land that as a two faced strumpet demands them everywhere else)? Where are the headline news stories? Where are the crowds demanding recount?

Several news stories, all out of Iowa's local press have come out about the vote rigging that saw the elite's top man Mitt (Mittens) Romney as the chosen man.

So the typical Yankee hypocrites did what they do best internally: 1 bury the scandal in their oligarch controlled "free" press and 2 redirect attention by hyping a fake video attacking the nobody candidates named Huntsman and setting up the elite hated front runner and only real American political constitutionalist, Ron Paul.

Again, where is the anger from the great American peasant? The drones know only to hate those the talking screens tell them to: in other words none.

All of this is typical in the US which has a rigged voting system to be proud of by and SE Asian standards, along with vote stuffing, buying up votes with cheap whiskey and cigarettes, out and out intimidation of voters by armed thugs as well as the usual rigging of numbers. I did not say African, because at least so far they are not massacring and eating their opponents.

Oh yes and no observers allowed in this so called "great" democracy.

Islamic Violence in Africa
As always, we are not failing to miss a great opportunity to make allies and fight the Anglo backed Islamic Jihad.

Islamic mad men, animalistic Satanic beasts, are on the rampage again, attacking And murdering Christians, even on Christmas, in Nigeria, Kenya and at war again by direct attacks from Sudan to South Sudan.

By refusing to take up Russia's traditional role of defender of the Orthodox Faith and of all Islamic oppressed Christians, soon to be again President Putin, is allowing an incredible opportunity to slip away. We should be having close contacts and military exchanges with these nations. We should support them politically, running interference for them in the UN, where one Russian vote is worth more then all 54 of the Satanic-Islamic votes.

We should be showing them that the best way to win against these devil spawn is the Grozny solution: bring their cities and villages crashing down and put 20% of them for a permanent dirt nap, heck make it 30% just to be sure.

We should be training and arming the Cypriot army and militias of dispossessed as well as those of Coptic Orthodox and Lebanese Orthodox and Catholics for their military returns to Egypt and Lebanon. The Albanian Orthodox, the Makedonians, the Kosovo Serbs. Lets really release the dogs of war.

If V.Putin is afraid of taking this step in that it will spark violence in Russia, well it will but this is happening anyways, so do it and the majority of the nation will stand behind you and release us to deal with the Islamic threat, let slip the reins on the Cossacks and others and in five years this problem will be gone.

Greek-Russian Navel Exercises
The NATO-EU nightmare is happening and right before our eyes. As I have stated previously, the biggest nightmare for the EU is not a bankrupt Greece, or one devoid of Greeks (indeed in their eyes that would be an improvement), but an independent Greece with it's natural historic ally Russia. In other words, the Russians back in the Balkans.

Here we are, a Russian aircraft carrier on maneuver with the Greeks, which brings it directly into the Greek-Cyprus-Israel alliance. Its a clear message to Turkey and its pro-Islamic big NATO members, specifically, the US/UK pro-Jihadist Masons.


puckindog said...

Stan…I find your analysis and commentary very interesting and encouraging. Interesting in the sense that, unlike the western media, you try to tell it like it is. Encouraging in the hope that your predictions regarding the formation of a military alliance of Orthodox nations with Russia as “keystone” and the destruction of “Ottamen” Turkey come true.

puckindog said...

It is very likely present generations will go through “Armageddon” within the next few years. In which case it will be important for world wide Christians to be on the right side of the battle. The satanic western media…made up as it is of soulless drunken bums, perverts, pedophiles, predators…jeez, sounds like I’m describing Western governments, and their Eastern puppets… with its mission of “disinformation” is steering large numbers of Christians in the wrong direction. We must pray that the battle lines become clear.

puckindog said...

I base my claim of a “soon” Armageddon on the words of a messenger from God in the form of a little boy…3 year old Colton Burpo who went to heaven and returned during an operation on his ruptured appendix, and has described what he was shown and what he heard while there. Among Colton’s many fascinating revelations is one in which he was shown his father engaged in combat in the Battle of Armageddon. In order for this to happen, Armageddon must occur during the active lifetime of Colton’s father…an evangelical pastor…while he is still able to physically participate.