Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Year On, What Has The EuroMaidan Accomplished

Last week, Ukraine, that is Malorussia and its occupied territories of Novorossia, Galicia, parts of Romania and parts of Poland, celebrated the one year anniversary of the start of the Euromaidan affair that led to the over throw of an elected government and the failed state mess that is modern Ukraine.

As Poroshenko (Porky) laid a wreath to the "Heavenly Sotnya", the hundred or so street thugs killed by sniper fire coming from buildings their own compatriots were holding, as an effort to spur them on to more viciously attack the government, the relatives of those dead booed and hissed at him. They have yet to get the monies that were promised them for the sacrifice of their children on the alter of National Socialist rebirth.

But the deeper question is: what were the goals of the EuroMaidan and what was actually accomplished?

The top goal of the "revolution" was to oust the oligarchs who had held power in an ever more decrepit and corrupt country, for the better part of the past 23 years. Nothing got done by itself without the approval or direct sponsorship of one oligarch or another. Ukraine was in a death lock and things can not improve when the overlords are rent collectors first and foremost and not patriots or investors. So it is understandable why people of all stripes, from liberals to Nazis rose up against Yanukovich and why the eastern provinces did little to support him, even if they did not directly protest him. Yanukovich, while not a vicious man, was a very corrupt man and he and those around him liked taking.

The problem of course, is that those behind the people's revolution were other oligarchs, those who had fallen out with Yanukovich and those who had been harvested by him. Even his allies who had done much of the taking quickly changed sides and since the club is relatively small, all was quickly forgiven.

So what, one year on, of the pro-European revolution have the results been? Are the oligarchs gone? Ousted? Imprisoned? At least relinquished of their political power? Not only NO but quite the opposite. Those few who were imprisoned or fled were replaced by either those who were released or by new ones feeding off of new sources of aid, this time from the West.

Simply look at the two main leaders: Yatsenuk and Poroshenko. These two pigs have fed from every trough that ever existed in Ukraine and backed every side to make sure that both have been in the government of every party of oligarchs who ever held power in that pathetic failed state of Ukraine. And that is exactly how Uncle Sham likes it: predictable, corrupt and totally controllable, as their monies are in American and British banks and where their monies are is where their souls are.

Secondly, the revolution was about entering Europe, that is the European Union. Of course the students who were screaming loudest about how Ukraine is sovereign and European and should be in the EU, already an oxymoron to sovereignty, did that out of hopes of visa free clean toilets and walk street corners in red light districts...that is, to displace the Poles and Romanians and Bulgarians and Latvians doing those fine first world jobs.

What is the outcome, one year on? Vague promises from Europe this or that...all of which is well out of the zone of reality for a failed state. For example: before Ukraine can take its next big step in the visa free road, it must replace all passports with bio-metrical passports and set up readers and checkers everywhere. This alone, the cost, is impossible for the bankrupt state to accomplish. But just in case it does, a second condition was added: control and be able to close all your borders, including those in rebelling Donbass.

In the meanwhile, Ukrainians' ability to travel in Europe has actually been curtailed. Poland, the prime port of entry, and a state that looks upon Ukrainians the way Americans look upon Mexicans: vassals to be "taught" and exploited, has now demanded much more stringent reporting standards on addresses and citizens with whom the Ukrainians will be staying and is following up with better checks. It is also much stricter at its borders, even as Polish nationalists have started beating Ukrainians in the border back for the 40s is coming.

Schengen visas are also much more difficult to get and the time allowed to stay in the EU has been curtailed down so that those pesky Ukrainians delusional enough to think that the EU wants them do not hold on to their delusions to long.

The third goal was economic integration: well while that death dream was signed it has been put on hold till 2016, presumably because by then 1. the Ukraine will collapse completely and EU concerns will have easier pickings of everything that has not been burnt down or bombed out...and if the Ukrainians murder each other off, well that is just more living room.

This leads us into the delusion of the revolution that it would raise the living standards by exporting to Europe and turning its back on Russia. Ukrainian goods are to inferior quality for Europe and their agricultural production is not wanted, especially with Russia's embargo on the EU creating a glut of EU produce and bankrupting EU farmers left and right. To add to this, the Ukrainians have managed, through sheer stupidity of epic proportions to destroy their best economic zones and get embargoed by Russia, the market of 60% of their production.

In doing this, they have run out of gas, which they pumped up from Crimea and lost the coal they got from Donbass. No electricity, no heating, no energy for those few factories still working. GDP contraction is projected by upbeat EU numbers of -7% and by more realistic numbers of 10-15%. The average Ukrainian is now 20% poorer then in 1991...this is progress. Ukrainians now pay 48% of their salaries on utilities, primarily gas and electricity. This is by far the highest rate in any white or asian country. Factories are closing out, food is running out. Kiev has no money to feed children in schools but it does have money, through the IMF (against its own policies) and the American tax slaves, to murder the children of Novorossia.

The revolutionaries imagined that they were about to create a "pure" and unified Ukrainian race. Besides the fact this was an idiotic idea by a people who were once Russian but now consider, thanks to 100 years of Austrian "help" a separate race, the fact that 40% of the country sought to dictate terms to the 60% is obviously idiotic and unrealistic. When they could not do it with words and small deeds, like banning the Russian language and calling to ban the Russian Orthodox Church, they instantly turned to guns. Crimea ran out of that arrangement almost instantly. The Donbass started to protest and after two months of being beaten, terrorized, murdered, they started shooting back.

So one year on, Ukraine's army is a dismal failure, with the soldiers as often shot by the SS brigades for not murdering civilians, as dying from the bullets of the Novorossians. While most of Novorossia is occupied territory, partisans groups are active everywhere and explosions and assassinations of Nazi field commanders and their soldiers is an almost every day occurrence.

Meanwhile, Galicia is all but lost. It has not only refused to go be cannon fodder and has not come to the three mobilizations but has started to yell quite loudly about returning, mostly to Hungary and partially to Slovakia. Poroshenko's guidance for the next mobilization is for his storm troopers to be extremely vicious to those refusing to die against the Novorossians. This will surely fan the embers of revolt into open flames. The same can be said for southern Odessa province, formerly Romanian, where Romania has also started making noises.

Finally, as a vulture watches a dying man: Poland has moved its army to the Ukrainian border, even as it pushes the Ukrainian nazis to blindly murder Russians and die in the process. The Poles are nothing if not conniving and have played the idiotic UkraNazis to a T. They know that once the next, third offensive collapses, Porridge will either run to a helicopter on the roof and to exile or have Mousallini moment. Either way, Ukraine as a nation is done, its central government will start murdering its self as everyone grabs power and Nazi groups armed to the teeth return to murder their masters. It is at this point that western Ukraine will again pass borders on to Poland and the Poles will murder off the grandchildren of those who murdered them in the 40s.

Nato, with four of its members directly involved in the dismemberment of Ukraine, wills stay silent, even as Russia absorbs the now independent Novorossia. After all, it will still get the rest of the rump Ukraine by backing whomever is left standing in the burning wreck that is soon to be Kiev.

Either way, the US will be able to manipulate the sheep of the Rump to hate Russians as they keep them in perpetual poverty ala the Palestinians. Such is the way of things, the games of the big countries and those smarter and more powerful than the fools of Kiev and the masses of zombies that follow them.

Ukraine's sovereignty was even more degraded, from puppet and vassal to would be direct corporate holding of America, when today Porridge gave a speech in the Rada, where he outlined his plans to amend the law and allow Ukraine to bring in foreigners into government service. Not only as soldiers, which is how NATO plans to stealth expand the war and allow its sons to die off without declaring war, while its military companies reap profits, but: to even bring foreigners into the main government ministrial roles....yes that is, foreign colonial masters will run ministries directly, not through puppets.

So one year one and Ukraine, now all but officially bankrupt, is quite on cue for its well planned that in twenty years will find these self righteous Zapadensti grovelling in the poverty of the third world as the fight each other for the chance to clean toilets in some Western brothel.


Anonymous said...

It is not a total failure for the west as they have looted all the gold and valuables from Ukraine.
There is also a foothold spot where they can attack Russia now.

Anonymous said...

Ukraine is a dead fish! The stink has begun.

Jalaluddin said...

A year on, what has the EuroMaidan accomplished?

1. Glory to the Ukraine! - now bankrupt twice over.
2. Glory to the heroes! (all 13,000 of them in their graves)
3. The realisation, in the minds of those with any sense, of the nature of the European Union, the extreme seriousness of NATO's actions, and the arrogance of the USA.

Unknown said...

. thanks

carpatho-russian said...

Just want to point out that the Carpatho-Russian region (contiguous to Slovakia and Hungary, shown in brown and purple on the map, is NOT part of Galicia, and has historically always been pro-Russian. It was part of the Hungarian Kingdom, then later Czechoslovakia, and was then stolen by Stalin in 1945. They have requested several times in the past to be PART OF Russia. Also, they (we) have resisted the political Ukrainian separatist movemetn since it was invented in the 1850s, and ahve nothing to do with Galician separatists. They have dramed of being an enclave of Russia such as Kaliningrad, if there can't be a land bridge (for now).

carpatho-russian said...

Additional on Carpatho-Russia (Trans-Carpathian Oblast):

1)The population is about 90% Slavic and 5% or so Hungarian, but since it had been under Hungary for 1,000 years there is some sympathy for being part of a federated Hungary (had been one of several possibilities in 1919) with appropriate guarantees for autonomy, which the Czechs had disregarded 1919-1939, leading to dissatisfaction. This could work because of the linguistic and cultural discontinuity (i.e. harder to make an assimilationist case that “you're really Hungarian even if you deny it” like the Ukrainian nationalists pretend “you're really Ukrainian even if you deny it”).

2)There are 50,000 ethnic Hungarians along the southern border, who would love to just be part of Hungary, and the above pertains to the Carpatho-Russians themselves.

3)The northeast quarter of Slovakia and halfway along the Polish border (almost to the High Tatras) was supposed to have been part of the same province in 1919, but Slovak nationalism caused an artificial border to be drawn where it is now. For that reason, there is resentment against Slovakia. Advantages of being in Slovakia would be mainly removing the international border. Advantages on NOT being in the Ukraine are to remove ridiculous hours-long waits to cross (now, maybe 5 hours, used to be 12 hours!).

4)The Orthodox population is very happy to be under the Moscow Patriarchate and has no use for the schismatic so-called Kieven (Kyyyvan) Patriarchate under Denisenko, not any of the several other nationalist-Orthodox breakoffs. Much less the Uniates, and they have a fresh memory of the martyrdoms and sacrifices of the past.

5)ANY reference to a so-called “Carpatho-Ukraine”, the “Republic for a Day”, that being March 15, 1939, was nothing but a symbolic declaration of defiance by a pro-Nazi nationalist group that immediately fled into exile after doing their political work, which of course Stalin used for his own purposes to steal Carpatho-Russia from Czechoslovakia in 1945.

Anonymous said...

It's legitimate to ask why this area degenerates into pissing contests and conspiracies (some perhaps true?) so easily.

I'm trying to follow your arguments...and am not necessarily dissing them (don't really know) - but many seem well beyond the capability of mortal men. It is disturbing that there always seems to be a "plan in place" to extract revenge for outrages of 70 (fill in any span) years ago. Makes one wonder how anyone can get past this?

And oligarchs pulling strings? Worldwide phenomenon. Even in Russia. If it were easy to defuse that bomb - would already have been done.

Citigroup "gifted" their bets to the public last night. Along with the bets of their buddies. Comes to $300 trillion total. Six times world GDP.

Yeah. "How the hell did that happen?" is here too.