Sunday, November 3, 2013

The One Historic Soul-Essance of the Russian Race

Many Westerners are puzzled when they first come into contact with the Russian and then more closely the Russian Soul. As Winston Churchill put it famously: Russia is an enigma wrapped in a riddle.

In truth, it is because the souls of the Great Rus and those of other men are unlike each other, that the others can not understand us, understand our passions, our stubbornness, our incredible self sacrifice, our incredible faith in God and Motherland. Our fanaticism.

This is from the fact that the men of other lands, especially the West, are lost to their ancestors as their ancestors are lost to them. What the West is now is the Protestant (the Protesters) revolt against everything and structure. They revolt by practicing what they call "creative destruction" which, like the Communism, Fascism and Capitalism and other branches of Marxism that arose from these misguided fools, first and foremost destroys their roots. It first and foremost severs the soul line of the people to their ancestors and to future generations.

Thus Protestantism, is a short step to godlessness as Democracy is a short step to Marxism. It creates a soulless, godless, lost and bitter people, with no knowledge of whom they are and what they are, of God's plan. It corrupts the soul of the Church of Christ, even as it falsely calls itself the "true" and "only" believer in Christ.

And thus, with no soul-line to their ancestors, the West can not and will never understand the Great Rus. Unfortunately, most of the other Slavic tribes have fallen to this corruption, but not us. We have resisted, even if we were close to breaking under the Soviets and under the Western Capitalism. We are recovering and quickly and that scares the Devil's handmaidens in the West and the East.

We are the Great Rus, we have one unbroken line, our Soul-Line to our ancestors and to our future generations. We are one body, one soul. When we talk about our history, we do not talk simply of dates or names, we talk in the present, as it is we who won those battles and will win the future battles.

Our ancestors are alive to us, as we never die, we are always alive in the Body of Christ, our souls eternally His. Our union with our ancestors, through Christ, is unbroken, unbreakable. Their Glory is our Glory and our Glory is their Glory.

The same is with our Motherland, our Rodina. It is a great boon from God and the Third Rome is the final defense of the True Faith. For Two have Fallen and a Fourth there never will be. The Third Rome will NOT FALL and the First and Second Romes will be Liberated For Christ and His Church.

So know that the Great Rus, though we may still temporarily be divided in this day's political reality, are still one body, one soul in the Glory of Christ and the future is in our grasps.

Long Live the Glory of Christ, the Glory of the Third Rome, the Glory of the Great Rus united. May soon our 100 years of punishment end and the Tsar return to the Throne annotated to him by Christ, the KING of KINGS, the GLORY and Eternal HOPE of mankind.

Слава Господу, Слава России, Слава Царю.


Anonymous said...

Will you pray for the Celtic soul, the Anglo-Saxon soul, the other ethnicities that once made up Megala Europa, that they, too, be revivified in like manner?

For, if not, this is merely phyletism.. of the worst sort.
- Fr. John+

Anonymous said...

As an American your website is like a fresh breath of air. Just about everything your write about is correct about my country. Its not really as bad as in the news.

Keep it up! maybe one day I'll visit the land of the Rus.

whiteson said...

Indeed Mr Mishin, your site is one good read. I can also say, like a fresh breeze. eep on spreading the truth, because if you dont, we won't be able to read and spread it with you.

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head yet again, Stan! On a recent month long trip to Kazakhstan, my second vacation there, this spirit was even more apparent. As time drew nearer for me to head back home to the states, I just dreaded it. I didn't miss home at all. Between the ever more divide and conquer politics, consumerism, separation from our history and God, and proliferation of the welfare state - I'd rather live in Russia or another stable CIS country than the not-so-good ol' USA. While we can stay connected to family, history, and religion on an individual basis, this country has been on the wrong path for so long I'm certain it won't be fixed in my lifetime, unfortunately.
Keep speaking the truth, Mr. Mishin!

Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...

When Jesus Christ EmmanouEL comes to Judge the Living and the Dead then all will Know Him, irrespective of their religious affiliation. However, it is up to Christian Orthodoxy to help reestablish one Church of Jesus Christ, reunify that which has been divided and broken, this will happen with the arrival of His Disciple a poor hurt and left dead a soul that Jesus is said to resurrect. He will certainly look to Orthodox Russia for assistance. Nevertheless, as with every country there are Russians who have also been deceived. With respect to Protestants when there was understanding of the fallacies of the Pope instead of returning to the source there was a new section of Christianity and then another and another and so on....All the fragments all the Children will become united, all Human souls belong to Jesus,whether it be Greek or Russian of Jew, or RAN of the various genus be it Bahomeh, or Lyken, or Leo, etc. He is the Absolute Despot by Decree of the Father for He gave Himself up for us. We make the the choice to stand with Jesus till death, and to no receive the mark of the beast or the image of the beast. We have to spread the word of God, pick our cross and follow Him. WWIII, and the CME from the Sun will come then the gates will open and the Nef's will come out from the Tartara, then after many wars God's abode will be on earth.

Anonymous said...

Only Christ should be glorified, not the "Rus" not the "West." Those are man made political terms.

For God so loved the WORLD that He gave His only begotten Son that WHOSOEVER believeth in Him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

For ALL have sinned and come short of the GLORY OF GOD. Romans 3:23

We are all constituted in SIN, born alive in the flesh and dead in the spirit. No one (not Greek (gentile) nor Jew) may go in the presence of God without being washed by the blood of Christ: Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh to Father but by me. John 14:6.

Before Christ died and rose again... not Abel, not Abraham, not Jacob nor anyone went into the presence of God. It is the blood of Christ that enables us to go into the presence of the LIVING GOD. Before Christ, the righteous went to Paradise... Christ provides a path to the presence of God, upon death -- as it is appointed that all men die (because of the Fall of Man recorded in Genesis) for believers in Christ that REPENT of their sins. May we all see Christ as both Savior and Lord.