Thursday, December 6, 2012

Global Warming the Tool of the West

Global Warming the Tool of the West
For years, the Elites of the West have cranked up the myth of Man Made Global Warming as a means first and foremost to control the lives and behaviors of their populations. Knowing full well that their produce in China and sell in the West model and its consiquent spiral downward in wages and thus standards of living, was unsustainable, the elites moved to use this new "science" to guilt trip and scare monger their populations into smaller and more conservatives forms of living. In other words, they coasted them into the poverty that the greed and treason of those said same elites was already creating in their native lands.
What better way to staunch protests at worsening economic and life conditions than to make it feel like an honourable job/duty of the people to save "Gia". At the same time, they used this "science" as a new pagan religion to further push out the Christianity they hate and despise and most of all, fear? Gia worship, the earth "mother", has been pushed in popular culture oozing out of the West for a better part of the past 1.5 decades. This is a religion replete with an army of priests, called Government Grant Scientists.
Various groups have fought back. This is including Russian hackers, who published a huge database of UK government, scientific and university emails depicting the fixing of data to sell Global Warming, er Climate Change (as if it never changed on its own). And while taking hit after hit, the beast, like Al Quida, will not die. As a matter of fact, the beast is on a steady come back, as it is quite useful during the down times recession. The US alone spends $7 billion each year on warming "studies", which is, in truth, nothing but a huge money laundering operation, as no real science is conducted and vapid alarmist reports the only product generated.
Amongst the newest claims of pending disasters, is a cry that icepacks are now melting at three times the rate of the 1990s, even though there has not been any significant warming in the past 20 years. Greenland's icepack melt off, has been linked to volcanic activity under the ice, heating it. Must be the magmamen and their SUVs. These facts, however, do not faze the Gia crowd and their Elite/Governmental backers. The fact that a super storm hit the NE US is also being played as evidence of GW. Thank God that before GW no such things ever happened. How are they to explain that Russia and Eastern Europe are projected to have the coldest winter in 20 years? Oh, but I doubt my Western readers are even aware of that.
Now, with their economies in a spiral of debt laden, non-manufacturing recession (if not out and out depression), the Elites, who sense they are loosing their grip or toe hold on key economic regions outside their home regions, are once again calling out their inquisitors of Global Warming and sending them towards the developing world.
The first salvo has been fired by a British Warming dandy named Lord Nicholas Stern of Brentford, who as an academic at Whitehall, has made a career and quite a bit of money off of this scam. Lord Stern, a former World Bank chief economist and author of the landmark Stern review of the economics of climate change, was a close associate of Gordon Brown and the Leftists, who with the Tory counterparts and in parallel to the American Democrats/Republicans set up the grand and self destructive economic schemes that have plunged their own nations and many many others into the abyss of poverty.
The good Lord Stern, in commentary on why countries such as Russia, China, India and Brazil, in other words, the BRICs, have to pony up cash and depress their own growth, made this statement for the Guardian paper: "It's a brutal arithmetic – the changing structure of the world's economy has been dramatic. That is something developing countries will have to face up to,"
His premiss is that even if you take out the deindustrialized West, run away Global Warming will not stop due to the industrialized world. Its now all the fault of those raising themselves up for the destruction of the world, from the phantom joke of GW. Lord Stern tried to assure that the opening salvo was not a salvo, by stating: "I am not pointing the finger at the developing world, just looking at what is necessary. I am not accusing or proposing, just calculating what is needed [to meet scientific estimates of the emissions cuts needed to avoid dangerous levels of climate change]". More like a calculated accusation.  After all, this is not some light weight of the GIA cult, but the movement's chief economist who enjoyed the ear of the UK government: a perfect tool of the Western Elites.
Expect the cries to get louder and more shrill in the months to follow.


Anonymous said...

What about all the volcanoes? Global warming and carbon credit scam is all about control and jamming people into 200 foot containers to live in. The carbon credits scam will enrich the bolshevik rats at the top while their boot licking cronies will get exemptions.

Unknown said...

The elites behind GW are pushing the biggest scam in modern history. Damn them to hell.

GrahamSeib said...

You (fortunately) don't have to be 100% right to be substantially, morally right. Even global warming critics such as Fred Singer and Fritz Vahrenholt concede that greenhouse gases are rising (easily proven) and that they probably affect climate somewhat. However, you are absolutely right that the strident leftists want to use it as an excuse to control the lives of everyone on the planet. It calls for common sense, of which they offer, and want, very little.

Kristin said...

Tool of the "West"?? No it isn't, it's Marxism. This Bolshevik stuff is what the "West" was tricked into accepting on account they were mocked by the Bolsheviks themselves for believing in the "Red Scare" - it was these very Bolsheviks who ran the media (they still do).

Alain said...

Global warming or climate change is another face of Marxism. This also includes what I consider the eco-fascists and the UN's Agenda 21. All of these along with other fronts seek to destroy individual freedom, freedom of speech and private property rights; in other words to reduce citizens of the developed world to serfs being governed and controlled by a small minority of "elites". Too many people remain ignorant of what this is about and little by little lose their freedoms.

Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...

Global is coming for sure..but not what they push to humanity..but...with WWIII...and nukes...and the Sun's massive coronal ejection afterwards, and then opening of the gates, and then all will understand and remember what it means to be globally hot being chased by the Nef's, even though everyone will experience things at the personal level. It is a good thing we still have 'God with us'.

Anonymous said...

φοτοβόλε κύριε and mr. Rodina I have to make a statement about earths climate changes ….. at first I have to admit that the numbers showing that the Norther parts of the globe, it's most likely heading to freezing conditions, than warming, apart the new theocratic segment of the society preaches ...... thus it's clear that earth's (subterranean) and sun's energy combined is the main reason of any dramatic change of the weather …..
and secondly, people are manipulated at mass level due to the establishment of the new world order, as the war hunger bankers wish .... the filthy gangsters that plan to reduce the human population, for their profit ...... God may give as blessing to withstand the attack of the tricky one ..... by His blessing we will stand .......


Anonymous said...

@Kristen: "[Bolshevism] Tool of the West?" Please. Who doesn't know that "Trotsky" wasn't from New York? Let me educate you on the source of this "directed history." As just one reference, Sutton's "Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution" is a good place to start. It's part of the record that Trotsky and friends made their way to Moscow with some central bank gold to fund the revolution. The Red Cross was the MI6 front to run it.

Then, maybe you could reference Gary Allen's the Rockefeller's were funding the Soviet machine (e.g., the KAMA truck factory) right in the middle of the phoney cold war.

Here's Sutton's work for free, online:

Anonymous said...

The SUN!!!!!!!!

Believer said...

Amen! Amen! Amen!
Thanks for calling this out!
My favorite is that the Entertainment Industry persons are always calling for us to be better and have a smaller carbon footprint, when the carbon footprint of one 1/2 hour television news show probably exceeds the footprint of my entire township for a year. Such a scam!!!

Anonymous said...

This is one area that I must disagree with Republicans on. Their claim that the science is bogus has no merit what so ever. It is unfortunate that the scientists who are in charge of tracking changes went out and embellished emails and actually lied about circumstances, but, if you believe in science, all science, (gravity, fluidity, etc), then you would have to believe what the science of pumping tons of gasses into a atmospheric orb is telling us.

The reason the Right wingers tells us this is obvious from this guy's email: money and God. They don't like environmental laws because they put undue financial burdens on businesses. Nobody wants that , but don't we have to maintain our environment to be livable? We don't trash our own houses. Even dogs don't crap in their own kennels.

As far as God goes, most Republicans even don't read the bible...God demands what I stated above, to take care of his creation, including the final warning in the end times: Revelation 11:18 "....I will destroy those who destroy the earth."

Finally, if God created the earth and the universe, wouldn't he be the one that created the science to regulate all activity?

Sorry, I had to vent....if the Republicans were reasonable about this, they'd garner more votes from Independents like me. Once again more evidence as to why I didn't vote for either of the two presidential candidates.

In Colorado said...

There's a lot of truth in hoax science and herding of people going on, but it's not remotely limited to the global warming scheme. It also has to do with junk science and data bottlenecks pertaining to massive third world migration. A heavy propaganda campaign is being waged against us to batter down resistance, including racially demonizing us for having the desire to preserve our racial and cultural characteristics (which indeed the American founding fathers including wanted to preserve as stated in Federalist Paper #2). They want borders down, they want guns confiscated, they want across-the-board control, and of course they want dissent silenced.

It is no exaggeration to say that the West is in a fight for its life.

Anonymous said...

Please, keep your OPINE to yourself and leave me TWATTER account alone okay you self serving self rightous PRICK..youre exactly the type of TEA PARTY MF, that would GLADLY start a war, then SLAP our veterns in the far..GOOD LORD, where the F did you assholes come from Don't answer was rhetorical...testalamerda.

Anonymous said...

As far as I can tell, the far left do not understand the consequences of the Obama administration wanting control over what we eat, drive, and own. They want to redistribute wealth so that the middle class no longer survive. In San Francisco, 200 square foot units are being built for people to inhabit. Citizens are being asked to turn in their weapons. The government is using ethos, pathos, and logos effectively to convince the left wingers that America must change from an independently strong and self sufficient country to a country that is dependent upon the government for all its needs. California leads the way for a socialistic government. The black president has separated our country racially and encouraged illegally aliens, homeless, and criminals to demand their rights even though these people give nothing back to society. It is time for an underground movement of citizens to fight for our rights.

Gordon Logan said...

What about HAARO used to cause thousands of brushfires in South Russia. Extreme weather in major the world's agricultural regions - especially the USA and China. The HAARP earthquake precursors: ionospheric heating, plasma displays, at Fukushima and Sechuan notably. The Sechuan earthquake split a mountain and exposed a major Chinese nuclear weapons facility. Let's recognize covert environmental warfare for what it is. There's far, far more in this world than is to be read about in the newspapers.