Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Sodomite Rulers of the West

The Sodomite Rulers of the West

As the Western obsession and drive against Russia turns into a blind frenzy, all based on Russia's anti-pedophilia laws, banning the recruitment of children by the homosexuals, it becomes quite clear who and what rules the West.

The West as a whole, with little to no exception, is in its final death spiral. It has passed the tipping point and has reserved its grave sites on the ash heap of history. Plagued with a leperous socialist economy, where more live off of the taxes, and often by a margin of 2:1, then pay the taxes, the West's economic "might" rests strictly on its ability to print and borrow money. It is a hollow facade with a rotting and pealing veneer, through which  more and more of the world is now peaking and turning white in fear of the rot it sees. The US is a prime example: an official 6.7% unemployment rate, in a nation with a labor participation rate of less than 66%, that is the same amount of people working as worked in 1978, but with 150 million more in its population, not counting 30 million illegals.

The rest is no better. The UK is so leveraged that it would take 3 UKs to pay off its debts. Germany is the spider holding together its cocooned and shriveled victims, in the gause of member states of the EU, and itself bound to them and without them a hollow economy. After all, when these economic colonies die off, most of the manufactured goods of the Germans will have no place to go, as the Germans themselves can barely afford them.

Those are just the economic points. The fact that in every Western nation, the reproduction rates have plummeted for the native population, that Islamic invaders are out producing and soon to be fully displacing the local population is beyond doubt. In several countries, over 50% of those being born are from the 10-15% of the population who are not native Europeans but Islamic conquerors. It does not take a genius to do the math: 20 years and the UK is dead. Less than that for Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden and others. We will start gathering funds to send flowers to your hospice.

Christianity is dead, and with it all morality. And in this, it is not only the elites to blame, but the fat, stupid Westerners, who turned their collective backs on Christ and showed Him the finger. Humanism is their "god" and they are sticking to it all the way to Hell...and are proud of it...all the way to Hell. Enjoy. 

Which comes to that point: with all the demographic, cultural, economic disasters unrolling constantly, like slow train wrecks, in the whole of the cancerous West, what is the main driving force? Why the Gay Agenda of course. The British and Americans, the Italians and the French are all pink. Even those who are not, for example 80% of the French, once given the taste of water cannon and tear gas, quickly shut up and sat down, like the spineless cowards. The Bible tells quite clearly that all cowards are damned. Hear that?

You have agreed to live with the Devil as long as he does not beat on you, that's ok, he will not, in this life, he will for eternity afterwards, cowards.

So again, the endless rage against us Russians, for daring to stand up to the Pink Mafia that owns the souls and the few children of the West. Well not out children. Not today and not tomorrow or any other time.

Sure, you will more than likely make noise and protests and asses of yourselves next month, when you are arrested or driven out by Cossaks. Sure, you will condemn us and hurl insults at us and then what? You will not fight us, as thanks to your endless buggery and abortions, there are to few of you able to fight. 

So what do we need to do? Simple: we ignore you for another 20 years and your societies are dead and the Islamics that own you will silence you themselves and then we get down the to business of returning Europe to Christ, one Crusade at a time. 


Unknown said...

Well said. You see what some of us in the West also see. If I was not an old man I would leave the West. It is painful to watch the self destruction of a great civilization.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion you are completely right with what you wrote. - And this is a voice from the "West" saying this!

Alain said...

I see this as the result of cultural marxism which has become totally ingrained in the West. I have pointed out on other blogs how ridiculous the neo-communists are. First they pushed and implemented "multiculturalism" in the West whose basic tenet is that we have no right to criticise or to impose our values on other cultures, even when they come here as either immigrants or "refugees". With that in mind I suggest that the West has no right to try to impose its now pro-sodomite agenda on other countries with a different culture. Frankly I have yet to meet a single person where I live in Canada who is not fed up with the radical homosexual agenda. Most of us do not care what consenting adults do in private, but it is no longer about the decriminalisation of homosexuality. It has become that anyone who does not embrace the homosexual lifestyle and horrors who objects to "same-sex marriage" is attacked as "homophobe", as though such a thing even existed. Within my own life span I have witnessed homosexuality being a criminal offence to become now a protected right that no one is allowed to disagree with. It boggles the mind.

whiteson said...

Mr Mishin, you are so right. There is no other truth, and as you correctly stated, they forgot their God and therefor rely upon themselves to be a kind of god. The west is sick, very sick. As I read my Bible, It states that homosexuals an lesbians are one of the biggest sins ever. But through laws the west is trying to justify it. But suerly, God will get them, I don't just say it, it's in everyones Bible, he just need to read it.

Bryan Dorman said...

The current state of affairs in the world can be summed up thus: What you see in Zapadnaya Zemlya is what happens to a society that turns their collectiv e backs on God and what you see in places like Russia is what happens when a people turn back to their God after decades of abandoning Him.

Anonymous said...

Legalized sodomy, abortion, state encouraged miscegenation and third world immigration are the four planks of the population replacement agenda of the New World Order. The Bernays technique of "branding" (advertizing through psychological manipulation in plain sight) is used to sell the methodology of genocide to the intended victims by labeling its destructive agenda as absolute "rights" and "personal freedom."

Amerika is the original plague carrier of this disease, but the cells of other organisms (in Europe) have been taken over by the virus and are now spitting out new copies of it.

By all means, point out the stink and corruption of "the West," but don't ignore the role played by the Barbara Lerner Specters of the world, who are IN the West but not OF the West.

Anonymous said...

Many watched the Grammys but still would not understand what you are talking about. This is how civilizations end, when too many are disconnected from the inherited foundations of their civilization.

Carl Jung, the psychologist that starting the mapping of the collective unconscious, said in a filmed interview that modern man thinks that he can discard the past but that is 'annihilation of the individual, like being born without eyes or hands' (quoted from memory).

Too many in the West today have no bearings and are lost in the cloud of collective images which they attached themselves to, thinking that identity with images manufactured by the mass media is thinking or being an individual.

The Grammys show us the state of Western civilization. Its self-degradation is its self-hatred that sacrifices its young with its current technique of deconstruction: sodomy.

This process of self-degradation in the West will not stop with sodomy, and one aspect of it is that it's a form of child abuse. The next phase will be pedophilia, the treatment of children as sex objects. The path to this has already been prepared by the effect of abortion on the culture, which has de-sanctified motherhood and childbirth.

It is painful to see a great civilization mutilate and murder itself.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir:

the saddest part of all of this, is that the West, mired in the filioque, and the heresy of Egalitarianism, does not even understand she is apostate!

After seven years of writing blog entries on a myriad of things, showing how Holy Orthodoxy alone is the One True Faith, most of the 'Xtians' I know, still refuse to even LOOK at the filioque, let alone the heresies and errors that the Papist lie has engendered.



These posts are almost two years old, and we still sink further!

May God rescue us, and should you pray for your racial Brethren, the Whites of Megala Europa, your Jeremiad would at least offer hope that our brethren in Russia could at least offer us the phrase, 'Come over unto us' before it is too late.

-Fr. John+

Anonymous said...

The Truth About Russia’s “Anti-Gay” Law
A gigantic fraud that has nothing to do with gay rights
Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
February 6, 2014