Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dumas Response To Magnistsky Simple Minded

Dumas Response To Magnistsky Simple Minded

While I am no fan of our children going overseas, the response of the Duma was misguided, hypocritical and just plain childish.
Let us begin with this question: how many of the millionaires sitting in the Duma have adopted a child? Hell, how many of them even have two of their own? Constantly they speak hypocritically to us about having more children (this rather has 3 and plans on expanding his family further) and adopting more. I say, a fine line indeed, now lead by& example.

But why bother when hypocrisy is so much cheaper.

There is the issue of children invalids, both mental and physical. At present, those children have no future in our country, and at least adoption gave them some hope. Instead of banning adoption by Americans (and others to follow), or at least along side it, they should have created legislature that would have provided a future for these orphans (and the none orphaned too). But hypocrisy is much cheaper. Now they will go home to their one child families (if that many) and clap themselves on their collective backs for a job well done.
God will not be so amused, not that half of them ever cared to believe or think about God. One day they will not get a choice.

As import is the whole context of this. They did not even get the notice of D.C. that they all seem to so crave. Not a word of this hissy fit in the American press.

What should have been done? Why they should have, if there had been any adult logic, fought the Yanks on their own battleground, with their own weapons.

Let's talk human rights.

America does just that, talk, but in truth, it is one of the biggest offenders to have ever existed. From the hellish chaos of the prisons and the abuse of prisoner plantations, to the tear gas and baton response to any large any power and money protests. Remember, this is the country who answered the early labour movement with the Pinkertons, whose specialty was shotting into the picketing crowds and murdering with impunity. And speaking of impunity, what of the tens of thousands murdered every year by police, either in raids, arrests or detention and imprisonment?

What of the absolutely 3rd world conditions on the Indian Reservations? The subhuman trailer parks? The war on Christians? The suppression of Confederate Southern culture?

All this and more and we have not even looked internationally at the crimes of supporting Islamic revolutionary jihads, drone rocket attacks and so on. How about the US embargo on Iraq that killed 50,000 children? Or the mass murder of Orthodox Serbs by US rockets and armed proxies?

The key here would be to place Interpol warrants on US officials involved in international crimes and a court in Russia to try them and place the tens of thousands of abusive US apparatcheks on denial lists for their internal crimes.

That would get their attention real quick.


Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...

First and foremost I want to wish you and your readers a Merry Christmas, in Jesus Christ EmmanuEL our Lord.
In this day we celebrate the arrival of Truth on Earth to remind us how to behave as Human Beings, to Love God and love one another. For if everyone indeed Loved God, truly, then there would have never been an Apostasy, Earth would truly experience Peace and Good Will to All Humans. As it stands hypocrisy abounds in many levels, just as Herod asked to find out where Jesus was born not to bring gifts to Him as he lied, but to murder the child. Be therefore vigilant and watchful. In Christ Jesus.
Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering where you get the ideas about indian reservations and trailer parks. The greatest problems of American Indian tribes come back to morals, not oppression. From wanting simply to sit back and collect the dole, to drug use and alcohol use.

Ultimately, it comes down to being given everything, and because they are given everything rather than earning it, they don't appreciate what they have and thus the tribes generally use what they have been given to harm others.

Few of us in the U.S. have the resources that Indian tribes do, but we choose to do good with them. For our families and neighbors.

Trailer parks are dwellings made up of manufactured homes. Many of my friends live in them. It's often difficult to tell the difference between a home on a foundation vs. a manufactured home.

There is no nation on the planet that has a completely clear conscience. The U.S. is no exception.

But we used to use our power for good. Until 20 years ago, we indeed held the moral high ground among the nations. We messed up frequently, but unlike most nations, we tried. Until 1993. That was the year everything changed.

We literally threw that away. Family, industry, commerce, engineering, conservation, infrastucture, morals, everything! In drugs, in booze, in abortions, in forgetting God. In ceasing to grow upward, we started to die.

Not many realize that 9 of 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto were in the 2012 Democrat Platform.

It took about 55 years to bring the Democrats from patriotism to communism. I fear that the Soviets have won the cold war at last, some 22 years after they fell.

The repeat of the 1947 Czechoslovakian election on November 6, 2012 is a grim harbinger. The Soviets were not going to lose the election in Czechoslovakia, and the Democrats were not going to lose the election Nov. 6, even though it mean the grossest of cheating, from packing votes to hacking computers.

I prefer not to use signups, so call me Nabuquduriuzhur.

Anonymous said...

Only allow the orphan children to go to Orthodox Christian families in the USA.

Allow the Church leadership to decide where the little ones go.