Saturday, August 24, 2013

A New Approach, An Independent Orthodox Christian Kingdom of Sinai

A New Approach, An Independent Orthodox Christian Kingdom of Sinai

The American created chaos of Egypt has created one victim group above all others, and that is the actual real ethnic Egyptians, known as Copts and holding to the Coptic Orthodox Christian faith. Over fifty churches have been burned, hundreds of homes, dozens injured and killed.

I wish, with a heavy heart, I could say that this was an exception, but alas, it is not. True, with the Muslim Brotherhood in power and then seeking revenge for their ouster, the level of violence against these modern martyrs has greatly increased. But it has always been there.

When ever times were hard, or some imam or other felt an itch, it was the Coptic Orthodox Christians who bled and died. It has been this way for 13 centuries. Even when the French and the English held Egypt, they showed, as in other areas, no special grace to the local Christians.

So after 13 centuries and a replay all before the eyes of the media, even if the Amerikan media is hiding it, maybe its time for a new approach.

The Sinai Peninsula, with a land mass of 60,000km2 already supports a population of 600,000. Coptics account for 8 million of the 82 million population of Egypt, with another 8 or so million in the Diaspra. Coptics, with the military support of outside powers, such as Russia, Greece and Israel, could easily set up a seperate and powerful state in the Sinai.

From a Russian point of view, as Defender of the Orthodox Faith and Christians in the Muslim lands, this could cure the problem of Islamic violence against these Orthodox Christians. The Sinai would also prove a fertile area for Russian strategic military bases, giving us a new leverage over key locations.

For Israel, it would create a huge buffer state defending its southern borders from Islamic aggression as well as smuggling.

With foreign aid, the western border can be well fortified to make the Kingdom a fortress in its own right.

Its economy would come from many sources: tax on the Suez Canal. Ports and tariffs for overland traffic. Tourism and resorts, which already exist. In return for military bases, Russia can build nuclear power plants, which in turn would power desalination plants, which in turn would feed an agricultural revolution. With easy electricity, a large Christian population, in an area where resources can easily pass through, a manufacturing economy can also rise up.

But the most important will always be that an independent, militarily heavily armed and defended refugee for our fellow Orthodox. A place where God's Church could freely practice its faith, without fear or restrictions.

This would equally serve as a model for future other Christian kingdoms in those parts of the world.

This would of course be resisted, by all the usual characters: starting with the shills of Islamic Jihad, the Western despotics and police states.


whiteson said...

A very good idea Mr Mishin, but alas, as you said, heavy opposition from every corner of the world. Why? Because it's Christians! In todays world there is no place for "outdated" beliefs. Again, thanks to Russians who are now the true custodians of this wonderful faith, Christianity. The West does'nt value this faith anymore. The amount of Copts and their property being destroyed, is alarming. No word from the USA, UK, France or any other nation. Really tghis is sad.

Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...

An interesting idea but this is not going to happen for many many reasons that go beyond the basic political or religious architecture of the area. The fact remains that 'their' plan is moving along with hatred being developed on all fronts ready to be exploited by the antichrist the 'peace' maker. Of course Christianity and Humanity is being attacked on all fronts. Of course only one world satanic religion according to their wishes will be formulated that includes 'christians' but they are not. Of course Russia is going to move South to stop events because if events do not unfold and fought 'south of the border' Russia will find it self surrounded and the war will happen in the homeland with the powers of the west picking and choosing the where and the piece at a time...simple strategy..really. They have asked Russia to deliver all the natural resources but the leaders of Russia refuse...stay the course ...Jesus Christ is with us and is always Victorious..