Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Shattering the European Delusion

Shattering the European Delusion

Europeans as a race, a culture, and yes, are under a deep delusion that Russians are like themselves in key areas…just a more barbaric version.

To that end, Europeans have bought into the idea that they can kiss the feet of the Yankies, shite in our general direction and that when all this blows over or their mad sexual fantasy of doing to Putin what they did to Gaddafi, happens, that they will just waltze back in and all will be “alright”…that is, the Russians will be kissing our collective European arses again to be let into the civilized club and we the European inbred super race along with our Yanki masters will again be making lots of cash off of milking the Russian cow.

That, of course, is where you fools have gone well off of the tracks. A few of you understand this fact or are just starting to, but you have truly screwed your fortunes for generations to come.

Allow me to once again enlighten the lot of you. We are not Germans, French, Spaniards or Britains…unlike the lot of you vipers, we actually understand the concept of honour and better yet, the concept of spravedlivost, for which none of your myrid of languages even has a word….and it fits, as you grew up as civilizations murdering, fucking and kissing each others arses as the winds changed. Honourless, moralless and spineless, always with a sharp knife to murder your neighbor when the opportunity rose up and steal his lands and riches. When your neighbors were to strong, you sailed the oceans looking for weaker people to murder and rape…often in that order.

Unlike you, we have always been a defensive empire, since we took Christ as our Saviors, and followed the real teachings, unlike you who are mostly followers of one heresy or another, starting with the Catholic heresy. When not attacked we do not invade, for war to us is still murder. And it is a good thing for the lot of you that we believe that, for killing is a very core nature in a warrior race such as the Great Slavs. You have learned that a half hundred times over the past 800 years as you continued to try and invade us and we have laid whole generations of you into the ground, just like we will soon be doing that.

But even if somehow you manage to avoid real war with us, we are for the most part through. Three more generations of Russians have seen what you Europeans are in truth, and we are sickened to our souls by you and your two-faced natures. The disdane that flows for Europe and Europeans as a whole is a sight to see. In parallel, we have also rediscovered what was surpassed for almost 30 years: our own greatness. Our self confidence has returned and we quite realize, we do not need you, we can do quite well without you.

Your sanctions were like the beast in the dark, it scared us because it was the unknown. We know we can slaughter you in war, we always have, but economics…..this was something else. And then, you laid your sanctions on us….and….and…that’s it? Ha…well, now that was not so bad. So you laid more….and more and more…and we laid just a few back on you and your screamed like broken whiny kids…oh that hurts, our apples are rotting, our fish is rotting our…jobs are rotting…. And thus we realized, you are not ten meters tall or even two meters tall and your only real threat is a laughing stock.

What we have also learned is that we are in a zero sum game with you and your Yanki masters. We will fight you tooth and nail to reclaim the Orthodox lands for Christ and for our shared culture and future. The rest of you no longer matter.

On our side stands the vastness of humanity and most of the world GDP…on yours? A dying culture backed by a dying race that spits in the face of God, like the fools you are.

We are done, with you in general, but we will rip the Orthodox and the Slavs and Hungarians from your hands…but you can keep the Poles, they are not worth the time or sweat to save, they’re to much like you for our stomachs.



Anonymous said...

Nice Post.

The West continually makes the mistake of thinking "they are just like us"...

I for one am a fan of the Russian people. I do not confuse the Russians with the Communists who slaughtered Christian Russians in their millions to enforce their empire of evil.

At the end of the day, none of this is going to end well for any of us. The West, if they are foolish enough to believe that they can make Russia a vassal state to their bankster cronies, are in for a MASSIVE SURPRISE!!! I believe that they will try to enforce their hegemony through force on Russia and her people and the Great Rus will once again show why they are the BEAR.

Keep it up Stan. I come past here every day (almost) to see if you have something new.

Greetings in Christ from a Boer in South Africa!

Stanislav said...

Thank you. We should give the boers land and help them immigrate to our country. You'd make a fine addition.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe there's such a thing as a European race. I used to think that way until Eastern European immigration into Britain. In my opinion there are ethnicities within the continent of Europe. Regardless, Russians should be in no doubt how western Europe feels about them, those product sharing contracts in the 90s should be a strong indication of how Russia is viewed by the west - little more than slavery.

Very curious that you've suggested that Dutch Boers, many of whom collaborated with the Nazis, would make a fine addition to multicultural Russia.

I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Pray for Greece!

Stanislav said...

Thank you for your comments. Yes, many Boers did, but I believe that is more out of a desire to free themselves from British oppression than as a love of the Nazis....politics, especially that far far removed from Europe, makes for strange bedfellows.

The Boers are very much like our Cossacks and would make an excellent additional Cossack Host...only religions are different (but both Christian).

Stanislav said...

Greece has taken her first real steps for freedom and soverignty. May God be with them.

Anonymous said...

We care much for the Greeks and have been watching and praying for this 1st step to happen(referendum 'no' vote). Truly, Greece belongs in alliance with Russia. The Lord
is with you both as you walk with Him. We are rejoicing for this first victory!
Love from Oklahoma!

Fay said...

The Eyes of the world on Greece now...Orthodox brothers pray for us...

Anonymous said...

lev said...

Spravedlivost = Justice