Sunday, September 22, 2013

McCain the Split Tongued Viper

The old war horse of mayhem and strife, the Devil's strumpet and the bought and paid for puppet of Jihad, Juan McStain, er John McCain, has written us all a letter....a wake up call to revolution. Why Juan tells us that he is so so pro-Russian and wants us all to be free, just get rid of Putin and bring back Yeltsin, the man he so loved.

Why did Juan love Yeltsin? Because Yeltsin was a drunken corrupt slob who was easy for Juan's masters to buy. Russia was on her back and dieing and Juan's boys could launch all the wars they wanted...with the foolish American peasants marching in lock step to the poor house or the hero's cemetery.

Now, Juan "bomb bomb Iran" sings us a song about how he wants us to live in peace like the US. Peace? You mean by launching wars in Somalia, Bosnia, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Pakistan and all this in just the past 25 years. This from the hypocrite that advocates wars at every opportunity and would rather see us all murdered and our country barren and smoldering than ever step foot in it.

Least we forget, that since he climbed in bed with the Albanian Islamic Jihad and the Albanian mafia, during the US/NATO Terror Bombing of Christian Serbs, under the Clinton regime, he has not met an Islamic Jihadist of the Sunnie ilk, he has not praised, kissed up to and whored for. A dancing be-fumbled puppet of the Muslim Brotherhood who shows you what the people he represents are like...since they do keep voting him back in. He throws the heretics and hypocrites of the "Christian" and "Conservative" state of Arizona a piece of meat in the form of US Federal Debt monies and they happily sell themselves to McCain's real master, the Devil and bring McCain power over themselves to cause havoc all over the world.

Least we forget, this is a creature that surrounds himself with social perverts, and is the first to advocate the powers of moral corruption and perversion. This is a prominent foot soldier of the Pink Fascist Agenda.... arch warrior for the Sodomites.

Arizona and its soulless, Christianless masses deserve to be taken over by Mexico. Its a question which is the bigger cesspool of evil.

He tells us he wants us to be free and have free speech and security in our persons. This from the lizard that has brought the Americans the US version of the KGB, in the form of the Patriot Act. This from a lizard that has worked for the empowerment of the greatest spy and control state that humanity has ever had the misfortune to witness.


A report earlier this year determined that special interest make $250 USD in taxpayer monies for every $1 USD they "invest" in a US Congressman. It has now come out that this moral-less vapid entity took $170,000 from the war industry to get a hot war with Syria going. So by that math, that's a cool $42.5 million his masters were set to make and how many civilians, or their own military would die, is pointless to sleeze and slime...but Americans so love to vote for him and his masters. What does it say about you?

Of course this is a man, who after sitting in "isolation" in a Vietnamese prisoner of war camp for 5 years, rumored with whores on demand, came home 5kg heavier than he went in, while his fellows who really were tortured were skeletons. This is a creature who promptly divorced his wife who had waited for him and married the daughter of a billionaire, with whose monies he bought his political career.

This is the plank of wood reading us lectures on corruption?

Freedom of the Media?

The Valdai event, to which John McCain was invited, but never answered, allows pro and opposition journalists, foreign journalists and foreign officials to ask questions directly to President Putin. In a live, unscripted and broadcast manner. This is something that one would never find in an American scripted and tightly controlled "free" press, where one wrong or inconvenient question would lead to suspension of admittance to the White House press room and in effect the end of a journalist's carrier. 

On the issue of Crazy Juan and his oped, Putin had this to say: 
"Of course, I know the senator. We met in Munich before. .. But there was no anti-Americanism in my article. I presented my position; one just needs to read it carefully. ...I'm just being frank -- I'm being honest in order to identify problems." 

On the question of McCain choosing to publish in the Communist Pravda, but instead of the Communist Komsomolskaya Pravda, he published in, Putin stated that this just shows a lack of information about Russia that Crazy Juan suffers from. For that matter, it is this writer's humble but knowledgeable opinion, that with the exception of a very small handful of American politicians, the majority of that elite overlord class is clueless and plain ignorant about Russia.

Putin continued "he (Crazy Juan) could have come to Valdai Club to participate in the discussion. Our leading nationwide channels invited him to participate in this frank and honest discussion...he had an opportunity to present his ideas to the whole country."

Of course we know why Crazy Juan did not respond to Solovyov or anyone else, because 1. it would prove that he and the vast majority of the American establishment are full of it and do nothing but lie about our freedoms in Russia and 2. the "senior" and "experienced" leader of the Republican branch of the One Party Two Branch police state would prove himself a bumbling, senile, do little imbecile and become an instant laughing stock of the planet. 

And who wants to spoil yet one more illusion about US political Exceptionalism?

Nikolia Zlobin, an outspoken critic of Putin, who is also a journalist and a political analyst, added that John McCain is very ill informed, since Nikolai was living proof that there is nothing of the level of press censorship that the US claims. "I have criticized you (Putin) often and I am still alive and safe."
So Mr. Juan, how about you keep playing the part of the addled minded old fool and whore of Satan and keep destroying your nations from it inside of its rotten heart out...and we'll keep living as we want to other words: go bugger yourself.


Arius said...

I have intensely hated McShame since his 'bomb Yugoslavia' campaign in the 1990's. He has consistently supported jihadis that are raping and murdering Christians and also Muslims that say No to the 7th century.

Jake said...

John McStain has a long history of corruption. Do you know anything about what was, at the time, a huge banking scandal? The S&L crisis of the 1980's. Anyway, Senator McCain was one of the so-called "Keating Five" - politicians who enabled and profited from the worst banking system criminality since the Great Depression, until the recent era:

John McCain - still corrupt after all these years!

ZhukovG said...


I would disagree with you, only slightly. I believe most of our political elite, including McCain the Insane, are well aware of the truth about Russia (and it terrifies them). McCain’s embarrassing rant was really intended for the American people, most of whom are ignorant of anything more than 50 km’s from their front door. His so called message to the Russian people, which was reprinted by all major US Gov propaganda organs (CNN, Fox, etc.), was intended to reinforce the negative stereotypes that many Americans hold as true of all Russians.

I tell you, if I were younger I would consider emigration myself. I am a Software Developer, and as a long time admirer of Russia, her history, culture and people, I would have no trouble integrating. But things are changing, and I enjoy correcting the misconceptions of my fellow Americans.

I swear, if I was paid a ruble for every time I had to explain that Putin was never ‘head’ of the KGB, I could retire in Sochi.

Stanislav said...

Software engineers, with experience, especially managerial experience, are in very very high demand in Russia. Just go to Linkedin Jobs section or or any other major job board. 3 year highly specialized visas take 5 weeks to turn around, once you have a sponsor.

All major US and European and Japanese tech houses have major development orgs in Russia.

Jake said...

To answer you question from your last post, I am a technical writer in the software field. I am educating myself, or teaching myself, software development. My issue is that I am not hyper-young, mid-40's, and have a wife and kid. Not the easiest crew to move around the world!
What I may do is simply to start learning Russian, continue to boost my skills, and see what develops. It is always good to learn a new language - it certainly keeps your brain young!
I've always liked Russian culture, music, literature, history... I like the fact that you've kept some semblance of tradition, instead of eliminating it with the vengeance of the USA or Western Europe.

whiteson said...

Mr Mishin. You are a real writer of the truth. Thank you for that. McCain is nearly finished with his life. Now he wants to be relevant aswell. But truly, he is not. As I said before, never in my life I would have expected to cheer a Russian President, but at this time I do. Mr Putin is not only a gentleman, but a respected and honoured man aswell. The problem with McCain is that he knows where Mr Putin stands. He cannot say the same of his president. Russia is only fair in her assessment of the Syrian situation. There McCain also has a problem with. You and your Russian friends must know it, many people are still on the right path and also see that Russia is following that road. May God bless you in your work and efforts to fill your readers in.

Anonymous said...

McCain has been a rotten apple in the American political apple barrel for about 4 decades. Much blood on his hands. He should be facing war crimes charges along with many other US politicians. He is a psychopath.

Anonymous said...

The Russian Emergency Situations Ministry and the USA Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are going to exchange experts during joint rescue operations in major disasters. This is provided by a protocol of the fourth meeting of the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission Working Group on Emergency Situations and seventeenth meeting of Joint U.S.-Russia Cooperation Committee on Emergency Situations, which took place in Washington on 25 June.

Russian Troops To “Help” With American Disasters On American Soil?

another perspective...from the article..

' One of the main objectives of the Global Elite is to disarm all national armies in favor of one giant army under the auspices of the United Nations. Russian troops on the ground in America dealing with American citizens may be the first big step in that direction. Time will tell, but things appear to be ramping up very quickly. I hope you’re prepared'
'U.S. Army Buys Nearly 600,000 Soviet AK-47 Magazines' The U.S. Army is buying almost 600,000 Soviet AK-47 magazines, enough to hold nearly 18,000,000 rounds of 7.62x39mm ammo which is not standard-issue for either the U.S. military or NATO.

Many in the USA are worried thinking that 15000 Russian troops will be deployed in the USA. What is your opinion.

Anonymous said...

The VC turned the rat McCain.