Friday, April 5, 2013

A Modest Proposal: Or Fight Hypocrites With Their Own Weapons

Once more we find ourselves facing the typical Western hypocrisy, an endless stream of do as we say not as we do.

The Anglos love to read us poor white apes lessons on the rule of law and justice. They go to great ends to make their endless, self righteous morality speeches. But do they follow them themselves?

What am I speaking of, this time, dear readers? Why the news of the latest Russian "political" refugee from Russia to London:  Mr Andrei Borodin, the former head of the Bank of Moscow. Why did this gentlemen suddenly discover that he is at odds with President Putin? Well there is that little matter of the $40 billion that the bank "lost" for its depositors and that had to be refinanced from government funds.  Deloitte & Touche auditors stated that "actions of the former Bank of Moscow management caused significant losses within the bank."

Luckily for Borodin, he had more than a billion of that sum stashed away in his own overseas accounts and was able to land comfortably in his new homeland, to the tune of a $210 million house. Yes, this is the face of the common British refugee, a filthy rich, filthy crooked bastard running with hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars of other people's monies.

Well, I have a modest proposal for dealing with America and Europe: fight fire with fire. Lets allow all the tax "criminals" of the West to settle here. First transfer a down payment of at least $500K, no questions asked, than just make it to Russia and our PR machines will work over time to make you an angle (considering the thieves in the Liberal Democracy governments, you probably are). You will automatically gain asylum and the more you transfer in, the stronger our defense of you. Luckily we are not as cold hearted as the various Western thieves, to demand tens or hundreds of millions as down payment.

I am sure that the government mouth pieces in the West will miss no notes in screaming about those corrupt Russians, defending thieves, all the while ignoring the Red Woods in their own eyes, but hay, what's good for the corrupt Goose is just as good for our Gander.


Sour Cream said...

I assure you, Russia does not want our American crooks any more than we want theirs (or their ill-gotten booty). Our crooks will just start playing their nasty games over in Russia.

I believe you very well know that we peons have no say whatever in the activities and policies our leaders engage in and enact, so please don't throw western humanity out with the ruling-elite filth. Unfortunately, much of western humanity will ultimately be the enemy of Russia because our collective ignorance will make us easy prey for our leaders' propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Well written Mat. We have the same prob here in South Africa .

AbdNour said...

I do not agree with your proposal. On the reverse, let american and european crooks go on corrupting the soulless system they are thriving on. It will be still time to jail them once their system is rotten enough to fall by itself. If you let them in your country, they would instantly start to pervert it.