Friday, October 23, 2015

Russia Bares Naked the Truth to America's Lies

Day in and day out, night in and night out, righteous death rains down upon subhuman animals who grew secure in their ability to butcher and terrorize at will. These animals who for two years let loose any and all of the most dark and Satanic impulses are now facing a wraith they had not dreamed of. But why?

Why? Why are they now facing this death and destruction brought to them by the Russian airforce? What do I mean? Destroyed convoys, open motorparks of heavy equipment, open depots, easily identified headquarters....all targets for the picking. All targets that the all powerful and great and mighty Mordor on the Potemic and its slave states of NATO were unable to find or hit for over a year?

Makes one wander does it not? Makes one wander how the supposed magical super weapons of the West could not locate or hit a single serious ISIS target in over a year? Makes one wander how the US aid for the Kurds and Iraqis kept falling on the wrong side of the front?

The fact that within two weeks of operations by the Russian airforce, the forces of ISIS as well as many of the other "moderate we'll kill you gently" terrorists are on the run and the Syrians are advancing, has proven the lie of the Mordorians.

Is it any wander then that DC is in such a panic? Its toys are being found all over the theater by the advancing Syrians and Kurds and Iraqis. It is now obvious to everyone in the free world (in the non-Mordorian slave nations) that DC is wrong, has gone totally evil and on the wrong side of otherwords, once more spitting at God. Is this still a surprise for so many? If so, what colour is the sky in your reality?

And so, the world spins and the West continues to sink into the Satanic slime.


Col. B. Bunny said...

The West has lost its mind and its soul. The US, led by a freak with no paper trail meddles illegally in Syria with money borrowed from China. The US and Europe allow their enemies to pour in and transform them into grotesque third-world zoos.

Why would US bombing where we have no business being not be a joke?

Anonymous said...

Kateri said...

Thanks to God that the Russians have rained punishment down upon those who would create Hell on Earth. Until the Russian intervention the Syrian people were subjected to the most depraved abuses with no relief in sight. But the Russians have stepped up to the plate and now they are doing the right thing, so kudos to them. They have turned the tide, and created a new paradigm in the process.

We are watching history in the making, for in the near future the Russians will be a chapter in history books as the good guys we all love. Furthermore the Middle East as we have always known it will probably undergo profound changes. And not a minute too soon.

Anonymous said...

Not a suprise at all!
Knowing that jews rule EU and USA ,its very easy to see trough jewish lies!
Finally the common western people have started to wake up them selves,and see that they are being used in zio greather israHELL game!
Hopefully they will wake up enough and prevent jews to take us in to WW3!
Zio power is shitting their pants when they see that huge majority in the west supports Russia and Putin!
End of jew lies and NWO project is near thanks to mother Russia!
You leed brothers,Serbs will follow!
Slava Rusiji!

Anonymous said...

Spotted tonight:

Meh, pretty certain I don't grasp the nuances you do...still hoping this nastiness subsides.

Last 15 yrs have been pretty stupid.....Some "supreme idiots", but no one has clean hands.

Anonymous said...

Exerpt from a prayer against the US Congress

For truth and righteousness being held in abeyance reward them; for their control, power seeking, hypocritical voting reward them; for the truant choices of these unscrupulous, pied piping leadership reward them; for eroding the fabric of worth, dereliction of duty, and legislation foisted on the masses to shackle and control reward them; for instigating strategy of depravity and perversion against the righteous in leadership and their war to blind and deceive, being oblivious to the voices of their constituents reward them; for being sold out to corporate interests, worthless rhetoric, cowardice, ungodliness in word and deed, evil intimidation, coercion, subterfuge, and all their treasons, reward them.

Charles Rotramel said...

Thank you for the insight you provide into what I have believed for some time now - Russia is not our enemy. I think that half of Americans have lost their moral compass. We see things like the idiots that run universities who are mostly Democrats who bend over and grab their ankles for anyone they can get a vote or a dollar from. The destruction of my country feels unstoppable. But it isn't. I can't WAIT until the Muslim loving Obama is GONE. He stinks the place up. I have said for years now to anyone who will listen that Russia and Putin are not our enemies - Political Islam is. We have so much in common with the Russian people - proud and free! The government here in the USA has become so self serving and anti-Christian that it is nauseating. Again, I pray to God that we can elect Donald Trump and break the cycle of liars that are in office to get rich. I can't count how many people with good intentions run for political office, get elected and then get corrupted and then retire rich! How is it that one that is supposed to be a servant of the citizens ends up raising their salary and getting wealthy? There is nothing wrong with being rich - but I have a big problem with people getting rich as politicians. Donald Trump got rich by building things - buildings, hotels, golf courses, and so on. I think Trump and Putin are cut from the same cloth. I would love to see them get together and see what they can accomplish. Putin does what is best for Russia and the Russian people. Trump wants to make America Great again. To me this does NOT mean a return to the cold war. I'm so sick of that crap. I heard Rubio say the other day that he thinks that Russia is the problem. Seriously? I want to scream at the TV and tell him Russia is not the problem you stupid asshole - TURKEY IS THE PROBLEM! ISLAM IS THE PROBLEM! RUSSIA IS NOT OUR ENEMY! We in America were terrified of communism. RUSSIA IS NOT COMMUNIST! Good God! If you want to see corruption GO TO CHICAGO or DETROIT or SACRAMENTO! If we Americans had nay sense we would see that we need to team up with Russia and wipe Islam off the face of the earth!!! This old line of thinking makes me so mad! Obama - what a tool! He only does what is best for his ego and himself. His pride and narcissism is embarrassing. I say these things here and people call me racist. The man is 1/2 white! I don't care what color he is - he is destroying the country I love! Europe is so self obsessed that they have given up - national suicide I think you called it - very appropriate term. It feels like US culture is about one generation behind Britain. Obama in Paris opens his mouth and nothing but stupidity comes out. So proud of himself! What the world needs is not a lecture from our "exalted leader", but a strong dose of humility. I wish Obama had said at Paris the other day something like this, "Father in heaven - clearly we don't know what we are doing. Our efforts have been poor and the results horrible. Our country needs you - the world needs you now more than ever. Please help us and guide us. We humble ourselves before you and pray that you would forgive our nation of its many sins. We have forgotten who we were - a nation made great not of our own efforts, but because of the blessings you poured out on us. And you blessed us so that we might in turn bless others who are less fortunate. Please forgive us. We are sorry for the crimes the corruption and the abortions. We need you so desperately. Help us to do what is right and just. Please raise up leaders that are just and true. Have mercy on us. We think we are rich and strong, but we are blind and naked and poor because we have turned away from you. Thank you that you are so patient with us and our stubbornness. Give us enough time to come around. And if we don't we deserve whatever punishment you give us. In the name of Jesus we ask these things - Amen." That is my rant - thanks again for the information in your blog. Charles; Humble American (there are some of us left).