Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Final Sign That War Is Inevitable?

A Final Sign That War Is Inevitable?
As far as predicator for bad behavior, that is, warmonger, mass murder, massive collateral damage, the Nobel Peace Prize has become an indisputable beacon.
Last week it was given to the European Union, a first in that this was no longer an individual, even if he, like Obama, represents a government, but a government itself. In other words, a faceless mass of mediocrity and greed. As governments go, the European Union is evolving and evolving at a very fast pace. The only problem is into what it is evolving. This is a nascent police state, ruled by faceless, soulless parasitic bureaucrats and other non-elected and non-answerable tag alongs. The key problem here is that what we are witnessing is an unprecedented power grab on the basis of a monetary tragedy of predictable proportions that has been turned into an economic disaster zone.
All of course created just for this purpose. Consider: the EU, through its Eurozone, flooded member states with cash and encouraged even more spending on infrastructure and luxurious but absolutely unsustainable life styles for its citizens, while looking the other, even if unofficially, at gross deficit spending. This was pushed forward, knowingly, till the inevitable collapse of confidence in the individual debt of each member state. Normally this is quite simple, though maybe painful, to work out: default. Iceland did it and in two years it turned itself around. Or mass inflation through mass printing of cash and thus, default, just a bit delayed. However, the Euro member states do not have either of these options, as they do not control their monetary policies, which are controlled by mega connected and mega rich individuals in Brussels. 
The solution? The only solution pushed forth by various factions in Germany, Belgium and France? Extreme austerity. Of course, a people used to living high on the hog and with a minimum knowledge of economics and the where abouts to understand where this artificial wealth is coming from and that it is not sustainable, is now in protest, when told, not asked, to give up everything they earned and "earned" over the past 30 years. Thus the crisis is created, allowed to bloom and the masses are squeezed to scream, beg, and plead for, one centralized financial and thus complete political mega structure and the grabbing, the out right theft, of all European sovereignty to the same group of Germanics who initiated WW2 and than Hitler's New European Order, an order that was backed by the grandfathers and fathers and in some cases by the very men, who still sit in many of the halls of power of Western Europe. Somewhere in the pits of the infernal damnation, Hitler has a big smile on his face.
Should any of this be a surprise, considering the process of the European Union Constitution. Not only is the document over 300 pages of legalize, the average constitution is 10-30 pages in length, but it was passed in stealth. That is, on the first try, in every nation where direct referendums were held, it failed and thus had to be passed over several tries by excluding the voice of the people and moving  only parliamentary votes and those even often had to be patted with wads of fiat Euro bills.
Of course there are factions, like the nationalistic New Dawn, of Greece, who want out and many people do line up behind them. To this end, the Noblesse Eurocrats will not allow this to happen, it will be war. First will be a civil war and a further tightening of the screws and then, eventually, they will, as always, look east, east at us, Russia. All the reasons, even the racism, of Hitler, still exist and flourish in the halls of power in Europe and the voice of the Christian Church in Europe has never been so quiet or so ignored as it is now. So war it shall be.
As for the Nobel Peace Prize, lets look at some of the other recent winners. There was Obama, who never met an Islamic Revolution he did not love or a mass missile strike by drones he did not cheer. The man is swimming in Christian blood, as each of the new "democratic" regimes he sponsors first kills all the Christians. But he is not alone. He shares this dubious medal with the likes of Yassar Arafat, a mass murdering terrorist and jihadist leader, who took part in butchering Christians and Jews throughout the ME; then there was Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Leymah Gbowee of Liberia, both came to power as part of Charles Taylor's political machine, a machine responsible for mass murder and even cannibalism. Or Mikhael Gorbachev who first tried to crush movements aiming to over throw the SU, then just let it go, either way, a piss poor manager who allowed 11 wars to break out and blood to flow in every corner of the Soviet Union, even while life was turning to hell in those corners not wracked by civil wars. Then there is Al "the world is melting" Gore, who not only, as a private citizen, made tens of millions of dollars by pimping the various man-made global warming lies, but was the right hand man of Bill Clinton's war on Christians in Bosnia and Serbia, as well as part of the regime that was backing the Islamic Jihad that was exploding in our own Chechnya or the disaster and mass murder of civilians by helicopter gunships that became the Somalia mission. Or that of Karman Tawakkai, who is a member of Yemen's main Islamist Party, directly linked to the radical Islamic Brotherhood and participating in that country's blood civil war.
Instead of choosing living saints, who have ceaselessly worked and sacrificed to improve the lot of humanity, the Nobel Peace Prize, like so many other things in the West, like all major organizations and institutions of the West, has been corrupted by Christless politicians hell bent on their anti-Christian drive.


Alain said...

The Nobel Peace Prize lost its last bit of credibility when it accorded the prize to Arafat, and it has just continued down hill every since. The EU is dead but the Eurocrats keep trying to revive it and refuse to accept that it is over. What Germany failed to accomplish in two world wars, it has accomplished through the EU with the help of the French "elite" who dream of the days of the French empire.

Anonymous said...

Racism in Europe? They are being replaced at present. Bosnia, yes; helicopter gunship killings in Somalia, not quite. We in the US have about as much say as you did with the Politburo. With all respect, regarding your side tag "thank God, we are Russians" - I have to wonder...for how long?

Anonymous said...

Have you given any consideration at all with translating your current site in to French? I know a several of translaters right here that will would help you do it for no cost if you wanna get in touch with me.

Max said...

Romney would be worse for Russia than Obama. He is run by the Jewish neoconservatives who hate Russia with a passion and want to spark off a war in the Middle East. If Romney is elected, expect relations between US and Russia to suffer.

Have you listened to Horus the Avenger's Follow the White Rabbit podcasts? He has mentioned your blog in the past.