Friday, August 24, 2012

March of The Russian Tyranny

March of The Russian Tyranny

In a move sure to anger the Western priests of the almighty goddess Democracy, the ever cunning Russian tyrants have struck again. In all, they have subverted the Americans and English, proving yet once more, in a long stream of such proof, the lies that those "freedom" loving oligarchies and their pet medias spew.

By now you, dear reader, you must be asking in great anticipation, what, what, have those wicked and deceitful Russians, the Gog of American Protestant repressed fantasies, done this time.

 Why we took the English Hyde park, where anyone without a government license can go and have a political demonstration, with up to 2,000 participants, and doubled that idea. Hyde Park is already freedom that "free" Americans can not even dream about. In America all demonstration of one or a thousand, must have at least government sanction....and increasingly even all lemonade stands and yard sales are in that programme too.

But now, we Russians are doubling that concept. Starting January 2013, following renovations, Gorky Park and Park Sokolnikov will both be open to any all demonstrations without need for government permits, for up to 2,000 persons per park.

The US/EU financed opposition is less than happy about having their monopoly on demonstrations busted and have already voiced their disapproval of these evil moves. After all, Western backed demonstrations and revolutions are and were never about freedom but monopolistic control of society by the West and their Judical vassals.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You can help to keep burning the Fire of Free Speech. Maybe someday we Americans can borrow it back from you. Let the Spark live forever!

Mattexian said...

Don't worry, Stanislav, as soon as your police have to break up a protest of anarchists, the western media will demonize your government again, just as they've done for the Pussy Riot trial. Frankly, I sometimes envy you, for your government taking a firm stand against destabilizing activists like those fools, while officials in the US treat those who threaten stability as rowdy partygoing protesters, not anarchists intent on violence and mayhem, while treating our military veterans and conservative politically-active citizens as potential terrorists.

Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...

Very good, in ancient Athens there were places at the Agora or the neaby park where the orators would go and speak. Socrates spoke to the people openly in this way. Christ of course preferred and used the open field to speak to the people. Even in Byzantine times there were the 'styloobates' the ones purched on top of a 'stylo' prop structure teaching ...Of course an educated people would very quickly expel out any persons that did not have any thing substantial to say...
Thus thes pacfes wee not for simple gathering and exchanging bodily fluids while on drugs...they were places of philosophy thinking and open exchange of ideas.
Perhaps I'll get to visit one day.

Anonymous said...

Any and all attempts to destabilize Russia are fueled by western backed NGO's. Whether it is some no talent whores who couldn't play three chords disrupting a peaceful church, nationalist uprisings in countries surrounding Russia or protests in the streets, all are courtesy of NGO's funded and directed by the west.