Monday, January 4, 2016

Is the Sunni-Shia World War In The Offset?

Is the Sunni-Shia World War In The Offset?

Leave to that vipers nest of inbred tyrants and exporters of mass murder, the descendants of Saud, to start a regional war.

Not content to sponsor psychopathic Islamic Sunni extremists all over the world, not content to push the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS down the throats of humanity, they have decided to up the anti. Overthrowing Assad is going badly, threatening Russia to increase terrorism I'm Russia did not work, indicating that you and your mean midget mini me Qatar might invade Syria also didn't work, the oil wars aren't working out? Hillsmen in Yemen are kicking your Sunni arse? Well don't take all that as a sign, it's the new year, after all, time to boost the game.

Solution? Execute one of the leading Shia holymen, who dared criticize the "enlightened" "democracy loving" Saudi tyrants. Name el-Namr, along with 47 other vicious terrorists (read critics of Saudi rule) were executed on the new year. Funny that the all freedom loving West was silent....not that they are a bunch of deranged hypocrites or something.

And so the wave of Shia anger has exploded. The Saudi embassy in Teheran was torched, the one in Baghdad had two RPGs fired into it. Protests exploded even as far as Kashmir. In Baharan, the authorities, also Sunni tyrants over a Shia majority, opened fire into the crowds killing protestors....this is why the U.S. and EU loves these guys so much....they are rich and happy to murder people....and they are rich....did I mention rich?

The Saudies, Baharan, Sudan (arab northern), and Qatar have now broken off diplomatic ties with Iran. Its count down to the Persian Gulf being closed down and oil rebounding.

Worrisome for the U.S. and it's Saudi owners, is that the Shia in Saudi are also up in arms....and they sit on most of the Saudi oil. I am sure the Saudis will show restraint and only execute a few hundred "terrorists".

So as we can see 2016 has wasted no time in turning out to be an exciting year.


Anonymous said...

Syria is a dog shit country too. Once you step in it - you'll never be rid of the smell.

Best response? Put a fence around the middle east. Keep the crazies in place. There is no way to "fix it" and outsiders just make things worse.

Western hypocrisy? Correct. Some truths are painful. Think there aren't many ashamed here?

What the ME needs most is a group comprised of Shias, Sunni, Christians who will establish LAWS protecting everyone - then fight for their enforcement. Might have powerful attraction to those victimized by religious purity. *Nothing* changes until the non crazies fight back.

What could Isis have done had Sunnis protected Shias? That was a choice. No different than Germans and Jews.

Lebanese may have wisdom to share.....time to make use of it.

There was hope in the air during the Arab spring. Though it now appears that effort ultimately went terribly wrong - perhaps hope remains? Time erodes mountains.

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What do you make of this?

Do Russians ever "Popeye" when reading such stuff?

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Anonymous said...

Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...

"Secret cables reveal the British government negotiated with Saudi Arabia to back its elevation to the world’s top human rights body, the UN Human Rights Council, despite the fact it is one of the worst human rights violators.

Classified cables, translated by The Australian, reveal British Prime Minister David Cameron’s government engaged in talks with Saudi Arabia about a vote trade to support each other’s election to the UNHRC — the body responsible for the protection of human rights around the world." Sept. 29,2015