Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Despicable Moral State of the Left: British Thatcher Death Parties

The Despicable Moral State of the Left: British Thatcher Death Parties

Last week a mighty woman, who had been brought down low by the inequity of Alzheimer's. She was a force of conservative and monarchistic values, one that turned a Leftist British society of government handouts into entrepreneurial spirit. A person who strove to set a spirit of "do for yourself" instead of "wait till the government does for me". 

In the long run, while she was triumphant, all that work has still been eroded by a lazy, and worthless and ever growing class of consumers of the government dole, who could not be bothered to get an education and commit to the evil or evils: work and self sustainment. 

The UK is, of course, not the only ones who suffer from this, by and far, far far from it. The whole of the Leftist pseudo Marxist WEST, in various stages of necrotic decomposition, has an ever growing class of leeches. These in turn feed the government uber leeches in power, who maintain their power by stealing from those that produce and giving bread and circuses to the masses. 

Of course this is the stepping stone to true Marxism, and when that steps in, those bloated and stupid grazers will suddenly find themselves with the choice of either working where the government tells them, for a nominal fee or working and dieing in some less than pleasant location when the government sends them. Marxists systems, after all, pride themselves on no unemployment. But I digress.

So it should come as no surprise at the baseness, in human character of the death rallies and parties that these human parasites are having, feeding off of the death of Lady Thatcher. In olden times, strong opponents, though they may have been hated, were never celebrated when they died, but given the respect of a strong and once feared opponent. No more. Not with the Marxist Left, which degrades all human nobility into a sub animalistic psyche, a Satanic creation, worthy of some inquisition, as they show themselves to be a cancerous cannibalistic growth on the body society.

The images that will follow speak for themselves. They are a pathetic testament to a paganistic, Satanic slice of society that in many Western Degenerocracies are now half or more of society. This is even more pathetic than the American parades for the death of Bin Ladin. Not that the American creation bin Ladin did not deserve to die, it is just that Christian societies should never behave the way the Yanks did and do at the death of a human being, no matter how evil he was.

That the British now do the same at the death of a fellow Britain, and one who loved her country first and foremost, even insisting on a simple burial to save money for the country, is beyond pathetic. It is a disgusting degeneration that must be cut out of society like any cancer to prevent the full demise of the Degenerocracy.

To Lady Thatcher, I say: You fought the good fight, you will be missed, rest tight in the arms of the Lord.

Some pathetic Degenerocracy comments from the degenerates:

thomas mcdade @TamMcdade
Class party in Leeds where a lady reveller cheerily asks would you like some Thatcher's dead cake

bunnylodge @bunnylodge
terry liverpool town centre is bouncing "lets all do the conga thatcher is no longer" spread theword

ude @judetx
Wow. RT @GlasgowsDA: Gregg's in 's George Square is giving free fairycakes to those attending the event to mark 's demise.

Alistair Sloan @alistair_sloan
Thatcher's death is being marked in Glasgow's George Square with dancing, speeches and song:

Unite the Resistance @UtRScotland
Margaret is dead!!! Enemy of the working class and trade unions. Meet TODAY 5:30pm at George Square in Glasgow!

Eddy39 @Eddy39
destroyed County Durham off to the pub to celebrate oh how I will dance and sing all night ding dong the witch is dead



Anonymous said...

Absolutely shocking and disgusting to watch this dispicably display by the left, I had no idea they harboured such hatred. The left must be drunk with power as they have been on display with more frequency and showing their true colors, it may be the beginning of their undoing.

Anonymous said...

The Bitch Is Dead!
Alas, The Bitch Lives On!

The Bitch lives on in the warped mendacity adhered to by the very people she divided, broke and stifled.

A conservative? The bitch that set the UK on a path of greed and rampant materialism? The one who, finding a venerable energy fortune of NatGas in the North Sea, proceeded to make sure it was wasted in less than 12yrs through thoughtless unsustainable development that are now a drain on an energy-starved UK? The one who declared any man in his 30s riding public transport was a loser? The one who embraced Reaganomics and accelerated the vampiric debauchery that High Street is now rampant with?

Question more Mr Stanislav, else you're just a tool of the status quo.

racketmensch said...

"Free Fairycake for All!" The left has no sense of irony, or humour, but that sums up it's economic theories nicely.

Anonymous said...

Mrs Thatcher attempted to restore Britain to nationhood for a brief period of time.

Anonymous said...

Rejoice Rejoice POS country Britain is no more. Keep calm and kiss muzzie ass limey poofs.

Anonymous said...

The left is in serious need of undoing. They are an infestation of contemptible homo retards. They contribute nothing to civilized society except their disgusting prsence. From the looks of things, the sword of allah may soon begin lopping off their "effing" heads.

Anonymous said...

While the conduct of these leftists is beneath human dignity, let us not forget November 1989.

When the Berlin wall was "breached", and all the German celebrants were swarming all over that vile structure, it was none other than the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, who called up Michael Gorbachev and literally begged him to send in Soviet troops to maintain the East German government power and prevent a reunification of Germany.

Sorry Stan, but Margaret Thatcher was not a glorious leader that helped defeat communism in Russia. She was a master manipulator, who like Chamberlain and Churchill, would rather have had Russia and eastern Europe under Stalinist tyranny than accept an economically strong Germany. All for the objective of maintaining an already non-existent British hegemony over western European political and economic affairs.