Saturday, October 3, 2015

Syria: Time for the US to Get Off the Pot

Americans have a saying: shit or get off the pot. That saying now applies quite well to Obama and his murderous regime and its ME games. Backed by its Sunni fundamentalist allies, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar and its vassals: the EU as a whole, the US has rained chaos upon all of the ME.

For the past year we have witnessed two soap operas: the rise of a US created ISIS that has swept over half of Iraq and two thirds of Syria (granted that 80% of the population lives in the 1/3rd of Syria they do not control) and spread of ISIS groups and revolutions throughout northern and central Africa and into the various niches of Central Asia and beyond.

Hundreds of thousands of innocent people have been murdered, millions more have been displaced.

The second soap opera has been even worse, worse in its cynicism. The US and its slave NATO allies...there, that sounds much better than the truth, have been "bombing" ISIS and supplying its opponents. The problem here is that the lie was thin and grew ever thinner. From Kurdish bound supplies that kept being parachuted into ISIS areas, to ISIS bound bombs that kept dropping on Kurdish heads, to Turkish direct help and aid to ISIS to the mysterious drone attacks that blew up the main Iraqi supply depots on the ISIS front to Baghdad.

America, as the Saurin of humanity, has decided it has the sole right to decide who is a legitimate leader (murderous Ukrainian Oligarchs, Kosvar, Turkish or Saudi Despots) and the illegitimate leaders deserving the destruction of their countries in order to remove them and their nation's wealth ( Milosovic, Saddam, Guadaffi, Yanukovich and now Bashier). In the removal, as always, mass death and destruction, the empowering of radical Islamic groups or Nazis and the "safe keeping" of gold reserves and of course the diving up of natural resources and industries.

Into this American created Hell on Earth, stepped in Russia. Russia, unlike the US and its slave states, is acting within the rules of the UN, as it is not an illegal entity bombing away inside a foreign country's borders without permission of the nation's leaders or a UN other words, a world war three be damned, renegade regime....aka the West. Instead, Russia has been invited into Syria by its legitimate authorities.

To that end, President Putin has made it quite clear that the farce of US actions is over. That Russia will support the legitimate government of Syria and will assist it not only against the US created ISIS but against the rest of the US created mini-ISIS no matter what their name is.

Thus started the information war, the most cynical yet. Unable to say much directly at the UN conference, the US regime slinked off with its tail between its legs. In less then a day, with Russian planes just taking off, the US and its pet lap dogs, the British and French, like neutered jackals, let loose with factless screeches that Russian bombs, which had yet to fall, were killing civilians....just never mind that hundreds of thousands murdered by the NATO proxies (like the hospital hit in Afghanistan just now...we'll be checking on that to get all the facts...we are NATO, you can trust really) and drones.

They used recycled pictures, since they could not possible have found any from bombs that had not even dropped. But why should facts stand in the way of another glorious NATO lie? They never did before.


Anonymous said...

The lies never stop from the flapping lips of the Obama regime!!!! Praise the Lord for President Putin's perfectly orchestrated decimating of ISIS. We pray Russia gets them all - even those who are on the run! There is now hope that the ME will settle down, Syrians return to their homes and life can continue there. There is so much damage caused by the US' meddling in so many countries - especially the ancient countries. So many historic artifacts destroyed - so many innocent lives destroyed - for WHAT??? Such shameful crimes against humanity!!!

Anonymous said...

Bwhahaha! Vlad is punking the weak queer Halfrican Queen and the world loves it! Go Russia!

Anonymous said...

Stan, thank God for the Russian Federation, defender of the faith and modern day Crusader Army. Russia under the leadership of Vladimir Putin is virtually the ONLY national leader with the spine to govern according to Gods Law and implement active measures to defend the Body of Christ.

Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...

So long as the people accept a fatalistic view of their own future any authoritarian and despotic government will make sure that the expectation of the people comes true no matter what the "jack pot". In this case though the prize that is ultimately at stake in this "jack pot" is the very soul of humanity. Therefore the "powers that be" are looking at the whole pot Syria is a part of it, but not the whole pot.

Anonymous said...

...and the Russ as well...