Friday, May 24, 2013

The Double Standard of Western Tolerance

The Double Standard of Western Tolerance

The West loves to point out our endless "primitiveness" and "intolerances". They make an art form of nit picking of our backwardness, all the while painting themselves as the angles of all things humane and tolerant. Unfortunately for the West, the truth plays out always and it is rarely as the West would like it to appear.

Two recent cases in point: Pussy Riot and Femin.

We are all to familiar with Pussy Riot as a case, though the West may have miscalculated on that one, as usual. The assault upon the Church by militant and desperate to stay real net atheism has shown how deep the roots of the Faith and Church now run. The population as a whole came to defense of the agency of God, the preserver of our culture and tradition.

But what of the Europeans? When a similar group hit a Catholic cathedral in Germany: instant arrest and up to two years in prison. Must have come as quite an embarrassment to the Iron Chancellor, who had just criticized President Putin on the same thing, almost as much of an embarrassment as the opening of her Communist agitprop past.

Than there was the Finnish case, where the defendants, aiming to spill urine on the alter of an Orthodox cathedral, never even made it to the church before arrest and facing up to 3 years.

And now as if on queue we have Femin rearing it's pretty breasts and empty heads.

Ever since committing sacrilege against the memory of thousands murdered by Cheka and the NKVD in Kiev, the head of Femin and and the center of their operations has moved to Europe. So now it's our moral "betters" who must deal with them. And the response?

From being pepper sprayed and beaten by angry Parisian conservative crowds and arrested by the police to being beaten and arrested by the German polizie, the poor dimwitted breastikles are facing up to 4 years in prison in France to up to 10 years in Germany for insulting the Iron Chancellor and an international guest (in this case Putin).

So where is that famed Western tolerance? Thought so.


whiteson said...

Mr Mishin, I agree with you on this one True, very true. The West is starting to fall apart. Especially when it comes to norms they make. It is more than a disgrace. They are no longer credible. I once saw this Pussy riot idiots. Let them emigrate to some Western country, let them have it. And lastly, the West tends to compare modern Russia with the old one, but in the mean time, they, the West lost all reasonable reasonings. Keep it up, we really like your comments, always balanced.

Truthspeaker said...

I really am happy the flesh flaunting females got what they deserved - beatings and imprisonment. They probably never got beatings or instructions in modesty from their parents so they get the 'rod and reproof' that may give them a modicum of wisdom.

Anonymous said...

The key-word for understanding the "west" is hypocrisy.

Alain said...

This is the fruit of Marxism that invaded the West more than 60 years ago with its incremental approach instead of the armed revolution approach used elsewhere. It is the newspeak where meaning is stood on its head. Those who seek to preach and even enforce tolerance are always the most intolerant. Those and the state agencies who seek to outlaw racism are the true racists since they insist on identifying people as members of racial groups with their "affirmative action" programs. Now when a group or organisation claims to be about human rights, I automatically know the truth will be the opposite and this applies to all one finds throughout the West today.