Friday, November 22, 2013

The Revolution in Europe Will Be Fabulous

The Revolution in Europe Will Be Fabulous

Ah, another month and another laugh track filled news stream from those wacky European Union fascists.
The latest will set the rotting Fourth Reich to a new level of gaydom.

In a land bereft of children, well White children, bereft of Christ and any shred of morality, the powers that be, have decided that not being able to be Fabulous and to flaunt it, as well as not being able to educate (read corrupt and recruit) children openly is a human rights violation.

As such, and without any input from the unimportant peasants of the Reich, but than again who cares what they want, the Reich masters have decided to open to the gates to all sodomites everywhere with a status of refugee. Best of all, those refugees are in for some real goodies: fully furnished apartments, tax payer paid for medical aid and stipends and all night access to bathhouses and rave bars....Fabulous.

How do the EU's huddled and austured masses feel about this? Well who really cares? Not that anyone asked them about it. Besides, if the peasants ever get uppity, well they'll just receive the Paris Socialist treatment: water cannons, batons, rubber bullets for those pesky Catholics and the portion of the 80% of the population against Gay Marriage.

But all is not lost. Many of these Fabulous sodomites will find jobs quite interesting jobs in EU interrogation teams and as re-educators of the little kiddies that fascists will be separating from their parents.

And as for us Russians? Well, having our openly and rebelliously famous Sodomites getting an all expense paid, first class ticket permanent relocation to the EU (and maybe the US) does not seem so bad. Sure, our lives won't be "Fabulous", just dreary and ordinary....but at least we do not have to worry about our kids getting brainwashed and recruited.


Anonymous said...

Russia, go your own way and defend your traditions against the sociopathic bolshevik western elites. It is depressing to see the US where I live and the EU going down the toilet. Don't be dragged down by us. Don't let our NGOs and activists into Russia. Look what they did to Serbia, are trying to do to Eastern Europe, and tried to do to Armenia. They have no honor and no shame. They are decadent. All they want is power and will crush anyone in their way.

whiteson said...

Mr Mishin, thanks for your very good posting. It is shocking to see what this world has become. And the most desturbing of it is that high mighty governments are setting the table for this satanic plans. Where and how it will end is a mistery. At least you and your country are on the right track. That a light beacon for all of us that see the wrongs that are so right today. And I agree with Arius, don't let these people drag you down. Keep up your values. Many like me, agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Stan I rely heavily on your insights and commentary for news of what's going on in the world. Keep up the good work and watch your back. With the takeover of the US and most of the west by blatent homo interests, the world is on the fast track to the end. Thank God for Orthodox Russia.