Thursday, November 26, 2015

How the New Ottoman Turkey Committed Suicide

The date of 24 Nov 2015 will go down as the day that Sultan Erdegon committed economic suicide by sidewinder missile.

By shooting down, by murdering through backstabbing a Russian shtormovik fighting ISIS, Erdegon has cut Turkey's collective throat. Be it through an agreement with the US (in which case he has been thrown under the bus) or through his or his son's initiative as revenge for loss of ISIS oil revenue and then attempt to pull NATO into a war against Russia (in which case he has been thrown under the bus), Turkey's economic fortunes just died.

No one single act could have planted a bullet better. As I warned in my article "Nobody Moves or the Turk Gets It", loosing Russia is the end.

Lets review:

1. Tourism: $10 billion from Russian tourists. GONE. Within one day all tour agencies cancelled their Turkish vacations and realigned them to Thailand, Malaysia and Israel. Russians are almost 40% of the tourists....or rather were.

2. Turkish businesses in Russia, holding up to 40% of the construction industry and many imports: will soon be gone. Within the next couple of days, the Duma will ban all Turkish companies.

3. Gas: gone, soon to be cut. Turkey gets almost all its gas from Russia, as well as most of its legal oil and coal. With this the Turkish South Stream will be shut down so future transit fees are also gone. No energy, no economy.

4. Fruit imports, something that almost a third of Turkish farmers are set on, GONE: and Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Egypt, and Israel are all fighting to take the market.

5. Nuclear power plant that Russia was building at its own investment expense: Gone.

Add to this the now massive demand from the Russian parliament to arm the oppressed Kurds, who make up 30% of the Turkish population. Turkey is facing a full civil war.

So now its time to pay and the Turks, who violate Greek airspace at least 10 times a day have set the precedent: the Greeks can shoot then down and even fly into Turkish airspace, as the backstabbing Turks did into Syrian, to do it.

Turkey is dying and its only choice now is to go all out war. The question is, will the Greeks, Bulgars and Romanians happily go to their extermination on the Russian plains when NATO joins the Turkish war?


Anonymous said...

Turkey was added to NATO for the purpose of provoking Russia. Hmmm...I wonder if the Turks shot the jet down on their own or if America gave them the green light?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps everyone in that area really *needs* several generations of peace for this stuff to die down? A lot of inexplicable behavior?

Anonymous said...

It is clear that the US supplied the Turks the flight info with a wink to take down Russian planes.

Did the US think the Russians wouldn't figure out what the US did?

This leads to another possibility.

Since the US neocon/neoliberal lunatics in control of the US Deep State couldn't engineer a US/Israeli attack on Iran are they now planning to get Turkey and Iran at war with each other? It would draw in the alliances on each side and get their US war with Russia as well.

We must not underestimate these lunatics and their resolve for more war. They have successfully restarted the Cold War between East and West. They have caused death and destruction on a scale not seen since WW2 (it is greater than the Korean and Vietnam wars). Over four millions have perished since only 1990.

The US lunatics are not done digging the world into a lot more death, destruction, and chaos. The war they engineered in Syria is just a prelude to war with Iran and they are trying to use Turkey to start.

Michael Lawson said...

Obama phoned up Putin 2 days ago to try to solve the problem of the bombing of the Russian jet which he says Turkey did , acting alone . In the end the discussion turned to lighter issues and Obama asked Putin , "What are you having for Thanksgiving ?" and Putin replied ," Turkey".

Anonymous said...

Pretty soon both will appear in flight suits...

Anonymous said...

Erdogan has stabbed himself in his own back and is taking Turkey to ruin.

The EU is very uncomfortable with US backed dirty games that Erdogan is pushing.

Are the neocon/neoliberal lunatics in the US that failed to get their war with Iran trying to use the idiot Erdogan to get that war?

This feels like being on the edge of catastrophe, like 1939 again.

Anonymous said...

Business is business, but Russia shouldn't have started that nuclear power plant project with those double-crossing turks in the first place. Great danger for mankind...

FOTINI said...

The majority of the greek people stand with Russia. I bet there will be a mutiny in the Greek army if NATO demands its help against Russia.Our politicians are all traitors of the Greek nation.I despise them.

FOTINI said...

The vast majority of the Greek people stand by Russia.If NATO orders military cooperation against Russia,there will be a mutiny in our army,I believe. Turks are our mortal enemies since the fall of Constantinople.We don't trust our traitor politicians.They have betrayed our nation many times.

Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...

To the 'elite' of the NWO it is almost irrelevant if Turkey is sacrificed in the name of WWIII getting started in earnest. The same goes for any other European country having to be sacrificed for the end game. after all they want Humanity down to 500 million. It causes a lot of consternation to them to have to wait while Russia is getting stronger. But Putin and his staff are not dumb to start a full open war with Turkey that would invite a retaliatory NATO response since Turkey would invoke specific article(s) to the alliance asking for help. The economic starvation is the best approach for the time being. Everyone is positioning themselves for the unavoidable war that is coming. Some in the elite are hoping that the whites will exterminate each other and that the so called draconians will take over. Whosoever thinks that the so called
'aliens' are already here they can also see an interesting (although not accurate) perspective on "Deep-Black Murder Incorporated" at
For a better understanding of the forces at play one should look at the 'short discourse on historical theology' at fotobolostoxotis. The war on the planet's surface is part of a larger war effort of the forces of evil against God the Father and Jesus Christ. The antichrist is now among us, he already gave some speeches to select few, and he cannot show himself except as the "peacemaker" money maker and deal breaker. He needs WWIII. Thus, Russia will be squeezed more with time until finally this war breaks complete with nuclear detonations on the surface of the planet that will bring the CME from the SUN and thereafter the Nefelim out of the hollow earth the Tartara for the great war Armageddon. We are only seeing the beginning of the so called end times and Russia will play a great part on God's plans for Christendom.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the fustercluck:

"Rather than putting out the fires of radicalism, we end up feeding them."

Creating superbugs with bombs?

Anonymous said...

Kateri said...

What I would like to know is who ordered the hit. There is no way that the Turkish military would shoot down a Russian plane without authorization. So was it ordered by Ergodan or NATO? Or some other warmonger? Did they think the Ruskies would back off? Ha! That would only make it the first time in history. Has anyone seen the Turkish pilot because now he is a material witness.

It's really unfortunate for the Turkish people, for they do not deserve this kind of incompetent leadership. A pack of psychopaths are dragging the whole country into a ditch and putting the entire population in danger. If they manage to give Ergodan the boot, the first thing they need to do is dump NATO.

Then they need to assume their centuries-old regional leadership role. Furthermore they have all the human, natural, and infrastructual resources they need to restructure themselves into a prosperous country. NATO, the EU, and Western warmongers will only bring destruction and grief.

Anonymous said...


Don't gloat. Many of your politicians are no prize either.