Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ukraine: From Vassal to Colony In One Easy Step

Ukraine: From Vassal to Colony In One Easy Step

Throughout the history of humanity, most nations or peoples became colonial possessions of another nation through open warfare and defeat. Ukraine is one of the very few exceptions: its warfare and defeat has been a civil war against its own but its real defeat is the sell out, yet again, by the same group of oligarchs, yet again. Due to the majority of the people of Ukraine beating their chests and bleating about their freedom, independence and so on while holding their heads down and being herded by the same masters for the past 23 years, Ukraine, the dead failed state of Europe (though there is a long line of candidates for 2nd place) has fully sold itself.

Never before has a nation sold itself so surely into bondage as Ukraine and its latest Oligarchial CIA puppet, Petroshenko...aka Porridge or Porky. The Candy King has shown himself to be the Washington Strumpet and the NATO Quisling. Even in Norway, for Hitler's pet Quisling to come to power, Germany had to actually conquer the country, that is, to actually fight. In Ukraine, Biden, the not so gray cardinal of Ukrainian real power, has gotten it without so much as a fart.

Yesterday, the first of three foreigners were granted instant citizenship and became heads of three ministries. That is correct, Soros owned people, were given instant citizenship, without giving up their US, Latvian and Georgian citizenships and pronounced top ministers in the government. Each with his or her own rich portfolio of corruption, of course.

The first is Natalie Jaresko, a US citizen, head of the Kiev based Horizon Capital Investments, will now run the Ministry of Finance. What is not mentioned is that she is also a former State Department official who will have control over the funds that the IMF, itself a puppet organization, will give Ukraine. She will also control the terms of those deals. In other words, she is the agent direct of the whole sale of Ukrainian property that is about to take place. I am sure her rewards will be staggering.

The second is Aivaras Abromavicius, a Lithuanian citizen, a former top executive at East Capital. He addressed the Rada stating: "I'm from Europe. We will work together European style." A so, staggering socialism, corruption with a good Public Relations machine to hide a "gentler" tyranny. He will head the Economics Ministry. Again, the money and assets are further confirmed into the hands of Western foreigners.

Lastly is the US educated Alexander Kvitashvili, who under Saakashvilli, with US monies "reformed" the Georgian medical system. He opened dozens of clinics and hospitals and only later did it come out that in many cases he was moving the same equipment from one opening to another, while funds for the rest of the equipment was disappearing. The present Georgian government has an open criminal case against him and others in his ministry. He is now head of the Public Health Ministry in Ukraine, ready to repeat his "successes". Oh, did I mention he studied under a Soros grant?

“The tender commission, based on illegal support from Pruidze affected the state by offering the preparation for a three-fold inflated price. This step damaged the State Budget by GEL 700 000 as a whole. Moreover, the commission neglected the GPC Company’s participation in the tender which was offering the medicine at a cheaper price,” General Prosecutor’s Office had stated. Pruidze, who denies the charges, served as Deputy Healthcare Minister from 2004 and was dismissed a few weeks before Alexander Kvitashvili’s resignation from the post of Healthcare Minister on August 31 this year. 

The question to the dupes and dummies of the National Guard SS divisions and Svaboda and Right Sector parties is: is this what you fought for and are being herded off to die for in the Donbass? We are all quite aware that the IQ of the average Nazi is about 80 and that of the average Ukrainian Nazi even lower...but even through your slopped forebrows and ossified minds, a light of reality, that you have been sold out absolutely, must surely be making its mark.That you are now expected to die and be gone from the US territory of Ukraine, does not bother you? That as a territory on the level of Peurto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands and other third world possessions, you do not even have the basic rights of the American sheeple, does not bother you? No wander the Poles, Austrians and Turks owned you for 500 years and only the Russians actually freed you.

On a side note, Porridge also granted instant citizenship to all those volunteers fighting in Ukraine against the Novorossians. Read that as legitimizing the Western mercenaries he has so denied employing. But why should the world even notice this.

My only remaining question is this: when will Merkel start anointing America's chosen to run the vassals "soon to be meat for the slaughter" colony of Germany? After all, in the up coming EU war on Russia, it is you Germans who will be the cannon fodder once again, a third attempt to exterminate the Germans.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mat,

Nice post. I am in South Africa, and although we had a problem with communist expansionism and defeated it, my Boer people were sold out by the West. I have a lot of respect for the Russian people because despite of everything they will generally put the interests of the Rodina first. The satanic globalist cabal running the west do not like this as it keeps getting in the way of their plans.

Keep up the good work and keep the faith.

Yours in Christ!


Stanislav said...

Follow the Money

Swedbank – Sweden’s leading bank, looking like the epitome of respectable banking on their main website, and their trading arm, Swedbank Markets.

“Swedbank’s Financial Markets Department is the leader in attracting risk and debt capital in the Baltics.”

The main types of services provided by Swedbank Markets are:

Consultations on attracting risk capital; Consultations on company mergers, acquisitions and takeovers; Consultations in case of privatization; Consultations on restructuring of companies, restructuring and optimization of capital, investigation and evaluation.

Swedbank Markets are in ‘Strategic cooperation with JP Morgan’. Horizon Capital – an innocently named private equity fund formed in 2006, it is focused on profit potential in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.

This starts looking very odd when you take a look at its founder: Jeffrey C. Neal, Founding Partner and Chairman – prior to this, he was the Chairman of the Global Investment Banking Group of Merrill Lynch & Co.

So, what is a former Chairman in one of the world’s most powerful trading firms doing forming a company focused on two economies that can best be described as basket cases along with another essentially closed to western investors?

A look at the co-founder brings things into a little more perspective:

Natalie A. Jaresko, co-founder & Chief Executive Officer – the former Chief of the Economic Section of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, a member of President Yushchenko’s Foreign Investors Advisory Council, Jaresko still serves on the board of another company called the Western NIS Enterprise Fund, an equity fund that is in partnership with USAID in Ukraine & Moldova. Among WNISEF’s partners are Whitney MacMillan, multi-billionaire & the former CEO of Cargill, the world’s largest agricultural trading company; along with the former Chairman of Sippican, a subsidiary of defence contractor Lockheed Martin.

Stanislav said...

The information on Ukraine’s assets from Stepan Kubiv;

Swedbank Markets are positioned as the player to work out the terms of the deals to place most of Ukraine’s assets on the market;

Merril Lynch & JP Morgan are positioned to pick up the better parts of debt trade, with IMG International taking the lead for the vulture trade.

Other well positioned players are : Cargill for the management of Ukraine’s agricultural land & grain sales along with Lockheed Martin for still viable Defence Industries.

These players are looking to take Ukraine into a modern variation of the shock doctrine years of the early 90′s, with the countries rapidly rising debt (or the people of Ukraine’s future earnings) & remaining industries being traded away to vulture capitalists under the most dubious of legal circumstances, and full connivance of the major Western powers.

Anonymous said...


You're angry (and have considerable right to be). But don't let that close your eyes to the "hurt inventory" which may have built up in the Ukraine. They are behaving much like an abused wife. How else can you explain their bizarre behavior?

Now the activities of these Nazis and foreigners are/should be unsettling...but they are no match for a common history, heritage, and language. Take a deep breath and try to get people focused on the objective...not the messy process in getting there.

Ask. Don't bully. Ask the Ukrainians to grant an *enforceable* Bill of Rights. The "shalt nots" which will prevent another Egypt. Protections for language, religion, ethnicity. ie "Russian people live here too." When a Ukrainian Russian applies for a Ukrainian government position - only merit should matter.

Given the area's history and context - these are *reasonable* requests. It's an out which protects Ukrainians too.

And if Russia holds out the candy of non intervention with full normalization of relations - I suspect you'd gain agreement.

In time, Ukrainians will recognize the Trojan Horse they granted with the Bill of Rights...but by that time - they may not care. Indeed I suspect they will soon learn that "wanting" Europe was better than "having"...and they will likely learn their interests are better served via good relations with both camps (more profitable). Also fear they have some hard lessons ahead regarding carpetbaggers.

Carpetbaggers aren't exclusively a Russian or Ukrainian problem. They are everywhere :(

Do you really believe the foreign news you get in Russia fully reflects public thinking here? Isn't it a bit presumptuous to believe many foreigners don't see "lotsa problems with the status quo"? In time, opinions will change - and governments with them. Sheeple get angry and stampede too :)

World has lost too much from this Ukraine pissing contest. It's a distraction. A made up conflict. Allows psychopaths to justify their bullshit jobs while covering up their incompetence.

And that Bill of Rights? Must include freedom to own firearms. Unconditional. *Without* "ruler consent". Otherwise, rest of those guarantees are meaningless.

I hope you regain that ancient Russian right too.

Anonymous said...

Google to close engineering office in Russia - WSJ

The law was passed soon after new rules were established requiring blogs attracting more than 3,000 daily visits to register with a communications watchdog and a regulation allowing websites to be shut without a court order.

Americans routinely evade NSA buttsniffers....Russians would be no less competent. So apparently Russians suffer the same media clown psychopaths for leaders as we do?

All these restrictions - just to preserve some phony baloney government jobs .....Wonder what their moms think of these "heroes"?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mishin:

Ms. Jaresko's parents were both Ukrainian. They had emigrated to the US by the time she was born and thus she was automatically a US citizen. Surely you can't blame the baby for her parents' choice of where she was born.

Ms. Jaresko has been living in Ukraine for 22 years. As you mentioned, she was a former employee of the US Department of State, having left her position nearly two decades ago. Six years before that she married her former husband, Ukrainian Ihor Figlus. She and Figlus have two children. You say that "What is not mentioned is that she is also a former State Department official . . ." I'm not sure what you mean by not mentioned - these facts are widely known.

Ms. Jaresko is hardly a new figure in the Ukrainian government. She was appointed by former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko to the Foreign Investors Advisory Council, a government agency. Is it your view that because Yushchenko thought it was best to appoint this US citizen to a key government agency that he was also somehow a colonial dupe?

You claim that she "will have control over the funds" provided to Ukraine by the IMF." Do you mean that nobody else in the government, such as the finance or foreign ministries, nor the president himself, will have any say in the matter? You go on to predict, "She will also control the terms of those deals. In other words, she is the agent direct of the whole sale of Ukrainian property that is about to take place. I am sure her rewards will be staggering." What evidence do you have for these claims?

Stanislav said...

The president of Ukraine has precious little say about anything. All his ministers, and he himself, as a former minister in every government for 23 years, are corrupt, including the mercenaries hired in.

Ukraine’s new Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko, a former U.S. State Department officer who was granted Ukrainian citizenship only this week, headed a U.S. government-funded investment project for Ukraine that involved substantial insider dealings, including $1 million-plus fees to a management company that she also controlled.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mishin:

I would like to follow-up on two points you made. First, you said, "The president of Ukraine has precious little say about anything." This is very much at odds with nearly everything you have written about Petro Poroshenko, lamenting what he has done and what he might do. How is this possible if he has very little say about anything?

Second, you say that Ms. Jaresko headed the investment project that involved substantial insider dealings. Although you did not say so directly, I read this to mean that you believe Ms. Jaresko is corrupt. Yet the dealings for which she is accused occurred during the Yushchenko regime. This causes one to wonder: if the claims of insider dealings, or any other corruption, are true, why didn't the Yuschenko regime pursue charges?

Stanislav said...

One does not exclude the other. That she is corrupt and that Yunikovich is/was corrupt are not inseperable. Avokov, Arsenuk, Poroshenko served in every single government in Ukraine, stealing all along, all are now the main power dealers, still stealing all along...what more can be said about a falling out of the den of thieves?

The difference is, in Novorossia, the country is not run by oligarchs.