Saturday, May 23, 2015

Europe's Hypocrites Deadly In Their Silence

Europe's Hypocrites Deadly In Their Silence

Yesterday, the Rada of The National Socialist Oligarchy of Ukraine declared that all UN conventions on human rights are now suspended in the Donbas during its "anti-terrorist operation" otherwise known as the genocidal war the US/EU puppets are loosing.

At this point, of course, this only codifies the murderous tactics of the American hand puppets. Europe, as an old used whore with a high self opinion based on nothing but a worm worn family name, has been quite good at ignoring this unofficial genocide so far. It ignored the use of banned weapons by Kiev, of mass shelling of civilians, of countless daily  offenses against Minsk 2 by Kiev. Equally it ignored the torch marches, mass graves, the Nazi flags and even the laws passed by Kiev limiting freedoms of its citizens and creating concentration camps.

So this is no surprise, not is this a double standard. No dear readers, from the Satanic sock puppets and sociopaths who call themselves the masters of Europe and their antiChrist in the Mordor on the Potemic, this is absolutely the standard.

The whore of the Babylon of Europe speak with forked tongues an their slaves who frolic in sodomy and debt while nodding in agreement with this are no better.

Nor of course are the filth column of Russian liberals and "human rights" whores who also on Mordor's payroll are equally silent.

What the serfs and sodomites of Europe are not bright enough to realize is this is the final steps for the start of all out war in Ukraine and soon in the rest of Europe.

Well, enjoy the last days of peace, the war you bastards have started by either your active participation or your silence will engulf you all.


Anonymous said...

Eurasia is right to turn away from the West, for is the latter anything more than a totally captured vassal of the US?

The moral and ethical sickness in the West is terminal. You call them whores. I would add to that by also called them vampires that are trying to keep alive by sucking the life blood out of non-western peoples.

Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...

There should be no surprise from anything that the rulers do to promote the destruction of Humanity. For example, 'America had signed the 1929 Geneva Convention and was responsible for treating German POWs according to the rules of the Convention. However, in March 1945, General Dwight D. Eisenhower had designated all captured German soldiers as Disarmed Enemy Forces who were not entitled to be treated according to the Geneva Convention.' Thus, with a simple word change and a slight of hand many regular soldiers perished even from starvation. Russia had not signed the Geneva Convention and thus did whatever they felt was a just punishment to the Germans, although the Germans were held accountable for mistreatment of Russians since they had signed the Agreement. It almost is irrelevant what the people want because Humanity is manipulated through the ages and has not learned! For example in 1950 the People in Cyprus voted in a referendum with about 96% !! to join Ellas (Greece) much in the same way Crimea became part of Russia again. Unfortunately the British Empire objected and to this day they OCCUPY two huge tracks of land on the island, the bases, they burned and hang anyone who advocated union, and invited to have their Turkish counterparts to move in of course via careful manipulation of events and there are stories that planes that were bombing Greek defensive positions on the island in 1974 had British also British pilots in them a couple were shot down! In 1954, Greece made its first formal request to the U.N. for the implementation of "the principle of equal rights and of self-determination of the peoples" in the case of the Cypriot population. Until 1958, four other relative requests were made- unsuccessfully- by the Greek government to the United Nations. Thus the puppet UN refused the Rights of the people! Would the UN sanction the rights of Russians should it be any different for the Russians in Donbas, or Marioupolis and Odessa (ancient Greek names)? the answer is no. It is the same answer for the Russians in Transinstria. Without Russian troops on the ground there would be no case. Done. It is time that Humans start to recognize patterns of behavior throughout History and understand that they are being played against each other to finish them off. Of course when a person has been brain washed it is over they will to anything because of hatred ingrained in their very stained blood thirsty souls. Don't worry the use of Human remains for manufacturing 'goods' has been with Humanity a long's another example of how they treat Humans in this case Greeks of Pontos. ' Historian Vlassis Agtzidis recently uncovered three newspaper reports of 1924 which detailed how the administration of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (the Kemalists) sent 400 tonnes of dead human remains (approximately 50,000 human bodies) to the port of Marseilles, France aboard a British ship. The reports appeared in The New York Times, a French newspaper 'Midi' and also a Greek newspaper 'Macedonia' at the time. The news reports describe how the human remains originated from the port of Mudanya on the Sea of Marmara in Turkey, and were transported on a British ship called the Zan.' Wake Up Humans! Jesus said know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free. Act as Humans Love each other. The stupidity has to end one day.

Anonymous said...

Right on Arius. I would add the morally and ethically sick Western whores are sucking the life blood from the western and non-western peoples. They are an elitist malignant, anti-human species on a mission to destroy the human race.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of all of it. And these totalitarian diseases aren't limited to countries or regions any more - they're pretty much everywhere and rarely challenged.

Everyone is in a race to the bottom. It's disgusting.

This focus on west or east is total bullshit. Each side feeds on the other.

Anonymous said...

In less than a week after the November 2014 elections in the USA, the right of center party dropped all the rhetoric about social conservative issues and limiting illegal immigration. It was a fast, unpleasant about turn. The people vote, then the government does whatever it wants anyway. Active participation seems not to work in these parts.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Russian weapons are popular here, and not just the AK-47. Those hunting rifles had steadily been gaining fans...particularly in areas plagued by hogs.

Widespread ownership *does* create some problems....I'm annoyed when "our zealots" claim they don't. But widespread ownership solves many problems too....Counterintutive - it may also calm people down.

Think Russia would be a more peaceful place if everyone owned firearms (but a lot fewer artillery pieces). Obscured by all this shouting and posturing seems to be a very real fear of domination.

That's not good for anyone. Drives people crazy. Maybe how you end up with jarring scenes of Russian vs Russian?

So perhaps Kalashnikov needs to "sell" the Russian Federation first? Why don't their marketing idiots see this?

These days, every time I walk down the aisle of a hunting store lined with Russian arms - I feel guilty. Realizing your people need them more.

Perhaps these people have the right idea?

Though I cringe at the potential for militarism and groupthink...that might just be local bias :) Regional difference. We don't trust centralized government. Rightly or wrongly many do.

Most fears were dispelled listening to the kids...they just seem eager to protect what's theirs. Resistance training would be good for young people of *any* country....

Just as long as one exercises care to avoid becoming the oppressor themselves....

Anonymous said...

It's sad....the way branding and politics affects everything. I cringe when I see these people apparently so in shock where they must apologize for good design?

We've never owned any AK-47s but were watching those Saiga hunting rifles while plotting a purchase. Russian designers seem often to have a different "take" on things....and that's useful when one is seeking uniqueness. Perhaps something with attributes "missed" by other sources.

(Sigh) Guess we'll just wait.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy Stanislav....All of us are being played.

(Shrug) We support bullshit graphic artists with too much time on their hands:

Want to make the world a better place? Force all to get real jobs.