Friday, October 12, 2012

Death of Another Colour Revolution

Death of Another Colour Revolution
While the media is all a buzz about the new elections in Georgia, there is one aspect of all this that has been tiptoed about ad never mentioned: the defeat of the mass murdering war criminal and DC sweetheart, the NYC lawyer, Michael Saakashvillie by Bidzina "Boris" Ivanishvili spells out the over turn of yet another Western sponsored, tyrannically driven, Colour Revolution. At this point, most of them, in the Christian world, have been over turned: Serbia, Ukraine, Armenia and now Georgia. Only in the Islamic nations have the Colour Revolutions taken firm hold.
While Ivanishvili has become the Prime Minister, this is a crippling blow for Saakashvili, the president, who planned on staying forever in power by shifting all power from the presidency, which he is forced to leave in 2013, to the prime minister's slot, where his people can keep electing him. After running what had to be one of the dirties campaigns ever, which included using extreme violence against demonstrators which left some dead and hundreds injured, to stripping Ivanishvilli of his citizenship, to try to block him from running. US funds pouring into Georgia were lavishly used on various programs to buy/force votes.
Georgia's people, tired of a tyrant who has not provided jobs, started and lost wars and crushed free speech, while first and foremost representing not what is best for Georgia but what is best for Washington, Londona and Brussels, have ejected his party from power. Ivanishvilli, while officially still bow to DC and pending his first trip abroad to Washington, has flat out stated that Georgia's economic future lies in Russia, not in the UK. He has paid homage to DC, just like Serbia's Thomas Nikolic paid homage to Brussels, after elections, but as did Nikolic, the real moves are and will be towards Russia.
Washington is not happy, no matter what face they put on this, but at least for now, they are hamstrung to create yet another revolution. Of course, with Saakashvili still in office, for one more year, no matter that he will loose most of his official power in 2013, Washington still has plenty of opportunities to create major havoc if not out and out civil war or coups to continue Georgia's legacy of violent exchanges of power.
On a side note, it is interesting to what depths of depravity our own illogical liberals will sink to to cow tow to the Washington line. Case in point is Yulia Latynina, writer for the Moscow Times, or the Moscow "We Really REally REALLY Hate Putin" Times. In her article Georgian Dream Will Be Shattered, Latynina writes:
Georgian people themselves handed a huge victory to the opposition, thereby accomplishing what Putin could never do in his 12 years in power. In 2003, there was no electricity, heating or streetlights in most of Georgia. In Tbilisi, almost everyone had been mugged or had their car stolen — or knew someone who was a victim of these crimes.The crime rate in Georgia is now the lowest in the world, and the level of confidence in the police force is one of the highest in the world. What's more, when asked: "Do you feel safe on the street at night?" more Georgians answer "yes" than respondents anywhere else in the world. Under Saakashvili's rule, Georgia was transformed from a failed state run by mafia bosses and corrupt bureaucrats into a country with one of the most transparent government infrastructures in the world. And it turns out that all of that meant nothing to Georgian voters.
Really my dear? Outside of the fact that this hugable teddy bear and all around do-gooder started a war that massacred some 3,000 civilians in the first 2 days, with the aim of genocide, and that these civilians were Russian citizens, Georgia is far from the Disney Land this liberal paints it to be. Georgia is economically a cripple, which lives off of two sources of income: repatriated monies by the million plus Georgians living in Russia and Washington largess. Georgia has the highest spend rate on weapons in the world, some 30% of GDP goes to not improving crumbling infrastructure and dead industry but towards weapons and preparing for the next Western ordered war.
Georgia's unemployment rate is officially at 16%, but in reality is closer to 30% with much of the country side destitute, especially with the Russian market closed to export. This alone, the opening of the Russian market, would improve the Georgian economy greatly. Most of those who had a job and lost it, after the age of 36 are considered unfit for work and can expect the rest of their lives to be in poverty, if they stay. Most of the brains left long ago and most left for Russia.
As for corruption, considering the Versai style palace Saakashvilli built for himself on a cliff side, in what had once been a historic Armenian neighborhood, with the best view of the city or the fact that his mother is the richest woman in Georgia, a billionaire. Then there's the fact that his opponents keep dieing off, even when they run off to foreign countries, to seek asylum, be it billionaires in London or former generals in Russia. Even his best friend and former defense minister is in hiding in France.
All of these things do not bother our illogical liberals. All that matters is that Saakashvili is an enemy of Putin and is a vassal of Washington. That is it. That Saakashvili commits in spades those sins they actively criticize Putin for, is also irrelevant. Thus the true hypocrisy of this so called "opposition" is shown. They are not about morals, they are about servitude to a foreign power(s) used to throwing large amounts of cash about to the traitors they buy.


Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...

It is true, most of the 'revolutions' that have taken hold are in Moslem controlled countries. There are many factors for this reality including fear, murders, extortion, drugged brain washed societies, and a very high rate of uneducated people. The education sought is not only in terms of technological nature but of the Truth. When entire populations willingly give up their freeedoms only to substitute political, economic, religious systems that will further enslave them, then the forces of chaos have done their job. Of course the forces of chaos have subverted what Christianity is too. The same goes for the rest of the religions and political systems. They now possess an army of soldiers they plan to unleash to the rest of humanity that because of its humanistic values has grown to be complacent and fails to guard the more intrinsic aspects of what does it really mean and it is to be human. We will once again witness clash of civilizations, religions, and doctrines. A clash of Good versus Evil as has not been seen before, the dragon will be unleashed, and after many wars and many trials and tribulations Good shall prevail. Good can prevail in an instant but Humanity has to learn what it means to be Away from the God of Compassion The Father, and His Son Jesus Christ. It is because of God's Compassion and His direct Intervention that Humanity will be saved.

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