Sunday, June 14, 2015

FIFA Another Color Revolution

FIFA Another Color Revolution

The drama that unfolded over the past month with FIFA is another example of the hamfisted and bovine drive by Morder to bring every human endeavor under its Masionic control.

The issue here is not corruption, though I am sure there was plenty of it. Remember this is the nation that bought for itself the winter Olympics in Salt Lake City with galling corruption, a nation that brought two depressions to the world with the same corruption and in which the bankers responsible were punished by being given trillions of additional dollars. No this is not about corruption as Mordor is as corrupt as the worst of the worst moments of the Roman empire and just as decadent.

What this is about is power and control. Mr. Blatter's crime was refusing to allow US political control of his organization. In specific, the drive to replace Russia's hosting of the 2018 games, with, gasp, the US'. For that matter his chief vice presidents were arrested right before the vote by US warrant in Switzerland. It of course shows that Switzerland is now a compromised Mordor puppet, with no sovereignty of its own.

However, the US Jordanian puppet was shot down by the non Mordor vassalized world. The European slave races of course followed Mordor to a T. The rest rebelled and reelected Blatter.

The fact that Blatter a week later resigned must demonstrate only the amount of threats by Mordor and pressured leveled against him. What threats were used? Was his family threatened? What was the offer from Mordor?

That more such evil will follow is beyond a doubt.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm....maybe. More likely some bureaucrat afraid of losing his job for inaction finally acted out of that fear. Government has many excess grand poobahs right now. Would not be a stretch to imagine many of these folks without jobs in the future.

Understand soccer is big in most parts of the world....but here it's a real snoozer. Frankly Stanislav, no one cares about soccer. We have other equally dumb distractions to occupy us :)

As for corruption, whenever you find the fix for that please share it with us. People around the world will listen intently.

Rohil Koovappara said...

I think that even with this they will not succeed Stan. Let's look at American "Football". It is not Football it is bashball. People get brain damage. It is like the Roman Gladiators. That is why it will never be admitted to the Olympics at all. The Super Bowls are all violent. I rather watch a Football(soccer) Cup rather than a so-called "Bowl Game". Look at it this way. America is changing rapidly. American "Football" is rapidly declining and there is nothing that the American Political elite could do anything about it. Even with this FIFA scandal, that will change nothing. So it is either do or die for American "Football" that is what this is all about Stan.

Anonymous said...

RE: Mr. Koovappara

You may be correct. Giving the continuing and merciless parade of evidence for cumulative brain damage, American parents are suffering a collective "Gulp" and are beginning to question the wisdom of allowing their boys to participate in football. It's actually quite remarkable these concerns are spreading so fast.

No 3rd grader involvement may eventually lead to a death of professional candidates. You never know..... Never would have believed this possible 10 yrs ago.

Rohil Koovappara said...

Anonymous I have even more worse news about the so-called American "football". It is much worse than you ever think in your life. Remember the deflate-gate scandal with Tom Brady. We knew all along that Brady was a total liar. This is also coupled with the fact that the so-called "Super Bowl" is very violent. The two teams fought with each other. Can you believe that. Imagine if Jonathan Towes of the Chicago Blackhawks in Ice Hockey or Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors in Basketball. I bet you that if the World Series Champion in Baseball or the MLS Cup Champion in Soccer would never dream of cheating. I mean everybody knows that American "football" is rapidly declining and there is nothing the American Political elite could do about it. They couldn't do a damn thing about it because American "football" is now declining in popularity. This is the main reason that they recently established diplomatic relations with Cuba and may soon end the embargo. This happened a few months before a second New York Football (soccer) team began play. Real Football or Soccer is now rapidly growing in the United States.

Anonymous said...


Complaining about FIFA, don't forget that if the USA does something, that is democracy. If another country does the same thing, it is not democracy. I am only being somewhat sarcastic here.

In reality, the USA was designed as a representative republic. After the Constitutional Convention, someone asked Ben Franklin what sort of government has been given to the people. Franklin answered that it is a
republic, if you can keep it. So in fact the USA is not a democracy, and the Founding Fathers had good reasons for that.

Sadly, the recent Supreme Court decision on Obamacare has shown that the law as written by Congress is irrelevant. The very words, meaning and intention of Congress is of no matter to the Court. Only the invalidating of the Law by an Executive Agency and the rewriting by Executive fiat has any meaning to the Court. The USA Consitution with its three branches of government has been clearly rendered a nullity
by the Supreme Court. In fact, there is no Republic anymore.

While Washington insiders may have known the likely vote of the USA Supreme Court on the gay marriage issue, it has been received as a shock by many citizens. If churches and religious institutions do not perform same sex marriages, they may be sued, closed down or both. This has already happened to some private businesse who did not wish to provide
services for same sex marriages.

Options considered by the shocked element of the citizenry range from turning inwards and ignoring the political enviroment, to considering fleeing the country. Others may be in the process of attempting to mentally digest this perversion of revolution. While Obama helped it along, he was not the only one, or group, who did the planting and
harvesting of a foul crop.

Now for a bit of advice. Not only should anyone taking up employment or permanent residence in the USA make sure he has a second citizenship, just in case. But he is well advised to make sure his children also have a second citizenship. There are a number of situations where malicious government abuse necessitates staying away from the USA and its close allies.


Rohil Koovappara said...

But Anonymous you still have yet to respond to me about that stupid American Football Quaterback Tom Brady. I mean what he did by deflating the footballs is far worse than any Supreme Court Decision. He may have even cheated. I mean no other sports champions has ever done this. This shows how bankrupt American "football" is. It is a very violent sport like Roman Gladiators. It causes brain damage. This Tom Brady guy is so bad, that almost everybody is angry at American "football". Lets face it American "football" is declining and there is nothing these people can do anything about it. Real Football or Soccer is now rapidly expanding in America. I mean I never believed that this sport would soon become a very important sport in America in my lifetime. I mean I never even believed that America would reestablish diplomatic relations with Cuba also.