Saturday, September 7, 2013

Washington's Latest Favorite Nazi: Alexey Navalny (Навальный - нацист)

Washington's Latest Favorite Nazi: Alexey Navalny

Washington DC has had a long and sorted history of creating, uplifting, supporting and occassionally fighting Fascists and out and out Nazis. From the likes of Henry Ford, who not only published Mein Kampf in the US and advocated for Hitler, earning himself the Reich's highest civilian award, but also built tanks for Hitler right up through 1945, to the likes of Prescot Bush (yes of those Bushs) who money laundered for the Nazis through 1943, two years into US participation in the war against Hitler.

On a more recent basis, the US has been in a deep love with both the various Islamic Nazis (on and off with Al Quida and the Taliban, very much on with the Muslim Brotherhood) and the  European Nazis, such as supporting the Croatia Nazis who ruled Croatia in its series of civil wars in Yugoslavia and than specifically in Bosnia, to Una-Unsa, the Ukrainian Nazi party who helped bring the American puppets of the Orange Revolution to power. In Russia they most famously gave monetary support to Lemonov and his National Bolshevik Workers' Party, aka National Socialist Workers' Party. These subhumans even use all the Nazi symbols and flags,having only replaced the swastika with a hammer and sickle and reworded the German into Russian.

All these maggots of the earth are funded by the ironically names Freedom House, a front for American sponsorship of world fascism/communism.

And now we come to the latest darling of America: Alexey Navalny, who was vetted by DC as their designated replacement for President Putin. Navalny was first picked up in Yale during his stay there while working on his degree, in 2010. After all, even his two main advisers: Leonid Volkov and Vladimir Ashurkov are both creatures of teh Luxembourg Investment fund, Alfa Group, thus members of that international banking cartel that rules the West.

Since Navalny has a snow balls chance in Hell of doing this out and out legally, he is being sponsored to create an impression of a movement that is being cheated and can then hit the streets and thus start a major blood letting, all with the money and "moral" and I'm sure if need be NATO troop support of the West, or more specifically of the Banker owners of the US and UK.

Am I making this up? Well some is conjecture, sure, but the basis of the claims are quite straight and pointed. Lets judge the man by his own words:

Navalny's comments have been "colourful" to say the least. 

Once in a meeting he referred to Georgians as Gruziny a play off of Gruzini, but which also translated in Russian as Rodents. True, his defense was it was during the 2008 war, which I might remind my readers, was never against the Georgian peoples, with whom we have been fellow traveler for the past 300 years, but against their American puppet dictator. Interestingly the same role Navalny now seeks to fill. Of course he followed that up by demanding that all Georgians, over a million of them, over half born in Russia, be expelled, even though tens of thousands were serving in the Russian military.

 At another point he referred to his Azerbaijani co-worker as a chernazhopaia...a black-ass, which is a very insulting derogatory statement. During a conference, he told her "And you blackass, shut up, your place is in a market." This was at Saadat Kadyrova, who was his coworker in the Yabloko (Apple) liberal party headquarters. This was in the early 2000s and Navalny's racism was so blatent and oppressive, that the woman was forced to leave.

When confronted on the issue of Saadat, this week, Navalny lied about it and said that it was a recollection of a senile old grandmother, who rarely ever saw him. In this case he flat out confused the young woman with another co-worker. Typically trying to off track the argument.

To this, the former Deputy Chairman of the Moscow branch of Yabloko, one Semyon Burd, responded: "Here he is lieing and not even blushing. I was a witness several times to long conversations between Engelina Borisovna (Tareeva, the grandmother he was referring to) and Alexey, in room 101." 

Engelina's own recollections of Navalny were that he formed relationships with people build strictly on their ethnicity.
One of Navalny's allies, Dmitry Olshansky, a publicist, summed up the position quite well:
"If Navalny, in the minds of all residents of RF (Russian Federation), who some how or other, find out about him, was tightly tied to the idea, we will call it ethnocultural replacement, 50% victory would be in the pocket. "Navalny will come and will drive out all these others""

So lets understand what this man, this ally of Navalny is saying: we get into power and we'll ethnically cleanse, which is the real name for ethnocultural replacement, half the population of Russia. Now, that's a cause the US State Department can really get behind. After all, that is exactly what they back in fallen Libya, fallen Iraq, fallen Yugoslavia, fallen Egypt and so on.

Considering the Church would never stand for this, we'll assume a Navalny dictatorship, because how else would a little Nazi like him hold power but through dictatorship, would cleanse the Church as well. Why that is definitely another idea the West can rally behind, destroying organized Christianity at any and all opportunities.

It is further telling that each and every of Navalny's former allies, that is, those who are able to think for themselves and are not a zombie cult like blind following, has long abandoned him. Not just abandoned but denounced.
One Austrian journalist stated "If Iorg Hader had done even a little of what Navalny has done in propaganda of Nazism, he would have long ago gone to jail." 

So of course this is a favorite for the Anglos. We have a man, who if released to power, will make for a new Himmler/Hitler and against whom the US can rally the EU and others. In one fell swoop, the Banksters will be able to get the West's economy out of collapse, zero out the debt, cut up Russia, their arch enemy and her Church, enemy of their dark god, and rid the world of 300-500 million or more "useless" eaters on their way to a controlled utopia.

So when the vote goes in for mayor, this Sunday, 8 Sept and Navalny is projected to only get 18-20%, he will more than likely launch his cultists into the streets to bring him power through blood. At this point, facing a lengthy prison term for graft, he has nothing to loose. That this agent and pawn of the West has no qualms about ordering the spilling of blood of his fellow Russians, be they "clean" enough for his likings or not, is beyond the doubt.

Hmmm, me thinks that besides the OMON, maybe the Cossacks need to come out in force and keep paid agents of DC from murdering their fellow countrymen and grabbing power. After the Cossacks, the likes of Navalny may be praying for the gentle touch of the OMON. 


lev said...

Immigration is one of the biggest topics at the moment in Russia, at least Navalny isnt afraid to talk about it unlike the leaders in the Kremlin.
Do you think there is an immigration problem in Russia? What would you do about it? Integration?

Stanislav said...

There are two forms of immigration and two problems. There is illegal immigration and yes of course that's a problem. Then there is the absolute shortage of skilled labor, in an economy at full employment.

However, what Navalny is speaking about is internal migration...he doesn't want Russian citizens of the "wrong" ethnicity to have the right to move from where they live. In essense, for the 30% of our legal, citizen population that isn't at least part Russian, he wants a prison nation. Of course he doesn't think much of mixed blood people basically, he wants a Soviet style internal migration system where no one can move from one place to another without his or his underlings' permissions...thank you but no.

And since 70% of the Russian population is either non-Russian (about 30%) or mixed, another 40%, we're talking instant civil war

lev said...

Who Navalny is specifically referring to is the people of the Caucus region. The Chechens or Dagistani don't refer to themselves as Russians nor do the Russians refer to them as their own (only during sporting events when they are competing for Russia). That region doesn't follow Russian laws or customs. They speak a different language, have a different religion, act differently and obviously look different. Its basically a different country within the borders of Russia. Similar to if the United States and Mexico were one country with two different nationalities.
The Caucasus want to be a separate country and the Russian people want that as well, mainly because they are a menace to society. The Russian government doesn't want this for whatever reason, probably involves gas.
If you notice nobody complains about the Tatars, Chukchi or any white nationalities living in Russia (Ukrainian, Moldovan, Lithuanian, etc.) Whenever the topic of immigration is brought up, the Caucus region is always the main theme.
The usual proponents of integration are those who have no close contact with other nationalities (usually the rich) and the Jews, who make up the majority of the rich, but that's another topic.
So If you're all for integrating the Chechens and Dagis into the Russian society I suggest you spend a year in Grozny or Makachkala and not base your conclusions on one friend who's from there who happens to be nice.

Stanislav said...

Wrong, most Russians are not about to give up any piece of land...nice idea of the Americans. You failed to rip us apart by using the minorities, so now you come at this by using useful idiots who say, oh well, lets get rid of this part or that part.

Today the Caucuses, tomorrow the Volga and next week Siberia and so on....hell no.

By the way, the Chechins are actually whiter than the Tartars (Bulgars).

As for the "usual proponents of integration" you must also mean the likes of the Tsars and others who were able to settle them out and make them loyal servants of the crown. Read up a bit on the policies and pacifications as practiced by the Tsars, starting with Nicholas I.

By the way, your US/Mexico example is quite poor. Lets do some better, lets say like Hawaii or the Lakato nation which has already declared independence from the US but for some reason the US is ignoring....or better yet, the Confederacy, of which the US butchered a half a million to make sure they didn't leave.

So why doesn't the West set the example and free its peoples. The UK can let go of Wales, Scotland. France of Corsica, Italy of Sicily, Spain of the Bosque, Germany of the Saxons and the Bavarians...shall we continue? No...of course not, its just the stupid barbaric Russians who have to be dismembered by the anti-Christian pedophiles.

lev said...

The Chechens have always been at war with Russia, even so today in a spiritual sense, and now Dagestan has joined the fight. The Tsars didn't know what to do with them, the communists didn't know what to do with them, and that still is the case today. If there has ever been a time to ease up on the pride and give a nation land to call home for the sake of ending the bloodshed and hatred, it would be with the people of the Caucasus region. From the point of view of an Orthodox Christian nation, this would be the right thing to do and I don’t think there’s an alternative. If you say do nothing and let things be then I think the majority of the Russian people will give you a big “Пашол ты..”
It’s about time to stop looking to the West to have them “lead by example”, Russia is its own completely different nation and in all honesty should be the one who leads by example who is and should be the one making the sometimes unpopular but righteous decisions.
I agree with you on majority of your topics but this one I cannot. You still haven’t given a clear cut answer to what should be done with these people from the Caucasus region if anything.
BTW they wouldn't be loyal to any crown if they weren't threatened with death.

Stanislav said...

You don't know our history to well, and we did pacify them, both under the Tsar and under the Communists. You have much reading to do.

As for "giving" them land, they had independence for 4 years and invaded the province of Daghistan twice.

We'll settle this soon enough by resettling Cossacks in what is today northern Chechnya but is actually Cossack lands.

Again, as soon as the West frees all its oppressed minorities and gives them independence, we'll think about it.....lead by example, show us how civilized you are.

For some reason we are constantly told how we should live our lives by the West, except as you said, don't look at the West to do it, especially when it comes to giving things up. Your advice is about as pointless as that constantly given to the Jews: give nutjobs more land and they'll settle down. Doesn't work that way.

Again, lead by example.

I have a very good answer: conversion to Christ and absorption through marriage and integration till they are full Russianized. There are 600,000 Chechens, not a hard thing to do.

lev said...

Your answer is very anti-Russian yet very Jewish. You already said the Russian blood is 70% impure, why dilute it further? A view of some Orthodox Bishops is that by mixing the Russian blood with anyone not Slavic the latter is enriched and the Russian is spirit is reduced.
Obviously we’re not going to agree and I pray nobody in their right mind would agree with you either. I would like to someday return to a Russian Russia living in peace with its neighbors.

Stanislav said...

Hren. Do you know where the Russian people came from? It was an original union of 4 eastern slavik, 2 finnish and 1 scandanavian tribe. From the very beginning we were mixed and we engulfed everyone we absorbed. That is why you will find blond haired slant eyed peoples who are Russian. Half the indians in Alaska have Russian blood.

For Cossacks, all that was important was that the person was an Orthodox Christian and he was ready to follow his Ataman and fight and die for Russia.

Want to tell the Cossacks they are not Russian? Best say goodbyes to your kin, first.

As for Jews, plenty of Christian jews too. The Russian empire cared first and foremost for your faith in God not your blood. I have a friend, he's half Korean. His people were given land in Russia by the Tsar when they accepted Christ and left Korea, 130 years ago. Same with the Germans who immigrated in the tends of thousands.

Any Bishop who holds such views is quite out of step with the Church in Russia and the Church as a whole, which is a Universal Church.

As for living in peace with our neighbors, only when they fear us, as that is the only time the bastards stop invading us. I wish for it too, but not likely to happen, unfortunately, not soon.