Friday, October 30, 2015

The Gulf Arabs Threaten Suicide by Bear

How do you get oil back up and make sure that only the good guys profits and not the Gulf Arab regimes of murder, mayhem and Jihad?

Why dear reader, you have the Qataries, on behalf of the Saudies and the Baharians, threaten to ignite a full scale regional war...and throw in the Turks for shites and giggles.... And that is exactly what the foreign minister of Qatar, with its 8,500 strong army, threatened. He flat out stated that this alliance of egotists and Jihadist despots were about to invade Syria on behalf of their ISIS step children, the same ISIS (along with the American owned moderate mass murdering democrats) who have been murdering Syria for 4 years now.

So let us take a step back and game play this out. On the one hand, on the front row, you have the big nothing: Qatar, with an army the size of a brigade, half of whom will have to stay home to defend the state from internal overthrow. Add to this Saudi Arabia and Baharain and UAE....all of which are already in a disastrous war with Yemen. Plus Turkey, who will find itself in a very bad neighborhood. Behind them, well behind them, is NATO, most of which are midgets, and Hamas and  Ukraine.

On the front lines of the otherside, the side actually fighting to save humanity from Western and Saudi sponsored Jihad are: Russia, Syria, Egypt, Hezbullah, Iraq, Kurds (Iraqi and Syrian), Turkish Kurds and Iran. This force alone is enough to crush and clean out Syria and that is exactly what is happening. Fighting a two front war would be somewhat difficult, with the Turks attacking from the north, but then again the Turks would get theirs from Russia attacking from even further north.

On the second line of the forces of good, we have: China, India (maybe), Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Cyprus (which is just waiting for the Turks to shoot themselves in the foot). So here we have the next dilemma for NATO. If the Cypriots move to oust the Turkish occupier of half their island, the Greeks who already hate the Turks, will surely not fight on the same side of NATO to support these bastards. And how will the Bulgars and Romanians feel about dieing against Russians to support their former oppressors and murderers, the Turks? Not the governments of these two puppets, who are bought full up by DC, but the common soldiers. This after all, is no longer a war of ideologies, as was WW2, this is a war of religion and nationality. So instantly, the front line of NATO becomes quite much more interesting.

To that matter, Turkey itself will instantly find itself in a full fledged civil war, as the 1/3rd Kurdish part will finally get its full chance for independence. By the end of this conflict, we may finally see a Kurdish state arise.

As for Ukraine, sure the whores who run it could be used to widen this war right up from regional to continental, but we will ignore this for now, as a more radical possibility.

Now, back to my question.

The answer is quite easy: add in 20-30 Russian cruise missiles hitting the Saudi and Qatari oil terminals and oil processing facilities and have the Iranians close down the Straights of Harmuz (and no, the US Navy will not sail in just to die in the narrow, unmaneuverable straights, under an onslot of hundreds of Iranian anti ship missiles.

Instantly the price of oil will be in the $120-150 market as almost 20% of the world's supply comes to a sudden and fiery stop.

So, yes, the Gulf Arabs may finally bring Christian Russia and truly wondrous Christmas surprise. We may only hope.


AriusArmenian said...

No matter how you slice it this is certainly late 1939 all over again with the world near another great war.

I will be surprised if we can make it through the next year without catastrophe.

Turkey is central to how the Middle East threads it way through all the tripwires in place. The mad Erdogan is leading Turkey to ruin, and perhaps even the world.

Anonymous said...

I love your very realistic perspective!!!!! Quite encouraging.

Anonymous said...

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