Thursday, November 28, 2013

When Dealing With EU Hypocrites in Ukraine

When Dealing With EU Hypocrites in Ukraine

The Fourth Reich is at it again. The hypocrites of the Fourth Reich are once more demasked. There is a very long line of incidents that show the EU for what it really is, a wicked, expansionist dream of Hitler, growing with cash so far, instead of guns, but more than willing to use brute force as needed. A long line of incidents that points to how we should treat with these tyrants with big PR budgets.
We will go to the Eurozone, where no national referendums were held to determine if people populating these nations ever wanted to walk into the meat grinder of the Euro.

Then there was the farce vote for the Euro Constitution. All countries where the initial vote involved a voter referendum, such as Ireland, UK, France and Denmark, failed it, while the others, with a hand picked oligarchial "parliament" easily passed this 300+ page legalese monstrosity. Since it required all member states to agree, a revote was held, this one strictly in parliaments, well except in Ireland, where the Constitution specified referendum. So they voted and voted and between each vote, the EU fascists bought out one or two additional key groups until they got the results they wanted. 

Then there was the issue of the US missiles in Poland. Polish referendums showed a clear 68% majority against deployments. Luckily for the Polish "democrats", during the US urged Georgian instigated August 2008 war, the Americans threw the local elites $30 billion and off we went to the missile race. Obviously that money got shared around the EU elites in general, as none had an issue with this travesty of so called democracy. But then again, all the EU spy agencies were on the US payroll, betraying their people on a daily basis, so why should anyone be surprised?

Fast forward through a few dozen scandals, where the EU turned Greece, Cyprus and Italy into vassal states, controlling the first two's finances directly and installing puppet rulers in Italy, in breach of all democratic principles...surprised, right?

Then the EU, hiding behind the guise of NATO, destroyed the nation of Libya, led again by the French, turning the first nation of N.Africa into a murderous hellhole of chaos and clashing clans. They, along with the Americans, have backed one Islamic jihadist group after another, across the region, and were barely stopped from committing genocide in Syria.

Then the French population got Gay Marriage, even though 80% of the French were against it, what their president gave them in addition was tear gas, batons and water cannons. For some reason the same elite that is "powerless" to stop marauding Islamic gangs from terrorizing and murdering French citizens in frenzies of destruction, have no problem in crushing their own native citizens. Go figure. EU "democracy".

Along comes Snowden. The EU fascists claimed that they respected human rights, that is, until the UK's Guardian published Snowden's files and the UK MI5 burst into their offices and used power drills to destroy hard drives and servers that they believed contained the information and used KGB tactics to detain relatives and lovers of the journalists.

So no surprise that the Greek puppets of these Fascists went after the Golden Dawn party that holds some 20% of the parliament of Greece, with the aim to physically and judicially destroy these political upstarts. It has gotten so bad that Greek communist assassins are shooting down members of Golden Dawn in cold blood, while its leadership sits in jail on trumped up charges. Should it be of any surprise that the puppets of Brussels are doing nothing to find the assassins?

The actions against the Golden Dawn are ierly parallel to those of the UK against the British National Party and that of the Dutch against Geert Wilder. 

And now we come to Ukraine. The EU, after playing every card it had, including holding the money of the Ukrainian elites hostage, has lost this major round of the fight for Ukraine. It is of course "outraged" that Russia is playing its own game and better than the EU. 

The hypocrites of the EU are screaming mad, demanding that Russia stop its evil ways, even as it itself launches itself on a course to create a new colour revolution in Kiev. Instantly the tents, slogans and salaried student protesters show up, while Lithuania starts to threaten to close the border with Russia to Russian transport to our Kalinengrad.

One Financial Times article had the gaul to demand that the EU "help" Ukraine escape from us Russians. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, lets face reality, we are in an undeclared Cold War with the tyrants of Brussels, thus Berlin. We need to realize and start acting as such. This is a zero sum game. As such, it is time that Russia started assisting EU vassals to escape from the EU. Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania and Iceland are all prime candidates. It is time we gave them their own colour revolutions by supporting oppressed political and Christian religious movements.

Equally, it is time that not the EU but that we, through Gazprom, weened ourselves off of Europe. That gas should be providing next to free energy for our own use and for our industry, not feeding the pockets of Gazprom elites and their EU partners. Did you know Gazprom is the owner of a large amusement park in Germany, that it built...yet in its own native Russia, our Russia, we do not have a single modern or large amusement park. If Gazprom's Miller feels more German than Russian, by all means, get the bloody hell out.

Time Russia turned inward for its needs and let the Euros freeze this winter or suckle up to their new Arab Islamic masters and when the peasants have had enough and take up pitchforks, we must be there to give them aid.

That is how one deals with the Brussels post-Christian barbarians.

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Alain said...

Well stated and totally accurate is all I can say. This is why I refer to the EU as Evil United.