Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Frightening Naivety

A Frightening Naivety

In the days since the US elections, days that have raised the questions of its validity, many interesting things have emerged, one of which is the incredible naivety and misunderstanding of what is being dealt with.

Against a back drop of massive fraud insinuations, with some counties registering up to 144% of their adult population voting for President Obama (and anyone has the gall to criticice our voting?) and mass layoffs, a new issue has arisen.

It would seem that the American White House, on its internet, has opened a series of petitions for people, in various states, to sign for secession of their states from the Federal America.

I am not sure what is more amazing about this, that over a million people, the majority in the Old Confederacy, have signed these petitions and that the lists keep growing or the fact that anyone is naive or silly enough to sign this. In short, such an act is the height of stupidity and self destruction.

In a pseudo police state, that has proven itself willing to go after its citizens, this not simply paints a target on one's forehead, it lights the siren above one's head. And there are many ways to retaliate: black bans on public transportation, tax ministry visits, bans on certain jobs, etc. Not to mention that all of these people can easily be prosecuted for treason and some on the American left are already calling for mass deportation of these people and their families. And besides, it as if a government such as the United States would ever grant secession peacefully. This, after all, is not the United Kingdom with its Scottish headache.

One of my close friends, a man whose grandfather served with General Deniken, in the war against the Reds, told me an interesting thing. As he was reading his grandfather's writings, letters and diaries, he was struck by how much the officers and men of the Tsar's armies, the Whites, fighting the Reds, misunderstood their enemies. These were men raised on honour, raised to hold their word, to maintain their image of righteousness by doing as they said. Their enemies had no such compunctions. Their enemies, the Marxists, had no honour, no understanding of honour or need of it. They were and to this day, morally dead. These man had no flavour for morality, as they were creatures of the Devil as are their modern equivalents.

As Sun Tzu, thousands of years prior, noted: those who do not know their enemies, will face defeat. As with those who gave their lives in the fight for the Tsar and for Orthodox Russia, so to those who see themselves as patriots for their states/confederate freedom, will give their lives because as those before, they do not understand with whom they are dealing.


Joel said...

By signing such a petition, I declared myself, officially, an enemy of the tyrannical U.S. government. I knew what I was doing. And if the government wants to come after me for it, then I say bring it on.

What I think is naive is thinking that the American government hasn't already been compiling lists of names they consider enemies. I've suspected for some time that I was already on such a list, given my Internet activities over the years.

Does the writer of this post think he's anonymous? They know who you are. With the technology the way it is today, any government interested in keeping track of its dissidents can very easily do so, if those dissidents ever dare to speak out on the worldwide web. Or do we think we can write blog post after blog post critical of tyrannical government (sometimes under our real names) without raising notice? If so, THAT is what I would consider naive.

And what about public figures who speak out? They have nowhere to hide.

The war here in America is only just beginning in earnest. Before long, the battle lines will be clearly drawn, and there will be no room for sideline observers. At that point, everyone will have to take a side and then there will be no mistaking allegiance.

Mattexian said...

I suppose the petitions make it easier for the Leviathan to know who we are, but some of us have already made our wishes know publicly, such as those of us in the Texas Nationalist Movement. We've had a petition on our website collecting signatures, that will be delivered to our State Legislature in Austin in their next session this coming January, instead of meekly asking DC for permission to leave the corrupt union.

Anonymous said...

Comrades rally around President Hussein the Messiah he will lead us to glorious times!

Unknown said...

Traditionalists and conservatives have no understanding of the mentality of Progressives. For all his faults Romney is a good example. He just didn't understand what he was up against in Obama who uses gutter Chicago techniques of demonization. Truth and honesty have no meaning to Obamabots. They will use any means to power. They want power, to tell us how to think and live. Progressives can go to hell, and I'm getting fed up with the sheep like mentality of traditionalists and conservatives.

Anonymous said...

In the US, the Federal government was created as a creature of the 13 original States. The Constitution created a weak federal government
reserving all powers not specifically listed in it to the States or
the people. So there is a legal framework of dual sovereignity.

Naturally, historical processes over two centuries have changed the
power relationships, devolving into a strong central government and
much weaker States.

Pres. Obama has made clear that he chooses to ignore the will of
Congress, i.e. by ignoring the war making powers of Congress. He
has also shown his contempt for the Courts by working around rulings
intended to restart oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

Pres. Obama's totalitarian tendencies, by making recess appointments
when Congress is not in recess, demonstrate his cotempt for the
bounds and purposes of the Constitution (i.e. the advise and consent clause). Americans indeed live under what has recently been unmasked as a totalitarian government. This
government is using high technologies to enable its mad grab for power.

By mocking the Consitution and its separation of powers, the current
US regime is in the process of deligitimizing itself. If there is
any treason, it is not by those who complain and expose the moral
corruption. Treason is in making war on the Constitution, and military officers are sworn to loyalty to that document, not the person temporarily occupying the office of President.

So many people have blogged and commented on so many political
websites, that being listed can hardly be a big deal. Besides which, there are a couple of hundred million firearms legally in the hands of citizens.

But it is all one step worse. An article in something called the Small Wars Journal took a shot across the bow of the Tea Party and similar movements by hypothesizing the recapture
of a town that had been taken over by patriots. Perhaps an answering shot across the bow was an advertisement in a newspaper by 500 retired Admirals and Generals who publicly supported
Romney for President. In other words, if Obama tried to stay in power in case the other party won the Presidency, it
would make for an unpleasant scenario.

As the phrase goes,breaking up is hard to do. But a move toward weakening the central government and empowering the States may help right the course of illegitimacy that Pres. Barack Obama is
moving full throttle on. Petitions for Secession remind our corroded political elite that their rule is already odious, dysfunctional and near illegitimacy. Undermine the Constitution and there is little glue holding American society together.
Deus Vult.


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

No one believes any of the states will secede, but I still believe there is value in the petition drives. At this point, the only obstacle to the feds are the states. The petitions indicate that there are state citizens who want the governors and legislators to stand up to the feds and claim states' rights protected in our constitution. Let's face it, there is enough info out there for Leviathon to identify all its enemies and kill us. I'm an orthodox Catholic -- that's more than enough. I don't think most of the signers are naive. We know exactly how evil our government is. But the pen is still mightier than the sword. And God is still God.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure, Stanislav, where you get the "over a million..." number on the signatories of these petitions. I last summed up the number of signatories on Monday the 26th...the number was 944,986.

I do, however, agree with your other points:
1) stupid to sign the petitions.
2) we don't understand the enemy.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous Magooey is that why comrade dear leader is purging all those navy generals and Petraeus?

Anonymous said...

What I think you may not understand is that we don't fear retribution from government officials. The petitions are mainly a way to make a statement--there are all kinds of petitions you can sign online but an official petition to the White House? Now *that* might be worth your time. It's just a way to express sentiment.