Saturday, November 14, 2015

Is Europe To Dead to Revive?

First: God show mercy on the souls of the innocents killed in Paris and comfort their families. Bring speedy recovery to those whose bodies were damaged and enlightenment to their souls. And shake the bleeting sheep of Europe from their zombified waltz in life.

Now, the question as asked: Is Europe to Brain Dead, to Wankered, to gone from the annuals of History, to recover? How many such wake up calls will the European body sheepaldom hit the snooze button on?

The childless (well almost), aging and disappearing, depravity that is Europe and that other 2/3rds of the white race, called modern Europeans (for the record, we Russians may be slavs and varyagi but we are not, Thank God, Europeans, except for the fact we own half of Europe's land mass), finally wake up?

Europe is flooded, flooded by the people of the third world, to such a degree that there is absolutely zero chance of ever assimilating them. This is in part because the people who are flooding in, through the happenstance "walls and fences" are not coming for the better life through hard work and becoming part of a better system, but are coming as a wave of parasites to leech off of the system that can not in any rational mind, support them without buggering its own people to death. Further, in this mass of humanity is an army of terrorists Hell bent on the destruction of this very body, swimming like fish in a pond of humanity which will in turn defend them and hide them and many of whom approve of them, even as they themselves will suffer when their host is pulled down.

Europe for its part is mostly staring with blank, dumb looks on their blank dumb faces as the butcher comes to cut their throats. Sheep are said to be born looking for a place to die and modern Europe, since the 1970s has long ago been searching for that place.

They hate Christ...yes you "enlightened buffoons calling yourself the West", they hate children... yes you "enlightened buffoons who rarely have one and are now to old and lazy to bother", they are glamoured with their own uniqueness and self worth ... yes you "enlightened buffoons who think your humanist selves are some epitome of human development". They are damned, first and foremost by their own stupidity.

We Russians have warned you and we have saved your hides every 50-100 years for the past 500 even though you try to invade us every 20-40 years for the past 1003 years, to educate us and teach us.

What you taught us is that we are 1. NOT EUROPEANS by the Grace of God...the one you despise. 2. We are and were right and you...well not really.

What you fools and to be slaughtered sheep should have heard was Bush's message:

Except of course, modern America is with the terrorists...oh sure they are the "moderate" islamists or the secular or the what the US, and its slave races, called Europe, feed the very beasts. Fifty tons of missiles and bombs here 50 tons of MREs and Special Forces instructors there. How do you like the money you help spend on terrorists now, Europe?

You are the ones arming, feeding, housing your own murderers and are as a collective to stupid to understand that. You are worse then the work horse who at the end of its life gets eaten....the horse never believes it is the master of the farm, yet you do.

The usual European bleat is: well our leaders sold us out.... and yes indeed they have, yet you still live under them, an as in the case of Frau Strumpet Merkel the DC Furher, you vote her back in and in and in. Or as in the case of the English, you vote in something as stupid as Cameron to replace a line of others who were just as stupid and will do so again and again.

We Russians warned you, we warned you on Libya and you laughed. We warned you on Egypt and you spurned...thank God Egypt's Army took up arms. We warned you on Ukraine and you laugh, sanctions (which mostly again hurt you...being stupid should hurt after all) and pay and pay for Ukinazi oligarchs to get richer. We warned you on Syria and finally took the offensive, so you doubled down on your mindlessness and your threats and your feeding of the very people murdering your few natural born children.

Will Europe wake up and change? As Russia's famous politolog Satanovsky answered today: "If they want to survive, yes. If not, they will die. Personally, I don't care, I am not a European."

Amen to that.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for a different, yet thoughtful perspective. What the EU is going through is exactly what they were striving for - aka liberal politics. The sheeple voted for the leaders that opened the emigration flood gates.

Mat, what is your perspective/opinion on the current situation in South Africa (student unrest and the general burning down of the country) as such. Do you see any link of what is going in the EU/liberal politics/ any link international, or is it just local unrest.


Anonymous said...

The Paris attacks were a Gladio type operation to swing the coming G20 meeting and western public to support NATO putting troops on the ground in Syria to further the Western agenda to attack the East.

There is a long record of NATO Gladio operatives killing in Europe as a deception to put the blame on others.

The agenda is now to get public support to put troops on the ground in Syria. This will put the NATO axis in Syria with zero degrees of separation from Syria and its allies Russia, Iran, Iraq, Hezbollah, and lurking in the background China.

I wonder if the West is trying to unconsciously bring about the biblical apocalypse?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's over:

Francisco Miguel Colaço said...

Stanislav,please allow me a partial disagreement with your words. I do regognise the awful situation Europe is at, but I disagree that Russians are not europeans. They are. Unfortunately, Brussels has for all the wrong reasons exclude Russia from her rightful place in Europe.

Europe is not whole without Russia. To use an imperfect image, Europe without Russia is like a body without hands: the hands are a small part of the body masswise, but do try to write a letter without them! Shunning the conservative Russia away from Europe is the very reason the European Union will ultimately fail.

You are right that most of Europe has denied the very same God that you and I know has made us great. Russia, agains embracing religion, after decades of communist domination, has no way but up. Europe is already declining, and the influx of immigrants will be the small wick that blows all the gunpowder we have gathered to our demise. You are up to the point there. However, God is merciful enough, in my opinion, to humble Europe down. An harsh winter and the refugees influx will make chaos in Europe.

Those that think that a tirannical order will come out of this induced chaos may be heading for a surprise. We, Europeans (Russians fully included), manifest our greatness when set unto a wall. Just a light browsing of the history of any european country --- of yours likewise --- will say so.

Communists of various matrices are plotting as we speak to take over my country, disallowing further elections to clarify the toppling of the centre-right party that won the elections and is blocked from government by a coalition of the left and hard-left forces. Don't you think people will rise up against them at the very first hist of conditioning of our liberties? Would you not, in Russia, if the 18% Communist Party had the audacity of toppling a say 49% United Russia?

I hope you do not take this the wrong way. I just think Europe (not that excrescence that has the head in Brussels) ends east of Vladivostok, at the Island of Yesterday. And the other end is at Cabo da Roca, Portugal. Eurasia, if you will.

By the way, I am far from being childless. I have three of my own. :)

Anonymous said...

You need four children to fulfill God's mandate to 'multiply and be fruitful'. Europe without Russia is like a body without a head. President Putin and counselors have led in the way of peace, economic growth (in spite of sanctions), population growth and contentment in Russian society.
It has been a brilliant work of leadership toward peace in the world.
God bless, protect and guide Russia in the ways of righteousness - and shun the influence of the fools in the West.
Our prayers for Russia and their work in Syria never stop.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

After all that tragedy - nothing to show for it?

'The country is still ruled by corruption. It is still the same people in power, nothing has changed.'

Anonymous said...

(shrug) I just want to know the truth. Strip out the fluff - just the truth.

Kateri said...

Stanislav, please remember that Western Europe has been in the crosshairs of the New World Order (NWO) since the days of Cromwell, himself a traitor to his country and murder accomplice of his King. The malefactors who plot these takedowns terrorize the general population into submission. France was attacked from within a century later, and then began in earnest the attacks on Russia ending with the Bolshevik tragedy. Another hundred years have passed and now the NWO is spoiling for another worldwide conflagration. That is what we are watching now in real time.

The Russians were actually lucky. Even after 80 years of organized and unrelenting NWO assaults on Russia's people, they still remained strong, perhaps because they lived so far away from the epicenter of rot. It is a testament to the inherent fortitude of the Russian people and their historical regional families that they are in recovery from the vicious attacks on their very identity. Thanks be to God that the criminal degenerates failed, and the ancient land of Russia continues to weather the storm and prosper.

Please do not think that we want the disasters foisted upon us. We are in the dark by design and do not know what our leaders have in store for us, although we know that they do not have our best interests in mind. We are controlled by freaks who have no loyalty to any of our respective Western countries, and who abuse every vestige of governance to further their own perverse goals. It is true that Western Europe is in peril but it was planned that way.

Hopefully the alliance of Russia and the regional MidEast nations can clean out ISIS and bring solace to the suffering Syrians, after which the refugees, who are nothing but pawns, can return home and start anew.

Anonymous said...

The conspiracy theorists are in overdrive here too. Color me skeptical. While I have no doubt that some of them have "grand designs" - their effectiveness and success are pure pretense, and their *competence* is very much in question. Subscribing to some "religion" doesn't make you a genius. Just makes you a half wit who can't digest the full picture.

It's like that around the world now. Babbling fools with designs and little insight as to potential consequences. Little kids with hammers and blasting caps.

In the ME, that idiot Bush started this. Failed. Now the world's leaders line up to double down on his failure?

Not a brain in any of em. Not one can imagine the danger of killing "family"....or how many in this region will have long memories and motivation to collect debts due. *Know* it would happen here. How are these people really any different? All of us now will have much to fear from the ME for at least a century.

It's a mistake to get involved with wars. Especially when you're not willing or able to carry the task to it's grim conclusion. *No* family survivors must remain. Period. It's that simple.

If leaders would remember this fact - there would be few wars. (shaking head) But they never do. Pure hubris.

The world's real problem? All of it's leaders are midgets. Midgets with followers.

Rohil Koovappara said...

Indeed it is definitely because of George W. Bush and his stupid neocon criminals that caused the Paris attacks and led to the Syrian refugee crisis. He is fully responsible for this mess. When is he going to a trial and when will there be an investigation in America. I mean come on Stan the British have an inquiry on the Iraq War. The report will be made next year. It will not be prefect, but at least the British are making an effort to hold their government accountable.