Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Georgia's March To Civil War

For a brief moment, the world, and more specifically the Georgian people were given the briefest of hopes that for the first time in their post Russian imperial period, Georgia may finally experience a peaceful hand over of power.

With Saakashvili, the Genocider's United National Movement's defeat in the previous elections by the Georgia Dream Coalition, Saakashvili seemed to accept defeat and gracefully step aside. Even though he is president until the next elections in 2013, when he must resign, most of the power, in 2013, will be transferred to the prime minister, who has no limits on his terms. Saakashvili obviously planned on taking the "lower" position of prime minister, to whom he and his cronies had transferred all the power.

The War Criminal, and Washington's/Brussels' chief local ally, went on to declare "We have handed them more powers than was envisaged by the Constitution because we want them to be able to govern and to deliver on those promises.." in reference to the power shift he himself had orchestrated.

With the party's defeat in the elections, however, the new role and thus the power, went to his enemy Ivanishvili. Lest we forget, in a Washington backed move, Saakashvili went so far as to strip his opponent of citizenship, in a bid to keep him from running. There's Western democracy for you.

However, this stepping aside and acknowledging defeat was and is only a time saver to the single aim of retaining all the power, the money and DC aid. The powers of corruption and evil have not been idol.

Without a word from Washington, which in truth loves tyrants and megalomaniacs, as long as they are happy selling out their people's interests for those of Washington (see Morasi's grab for power in Egypt or the dictatorial rule of Erdagon in Turkey), Saakashivili has created an extra legal military organization, loyal only to him. A private army of NATO trained killers was signed into existence by dictatorial decree on 21 November, that established a "special paramilitary body of executive government directly subordinate to Georgia's President".

Further steps were taken, within a week of the defeat, with the Saakashvili clan controlled utility companies shutting off power and gas to whole regions of the country and blaming it on the new government, while Saakashvili controlled unions promptly started strikes to disrupt the under developed economy, even as hypocritical EU pseudo-tyrants were reading Ivanishvili the riot act for arresting corrupt Saakashvili clan members. Where is the Magnisky act for the Genocider's comrades? Oh, that's just for Russia, sorry.

Saakashvili laid out his aim/plan when he stated "I've been with my people in peace, war, hardship and during rebuilding and I will not leave my people in times of danger either." Outside of the fact that it was he who started the war and created the hardship and thus had to force the rebuilding, with American taxpayers' monies, what danger is he speaking of?

Surrounded by his band of thieves, including his mother, the most wealthy woman in Georgia, and his own US/EU approved of, funded and trained mercenary army, it is only a matter of short timing, before he sparks an incident to give himself the reason to grab all the power once more and re-rewrite the constitution and thus fulfill the Georgian tradition of each democrat becoming a genocidal tyrant using all resources to stay in power.

That this will pull Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan into the war, is doubtless. That this will risk the finally dissolvement of Georgia, is equally doubtless....but the danger is worth it to this Washington puppet. After all, he's always got the law degree in NYC to fall back on.


Anonymous said...

Note to Russia: Do whatever you want in the world. The glorious people's banana republik of Amerikwa under Hussein the anointed one won't do anything about it besides send Shillary out to flap her fat face. Hell attack Amerikwa if you want. It should be a cakewalk.

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Alert: off topic link sharing
Check this one out it is outstanding. God bless Russia and God bless you!


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Dear Sir could you please delete comment at 8:18AM. I was angry at the time of posting and expressed some inappropriate opinions. Sorry for using your comments forum for way off the cuff controversial table talk.

Anonymous said...

I am agreeing with the opinion page of Pravda. This opinion page about so-called Global Warming (now Climate Change) should be read to congress everytime an enviro-whacko, an EPA stooge or the like appears in congress.