Thursday, December 12, 2013

Will The Genocide of The Boers Now Begin

Will The Genocide of The Boers Now Begin

The old communist and former terrorist Mandela is gone and buried. He now stands before the one True God and faces his judgment. His body has equally gone to the grave. The concert-ceremony festival is over. The selfi photo taking of Obama and the various other Western leaders and theirs frolicking and merry making is equally over.

One can write many columns on the degenerate behavior of these elites even at funerals...the must be seen affairs.

The leaders of the world are gone and once more the attention has slipped off of that "S" of the BRICS. And with the passing of Mandela and the ending of world attention, the last protections of the whites are gone.

South Africa has ever for the past 20 years been a dysfunctional society, with skyrocketing crime, Bishop Desmund Tutu's house was robbed while he was at the funeral, exploding HIV epidemics, and murders, Especially targeted murders of whites and of blacks from neighboring countries.

The government has long been preparing for this time, with youth camps where songs of "kill the boer" or "kill the white man" are sung by the youth. I have mentioned this before in my writings here:

So what will happen? While some of the Boers will make a true fight of it and will hold off in the wilds, without external support and modern military technology, they will not last long. The rest? The rest will either die or flee. 

But flee to where? For surely the evil Man Gods and their anti-Christian realms will not take them, assist them or do anything but condemn them.

So it is and must be up to us Russians. If we are a true Christian derzava, if we are the Holy Third Rome, if we are more than pretending to be an alternative the godless West, than we MUST act. We must be the refugee for these persecuted peoples. We must act to save these Christians from savages and their satanic backers. The Third Rome can not be silent.


whiteson said...

I am delighted to see and hear that this old terrorist is also a dispicable person in your country Mr Mishin. Never thought it was possible. As for us SA residents, were surely arem worried of what the future will hold for us. Times are uncertain and we just have to see what will happen. I don't things will happen so soon after the burial. But nonetheless, many are ready to move elsewhere should things get out of hand. The reason is that there are so many black people who said they are going to harm the whites. And we have every reason to believe them. And thank you Mr mishin that your concerns for our safety and wellbeing is real. God bless you and your efforts.

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt be surprised if it does happen and when someone has lost everything with nowhere to go that anthrax or botulism will be used by the victim and injected into water pipes leading to the townships since that victim knows he wont have long to live but will not go without taking thousands with him.

CrispinRobles said...

The genocide has been going on for quite some time now. In rural areas whole families have been brutally murdered, women young and old raped. The West is silent. In the West protesting the murder of whites is tantamount to racism. Why do you think so many white people voted for our Poseur-in-Chief? To prove they're not racist. The West is too busy flagellating itself and demonizing its heritage to notice the slaughter of whites, particularly white heterosexual males.

Anonymous said...

But isn't the formula of the anti-Christ merchants as follows: to cause and sustain civil chaos so that the posterity of others can be stolen? After murdering land and property owners and after much looting, banking agents transfer funds and titles to a new banking structure, a central bank with foreign interests and owners, and the puppet government of rebels call on NATO which stand guard over the resources and the means of production (a Marxist/Merchant tenant) of the besieged and conquered state. And the nation becomes another "democratic" tributary to the NWO headed by the triumvirate: US UK EU. Please READ The Book of the REVELATION Chapter 18.... KJV the end of the government by men approaches .... Mat Rodina you understand, right?