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Of Monarchy and Democracy: Or the Goddess That Wasn't

Of Monarchy and Democracy: Or the Goddess That Wasn't

Recently while not far from the Chinese border, I received a fortune cookie that had a very interesting and very far reaching bit of wisdom:

That which is the philosophy of one generation is the common sense of the next.

Think about that, ponder it and then think of your own gut reactions when I tell you about monarchy and why it is not just the best form of government but also the inevitable evolution or rather revolution of human political thought.

My bet is, your first reaction is "Stanislav is insane". And the reason for such a strong reaction? Because you have been so well conditioned to take as an absolute fact, with no real proof or need of proof, that democracy is the end all of human political endeavor and the only form of government that can bring happiness and empowerment to humanity. She is the goddess and none can question her. Sure you can have different shades of this Barbie doll but it will be a Barbie, no matter what outfit you fit her out in. But and this is a huge but, just like Barbie presents impossible dimensions and facades of women so does this universal democracy present impossible goals and promises to humanity.

What this goddess, who demands so much sacrifices brings is indeed quite shy of what is claimed and advertised. You have better chances of finding truth in advertisement in late night purchase channel informationals and adverts than in a the modern day apolitical thought of Western modern day philosophy.

Democracy demands the surrender of your culture, your traditions and your economic stability to the forces of creative destruction ran by elected but ultimately unanswerable demagogues who promise to give you things, great things if you would just vest them with power, power to speak, act and rule on your behave and ultimately over your behave. You know little to nothing about these men, who promise you the world and first and foremost deliver that promise unto themselves and do so at the expense of everyone.

They live in far off provinces or cities and belong to parties of like minded other fellows. They are all hand shakes and smiles when they need your vote and form letter of meaningless responses, when they have had you and your votes, while they busy themselves with the work of reaping wealth and consolidating power.

Most importantly, for these man-gods to remain in power, they must destroy all competing philosophies and faiths. That includes that ultimate prize and one that is all but conquered in the degenerate West: the destruction of Christianity. Especially when one considers that their ultimate enemy, God, is the king of the heavenly kingdom and it's hosts.

Democracy brings us division clashes devaluation of human life into a vote or a resource or a block of votes but never into a person with inherit worth unless that worth at that moment can some how or other be harvested to the needs of one charlatan or another.

But you will now scream, it worked in ancient times for the Greeks for the ancient Romans, for the ancient Carthaginians. why not for us? It worked and can work in only those instances for which it was created, for local management. It fails miserably the moment it is taken above it's one true purpose.

If we observe how democracy functioned in the ancient hello Jarod world and that of neighboring societies, one will see that it was implemented on the local city level, where through strict laws, the average voting population was rarely above 10-20,000 males. These in turn, for the most part either directly or through a friend, knew the candidates. These candidates equally lived amongst their electorate and were easily open to their angst and vengeance should they cheat them.

It was at the very moment it was taken out of this context, by the Romans, that it failed. The Romans had conquered the Italian peninsula and than fought the Social Wars with their vassals, in which they were forced to give them citizenship and voting rights. Of course for the vast majority of people, this meant a total disconnect from those they voted for and their actions in a far away Rome that most of the electorate would never see. Tyranny of the elected over the electorate followed soon. Does this all sound familiar to the West? It should unless you have been living under a rock for the better part of the past century.

Monarchy, a stable, paternal government built upon Christian faith, culture and morals, has always been and can only be the unified and pacifier of the mobs and charlatans. It is also the counter weight to the excesses of the elected parliament. It is the stable hand on the ship's rudder. While democracy is the balm for local ills it is the demon of the state and tyrant of the masses. Only monarchy, moored in Christian faith and tradition and stability can resolve the issues of the great state.

This is the philosophy of today that must become the common sense of tomorrow if anything of Christiandom is to survive.

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Anonymous said...

I have read your so called ideologies, some how you have lost your way in all this stuff.

Who was told to tare the wall down. Who fed the people in Berlin. I could go on, but I know you have to understand the free spirt that dwells in all Mankind.

At least living in a democracy (shabby as it is ) the free sprit will dwell in all free men and women.