Sunday, December 16, 2012

Russians Came to America's Rescue, Once Again

The great enemy of the American Redneck and the Leftist intelligentsia, Russia, is at it again, and why I really do not know. Regardless of how many times we have done it, and we are ever slow to learn, we only get bitten in the process for it. Ever will a scorpion remain a scorpion and it is time we learned that lesson.

From being the first nation to recognize the American nation, to being the one force that kept Europe out of the US Civil War, by placing Russian warships in NYC and San Francisco harbours (that was a monumental mistake in my opinion), to various aids and assistance, such as being the first nation to call and offer condolences AND any needed aid after 911 and the first and only other monument to those slain in 911 (911 and the Enemy Who Mourned For America), Russia has garnered nothing but misfortune every time.

From the US funding and supporting the overthrow of the Tsars and the murderous Soviet take over in the Civil War. To the US monetary support of the Soviets after they went bankrupt (why the SU owed $48 billion to the US in 1990), to the out right theft of everything not nailed down to the continuous Jihad on our southern borders sponsored by those same American elites.

And in return?

In return we offered aid and support, to those who have hated us, murdered us, stolen from us and continue to threaten us from every angle, not just with nuclear mass murder but with the slow genocide of Jihadism.

Case in point, Russia Delivers Blankets to Sandy Homeless

At about 1 o’clock Wednesday morning two airplanes landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, two Il-76s to be exact, military great cargo freighters from Russia delivering humanitarian aid to those affected by superstorm Sandy.
The aid mission was authorized by Russia’s Emergency Situations Ministry and involved the delivery of over 50 tons of supplies and aid which was accepted by the US Federal Emergency Management Agency.
 And least you think this is a one off occurrence, Katrina stands in point:

Was one of the first countries to offer assistance. Up to four jets were placed on standby at the Ramenskoye Airport near Moscow as early as August 30, including heavy Ilyushin Il-76-TDs with special evacuation equipment, medical equipment, a water-cleansing system, a BK-117 rescue helicopter and two special cars; and a passenger IL-62, which brought 10 coordinators and 50 rescuers, as well as 6 tons of drinking water. On September 6, the Bush administration gave its approval. 

And for all this, we are treated as the enemy, our allies are overthrown, bombed, murdered. We are ridiculed. Our women portrayed as whores. Our Church as somehow not Christian, even though it is the font of all Christianity. Our culture as that of wanton drunks and Neanderthals.

Even as we, as good Christians help those who hate us, these hate mongers lash out.

Ever it is the way of the Christian to minister to those who drown in their own evil.


Mattexian said...

It is sadly regrettable that your country's efforts at Christian charity and goodwill have been repeatedly overlooked and ignored in the US media, time and time again.

I'll admit to being one of those "American Rednecks" who still harbored a deep distrust of you "godless commies" two decades ago (watched way too much Red Dawn growing up), when suddenly a Russian-speaking Georgian immigrant was appointed as the new minister at my Methodist church. It took quite a while for my distrust of him to dissipate, and much to my lingering regret, I missed out on an opportunity to visit your country, as he organized a mission trip to bring much-needed supplies to several Russian orphanages during the mid-90s. It wasn't until afterwards that I learned to trust and love that man, and he officiated at my first wedding, then I lost touch with him, and I sadly learned a few years ago that he had passed on after losing his battle with cancer. It is with some bittersweet satisfaction that his son is now my general care doctor, even tho we are nearly the same age.

Anonymous said...

Stan...US politicians with very few exceptions cannot be trusted. Over the decades there has been a process of declining honor among the thieves that we call our political class. Unless I'm mistaken,at the present time, they are pretty much "sold out" to the Saudi's and the muslim brotherhood.

Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

-Aesop, Fables

Anonymous said...

I'm rooting for Russia myself. I wish all the best to Russia and its people may God bless you. I know the rats from wall street brought misery and suffering to Russia for 70 years and now it is the turn of the west. I know you have your own affairs and country to worry about and won't be saving the people's republik of Amerika under Hussein the red rat but thanks for thinking of us poor dumb rednecks.

Arius said...

During the Cold War I was a staunch Armenian-American Cold Warrior against the USSR and communists. But during the 1990's the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia broke my belief in the US, and the West, and by 2000 could see that America was becoming something far different than the America that I believed in. It was seeing the Russians rebuild an Orthodox church in Moscow (destroyed by Stalin) that put me on the path of appreciating Russia. Of course it goes without saying that I appreciate Russia (even in the dark days of the USSR) protecting Armenia from Turkey that would have invaded Armenia in the 1990's except for Russia standing firm; the US did nothing to stop the Turks from massing their army for invasion (like the US did nothing to stop the Turks from invading Cyprus).

Unknown said...

God bless you and those faithful comrades who see things as you do. I served proudly in the US military from the late 80s to the late 90s. I was of the mindset that all Russians are the enemy, while it was not the Russians, but the communist doctrine which is now embraced by traitors in our own government, which was the enemy. I am Greek Orthodox and I have met many good, God fearing Russians and Ukrainians over the years. It is a shame that our own state run (socialist) media refuses to acknowledge the good things your nation has done for us, as well as some of the poor things we have done with regard to yours, prior to the Bohlshevik Revolution. As I stated previously, God bless you and the God fearing comrades among you.

Anonymous said...

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realman2020 said...

I enjoy your blog. I live in Texas. There is talk of Texas seceding from the union. I tell my fellow Texans that we will need Russia's support being recognized as a sovereign state as Moscow recognized the Lakota nation. Texas might need Russia's help. Tell me what do you think?

RayRay said...

The people of the real America know what you are talking about.
Keep faith that we here understand and thank you deeply for your country's contributions throughout history.
All people have the same problem in every country around the world. Evil occupies high places and intends to stay there however they can. So do not judge us for these few, but ever growing it seems fools who speak ignorantly and arrogantly about things they know nothing about.

Janice said...

The Russian people are as innocent of wrongdoing against the American people as the American people are against the Russians. People everywhere are good or evil according to their own consciences but politicians are, almost without exception, intrinsically evil--exploiting those they "lead" for their own purposes and shamelessly misrepresenting the motives of foreign politicians with whom they some of the "rednecks" the idea they are enemies.
We, who are NOT rednecks, DID take notice of the immediate and spontaneous support from the Russian people—not only after 911 but after natural disasters—for which you have our profound gratitude. We hope you do not have the idea that we are all as evil and manipulative as those who call themselves our leaders.

Anonymous said...

The great enemy of the American Redneck and the Leftist intelligentsia, Russia, is at it again, and why I really do not know.

American rednecks love freedom. Thirty years ago, Russia was communist and America was free... so, of course Russia was the enemy. Today, Russia is free and America is illegally occupied by a communist "president". American rednecks today consider their own government to be the enemy. John Milius, director of the 1984 movie "Red Dawn", was asked after the fall of the Soviet empire, if his movie was still relevant. He responded, "That movie wasn't really about the Russians, it was about the US federal government!"

As I said in another thread, true Americans ("rednecks"), and true Russians ("narod") are natural allies. Only godless Communists such as Lenin and Obama want us to fight. Pray it doesn't happen.

Also... American rednecks love the AK-47. When General Kalashnikov attended a major US gun show some years ago, he was received with a standing ovation. It truly is the finest rifle ever made.

Homo Parvum said...

+1 to the above comment and Mattexian. As an American Redneck I can say that sometimes it is hard to see the forest when you're surrounded by trees. That's why your writing and the criticism of similarly minded folks is so important.

Anonymous said...

Well, we in the US seem to be in a hell of a pickle now. We gonna need all the help we can get. I don't judge by nationality, dont care where you're from as long as you respect me as a person. None in the media ever tell us what other nations do to help, so most of us don't know. Funny how the book, 1984, makes me think of how my own country is acting now, got to fight somebody to keep the whole military industrial complex going, and almost complete media control. Its getting real hard to trust our government right now. I am a bit of a redneck by the way(Louisiana). Thanks for any help y'all have ever given!

Unknown said...

Your country was taken over by the "Red Shield" in 1918-20 just like ours was taken in 1913. Unfortunately yours was a bloodbath compared to our silent cue. Our countries have been played against each other by this international group of banking elite led by the Rothschild cancer for this last century, now with the internet it is possible to go around their controlled propaganda media and spread the truth.

Wadi Maibela said...

Eventhough I don't like Obama you are totaly wrong to call him a communist. Don't forget both of USA parties are the same serving corporate america. Thanks!

Wadi Maibela said...

Even though I don't like Obama I don't agree with you calling him a communist. Every third world country by now are aware that both your political parties are the same serving Corporate America. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Comrade sobama is not a communist, he is the immaculate messiah, the one we have been waiting for. Glorious future for the USSA comrades!

Daniel said...

Well, it seems that Mr Mishin, probably by a cultural misunderstanding, does not understand that real rednecks are the most freedom loving, helpful, appreciative, loyal, inventive and industrious people in America.

I am always proud when someone calls me a redneck. I think it stands for all of those traits I listed earlier. They have been taught manners and grace, if you will, often with the end of a switch.

Understand that our so called leaders, in most cases, aren't fit to clean the boots of an American Redneck and most of them feel exactly that way. They're outnumbered at the voting booth. They don't get any real say in who represents them and that is the main reason that many have the attitude that they do towards our government. Which is basically just, 'Leave me alone'.

Having said that, yes, in disturbingly large part, our politicians are a bunch of worthless flotsam. The only care they have is the amount of money they can take before the scam is exposed.

It's kinda sad, really.

Мaria said...

Я согласна. Читала, и хотелось возразить против, раз США моя страна, раз я понимаю, что не все как вы описываете, но не могу... Увы Американцы (как народ) именно так и поступает.. Так хочется, чтобы наши страны наконец-то поняли как могли бы помогать друг другу, сколько у нас общего (не! говорю, что мы идентичны), что не обязательно продолжать жить как будто враги... Не знаю только если это когда-нибудь произойдет вообще, не говоря уж о ближайшем будущем. Надежда умирает последней, да?

(Ваш блог нашла, когда моя мама слышала о нем по радио и послала мне ссылку на статью про оружие. Стала читать и очень понравился, молодец пишите, со (редким) здравым смыслом! Кстати, нету переводов? У меня-то родной язык английский а муж с трудом читает ваши статьи, решила спросить у вас.. Спасибо!)

Anonymous said...

was right in predicting that russia becomes freer and america turns into a police state dictatorship

maybe you will have to rebuild the wall to keep americans from smuggling themselves in escaping facist america?

time will tell all...

that pesky american Wildflower

johnz said...

I think the loans you're talking about were partly motivated by a kind of fear: "If we don't loan them this money to buy wheat, they'll starve, and if they starve they'll invade Western Europe." Probably this was mistaken, and stupid, but I think that was the reason, not love of Communism by the US, or a desire to harm the Russian people.

In Colorado said...

Thank you, mother Russia.

Anonymous said...

Are you not concerned with what appears to be Putin's longing for the good ole days of soviet Russia?

Anonymous said...

Your country is not perfect like all countries. In your country there are children without families just as in all countries.

They would have been adopted by Americans who lack children. Americans who believe in God.

Your own people will not adopt these kids. For years this was the case: you would send them to American families. Now thanks to a jingoist nationalism that is only explained by a paranoia psychosis your country passes a law saying it will not longer let Americans adopt the children in Russia.

They lack homes. In the pas they could have a family. Now they will be good servants of the state living as a ward of the state. It's a pity since the Americans abort their own kids it would be good to have a few Russian children.

Anonymous said...

From Oklahoma City:
Thank you for your concern to warn us about gun confiscation. (Your article today was the first time I saw your blog.) I also want to thank the Russians who evangelized in Armenia in the late 19th century - and all the other wonderful things Russia has done on our behalf. My prayers for Russia have been for decades and to read all this is a joy beyond description.
Your articles are truly a breath of fresh air!

Anonymous said...

Two thousand people are still without power from Hurricane Sandy! I never heard anything about the Russians helping as I never heard about the beautiful memorial in statue form. I found it somewhere on line. Americans are wising up to their government. It's always someone else's fault. Thank You Russia.