Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Death of Creativity

Death of Creativity
There are many signs of a dieing society. Note, I say society, not economy, as economic collapses come and go but a culture or society can endure and even grow stronger. However, one of the signs of digressions is visible in the creative arts that that society produces.
For example, from stick figures to Greco-Roman anatomically correct statues and then again to stick figures on tapestries, that was the rise and fall of man's society in central and western Europe, running into the long and dark ages.
It took quite a bit of time to recover from that and once again bring up the masters of the Renaissance and on. Their art work is of such quality that it seems to leap right out or rather allow the viewer to walk right into the living painting.
However, over the past 100 years and accelerated now, art has been in collapse. As the core of the Western society has turned to a puss filled pulp, its creative juices have dried out. What passes for art now, appropriately named "Modern Art" is an eye sore at best and an example of talentless, self degrading society, lost of any wisdom and self governance.
What are/were some of the more "celebrated" works of the past two decades? The Piss Christ? The Dung Madonna? Or the traveling German ghoul fest of partially dissected preserved corpses in various poses. Blank mono-colour canvases, Picasso "portraits"? This is what passes for high art?
So equally is the West dead in Music. True, Music, for the most part, continued to flourish and grow, while the visual arts putrefied, but one will always catch up to the other, eventually and so it has.
In the 20th century, the West gave us Jazz, Blues, Disco, Rock, Heavy Metal, Grunge, Rap (not sure if that should be on this list). There were aborted developments too, like Electric, but over all, things grew, new areas were explored. But what has come out in the past 15 years? Nothing. No new movements, nothing new.
Yes, corporate music, created in a cubical, playing the same tunes with hired on singers, has continued to march on, and not just march on, but dominate the field, along with its side kick of debasing gangsta rap. And the message of all these songs of the past decade and a half? Is it songs about love of motherland? Duty? Love? No, of course not, its all about "f**king like a bunch of animals"...."We're nothing but mammals so lets do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel". That's right, absolute debasement of the human soul.
Much is the same for the art of the big screen and little screen. Soulless debasement of humanity.
Anything that shines any kind of "newness" is always pulled in from other, more vibrant cultures, but in the long run it falls on deaf ears and dead hearts, in a West whose soul has died a long time ago.


Mostly Harmless said...

As an person living in the USA, I have been reading your column for a couple years now. Every time you unload one of your scathing assessments of the West, or the USA specifically, it makes me so angry. Not that you are wrong; no. I only wish you were. No, I am angry because you and I can see it so clearly; and yet my countrymen, by and large, can not, or will not. We disagree, it would seem, on the merits of the breaking away by the patriots of the American Revolution from the monarchy of Great Britian. You seem ever to extol the virtues of the singular vision borne of responsibility that monarchy can sometimes manifest, I would posit that the system of governance proposed in the American experiment enjoyed some success, and provided valuable lessons which, if not forgotten by history in the years to come, could yield great benefit to future societies: if they have the courage to see what is writ there.

The inmates in a prison cannot be held responsible for the crimes of the wardens. So it is with Americans, for the freedom so many speak of is altogether illusory. Freedom untested is no freedom at all.

It seems likely that only great misery and suffering can save the soul of the USA; an age of sackcloth and ashes, wherein she turns her face back to God. With the leadership embracing the darkness as it is, that age seems at hand. Sadly, I cannot say that I believe I will live to see it; but with God all things ARE possible, so who can tell?

whiteson said...

Mr Mishin you are spot on. The degrading and selfdegrading is huge. But that these twats want any person with half a braincell to go with the stream, thats mind boggling.

Anonymous said...

As always you blast everything about the West in sweeping generalizations that you have formed through what you see on television and on the Internet. If I were to give Russia the same treatment I would say that Russia is a place of angry people looking for a street brawl with their dash cams while their government poisons anyone who disagrees with them. Of course it's not entirely true but who cares as long as it serves the purpose of venting your anger?

Anonymous said...

I lived in the West for a long time and I agree with Stanislav, that most part of it is an uncreative third world hell-hole without a future.

Anonymous said...

Comrades we are having a marvelous rennaisance under Imam Hussein the Immaculate Chicago toilet water to wine converting messiah. Just look at the all the phony scandals and fighting between the two branches of the war party. They laugh and pat each other on the back while making the rounds of the cocktail circuit in the district of cesspool. Look at the news headlines of murders and savagery. The economy is on fire with that centralized planning that always works so well. Personal rudeness is non existent everyone gets along fine in the rainbow collective. This is the glorious hopey changey utopia.
Sadly the stolen German technology and glories of WWII where Russia did all the heavy lifting are long gone. Rhodesia/Zimbabwe is the future of Amerika.