Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Shape Of The New Cold War

The Shape Of The New Cold War

As some experts have predicted for years, a new Cold War of sorts is shaping up. It is going to be a war of ideology, as before, however with quite different aspects though similar sides.

The previous war was a war of the autocratic Marxists and the liberal democracies. However, those liberal democracies as a whole had a terminal tumor embedded deep in their body politic that had yet to full flower but since than has.

The kernel residing in each was the Devil's bargain that the liberal democracies made to win the first Cold War. To cope with their own internal Marxist demons and to find added strength against the Stalinst Bolsheviks, they ingested the Trotskyte Fascists, later known as neo-cons, into their body politic. As such, their slow purification had begun.

The progress, especially with the defeat of the militant Fascists by an unlikely coalition of Liberal Democracies, Monarchies and Bolsheviks, was slow, insidious but slow.

While fighting the Cold War that followed, the Trotskytes could not afford to be outed in the West. They took the slow but steady perversion of the popular culture under hand, in parallel with the creation and radicalization of the modern Islamic jihadists. These jihadists would be used as foot soldiers first against the Bolsheviks than against the host bodies in which the Trotskyte tutors were metastasizing.

With the defeat of the Bolsheviks, the last restraints on the Trotskytes were lifted and they were freed to take over their hosts from the inside out, like e insidious alien in the Thing. 

To distract the host and weaken his defenses, they turned their Islamic foot soldiers on the hosts in an external series of attacks, all the while importing millions more for the final take over from the inside.

Fast forward 20 years and we are where we are, at another sorry state of affairs. The ideological wars have not ended though they may be entering their last major volume. 

The Liberal Democracies and Monarchies of the West have morphed into Trotskyte fascist police states. Sure they still wear the skins of their previous hosts but what's inside is quite different.

Under the present spot light, magnified by the homosexual tsunami that is sweeping the Western Trotskyte Police States (WTPS), is traditional values vs the extreme liberal values of the WTPS. It is the post/anti Christian stance vs traditional Christian morality and honour. 

Deeper down there is the further economic aspect, on the one hand is the overtly oppressive regulatory state that crushes with high taxes and total control vs a still evolving system in the opposite direction with low taxes and 

And so the line up. At present the US, Commonwealth and EU nations stand against Russia and to a smaller degree the Eurasian Trade Union and  the Shanghai Defense League. 

Russia is basically alone as a government, backed by her Church. Her natural allies are all run by foul little trolls implanted by the Western elites and suckled on the tit of Western money and privilage. However, this will not last.

As we speak demonstrations and street battles rage in Greece and Bulgaria. Serbs are preparing for another series as their Radical Party president turned out to be a totally Western owned troll. Romania is rubbling, Cyprus is heaving, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine are in a silent and not so silent rage.
The people of France are marching and being beaten down by their police, ruled by the very essence of the Demonic Western Elite.
The Americans? Mostly passively suffering along, while Wildings are an every day occurrence and their governments hold a grasp over their very breath that neither Stalin nor Hitler nor Moa could have ever dreamed of.

Our evolutions are not complete, the final steps will be the restoration of the full monarchy, the concept of honour and the expulsion of the Western hypocrites and befoulers. Then it will more than likely turn Hot.

But will the people of the West become such good serfs to follow their leaders and Satan into War with Christianity....well that is the answer that awaits the most intriguing answers.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, Mr. Branson is preaching tolerance while attempting to force his opinion on others and encouraging boycotts.

Anonymous said...

South Africa is a prime example of where Europe is heading . We keep having to surrender more and more of our freedoms until we are subdued . When that day comes and there is nothing to lose but life itself ,and due soon, then the anthrax etc will be let loose since only a coward will go without taking a hell of a lot of the enemy with him.

peterike said...

Russia is basically alone as a government, backed by her Church. Her natural allies are all run by foul little trolls implanted by the Western elites and suckled on the tit of Western money and privilage. ]

So well said! What a disaster that the rampant poison of Jewish radical thought in the West has set white against white, even within their own nations. Russia should be a natural ally of the United States as a white, Christian nation. But instead we are constantly told how we have to watch that horrible dictator Putin. Really? Why? What's he doing to me?

Obama and the rest of the D.C. crime syndicate (of both parties) are taking my money and crushing my freedoms every day, and forcing cultural poison down my throat. What on earth has Putin or Russia ever done to me?

I know where my enemies are, and they are certainly not in Russia.

Anonymous said...

You are 100% on target with this analysis. Who would WANT what the West currently has to offer? A Police State the likes of which Stalin or Hitler could only have dreamed of?

A decaying infrastructure with no economy and no jobs. A culture that worships celebrity and stupidity, in equal measure, and cares nothing about education or betterment of the self. A cult of death with no God and the most pressing issue of the day, none of the above, but homosexuality... right.

The fall of the west cannot come soon enough, IMHO.