Thursday, December 17, 2015

NATO's Blank Cheque

NATO's Blank Cheque 

It has been noted throughout history that major states writing blank cheques of support to their allies and vassals is usually not a good idea. The smaller yap dog suddenly feels like a wolfhound with a Rottweiler standing behind him.

This leads to major political and military adventurism and overreach. This leads to the often unwanted occurrence of war for the cheque writer.

A most famous case of this was the blank cheque that Willham II wrote to the failing Austrian empire in 1914. Austria needed something to rally its disintegrating empire around and stubborn little Serbia had always been a nuisance for it and inspiration for Serbian rebels in the Austrian south east border regions.

With the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand, Austria saw its chance. Serbia was more than ready to make humiliating amends but allow itself to be annexed was not one of them. It also had Russian and Romanian backing. 

Austria itself would never have made the move to start what was to become WW1 if it did not have that cheque from Germany. It did and it pushed and it starts a little war and then history took over.

We are watching the same with Turkey. Erdagon is that yap dog. The Turks may be big boys in big boy pants when they are murdering Cypriot Greeks or Kurds or when they are backing Islamic Sunni jihad in Syria and Iraq or when they intruded over 2,440 times into Greek airspace, just in 2014 alone....but...  But having lost 13 of 14 wars against Russia and the win in the Crimean War was expensive an marginal and only accomplished because the French, Scilicians and British did most of the dieing, Erdagon can not be but feeling anything like a small boy in those big boy pants when facing the reborn might of the Russian army.

 To that end, while NATO gave a lukewarm hurra behind their Jihadi blood brother, they did form up rank and write that cheque. And it will be a big cheque that NATO blood will pay. 

Even as NATO Europe pays the Turk Danesgeld to keep the big mean unarmed refugees at bay (how pathetic that the military of those countries can not close their own borders effectively), they are setting themselves to pay in blood for Turkey's adventures.

Russia has responded economically to the murder of her soldiers by the traitorous Turks. This is already shaving 3-4% off of their economy. Erdagon knows this will look bad so he's placing everything on that final roulette spin: war.

Turkey has invaded under a very thin pretext, an oil rich region of northern Iraq. Turkey has massed troops on Syria's borders. Turkey has continued to grossly violate Greek airspace daily. 

Turkish ships have harassed Russian ships in neutral waters of te Aegean, Russian ships passing through the Bosporus straights and even now in Russian territorial waters.

All of this, while Saudi Arabia and Qatar play at making grand military Sunni "anti-terrorism" alliances to invade Shiete Syria, Shiete southern Iraq, Iran and Lebenon. 

That these gulf Arabs are incompetant  at war is beyond saying but they will help Turkey in its fight as NATO is forced to mobilize and atheist Europeans go off to die on our fields and forests for Sunni islamic Turkey.

This, dear reader, is what is called irony.


Anonymous said...

History is a mix of irony and madness.
The heart of the madness in the West is in the US elites. The American people are distracted by nonsense and cannot or will not stop their elites from ever increasing levels of violence, deceit and plunder that has brought immense suffering to millions in the MENA and eastern Europe.
NATO is a tool of the US to control the EU and to threaten and destroy if necessary states that do not submit to US hegemony.
Until the EU turns on its US masters or until the US is defeated or exhausted the slide into WW3 will continue to escalate.

Anonymous said...

(sigh) Inflicting humor upon ourselves - again.

Sadly, it appears we are not alone.

Anonymous said...

Don't gloat. These are still your people. And despite everything that has happened, Russia gains when Ukraine gains.

You can go anywhere in the world - and all citizens are tired of corruption. They shudder when they read stories like this...

Anonymous said...

Try to imagine what a young family with kids (either side) is enduring right now......

Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...

Another Check a Reward for Turkey's Erdogan job well (un)done(?)

In the aftermath of last week's dramatic events which have seen Turkey make a unilateral breach of NATO's unwritten rules of engagement by taking down a Russian jet, coupled with an assault on civil right and expression of speech when two journalists were arrested for exposing Turkish arms smuggling to Syria, culminating with the assassination of a prominent enemy of the state on live TV, one would expect that the "democratic, humanistic" western countries would at least issue a harsh condemnation of Erdogan's behavior.

That won't happen: instead, the European Union will pay Turkey $3.2 billion to help it stop the flow of refugees to Europe from the conflict in Syria, 2.2 million of whom are currently in Turkey and to prevent Europe's worst refugee crisis from getting even worse.

In addition, the banana republic that is Turkey will be one step closer to joining the European Union as EU accession talks are restarted. As AFP reminds us, Turkey is the main gateway for migrants and refugees to reach Europe and Brussels has been wooing Ankara for months to secure its cooperation...etc...etc...