Thursday, January 21, 2016

Western Hypocrisy Keeps on Rolling

Western Hypocrisy Keeps on Rolling

Well, dear reader, we had two more examples of Western Hypocrisy to witness: today we had the ruling of a British court that two Russians and maybe the whole Russian government was responsible for the murder of a fired (for corruption) minor KGB/FSB agent and nothing would be journalist Litvonenko.

Never mind that the man was nothing, definitely nothing to get riled up about, or that he was doing a story on how Russian nuclear materials were undefended and according to his father, was smuggling Poloniam out of Russia and spread its trails for two days all over London, before his meeting with his supposed killers. Of course the fact that the main witness to this, Lord West was murdered two years before this decision was reached.

No we will pay attention to the British evidence. Well except that we can not. You see, after 10 years the British courts reviewed the evidence and made their decisions on, get this: secret evidence that can not be shown to anyone, including the accused. Also never mind that the main accused Andrey Lugovoi, passed a British lie detector test or that for some reason the restaurant video camera footage from their meeting is missing. Ahh, true Western values on display: kangaroo government courts.

Then there was the commission from the Netherlands that found Russia guilty of shooting down the Malaysian flight. Another politically driven conclusion with nothing to do with the facts.

Lets review: Russia provided radar readings, those were flat out ignored. No one else had any. Russia provided ballistics experts, those were ignored, no one else had any experts on Buks. Russia offered a full audit of all its missiles by serial number, that was also ignored. As was the fact that not a single air traffic controller from Ukraine was ever interviewed, they all disappeared as have all the tapes. Or that one of the accused, yes of course Ukraine, got to sit on the board and have veto rights on the final report.

So we get to see the true face of the West: lies, cheats and hypocrites. But we already knew that, didnt we?


Anonymous said...

The one constant in the universe is Western mendacity.

Anonymous said...

So, again Stanislav, you are so right!!! We in the West look on in dismay of our 'leaders(?)' and
all the disparities re: facts, and can do little to nothing about it. Our elections are contrived,
our judicial systems are polluted.
Isa 59:15
'Yea, truth faileth; and he that departeth from evil maketh himself a prey:'

Anonymous said...

Dunno Stanislav, how can anyone be certain of the truth just yet? When so many hands both competent and incompetent may have touched it?

Do know that pretty much everyone is getting tired of pompous asses working for government who "protect" citizens from the truth. Funny how "covering your ass" seems always embedded in there somewhere?

My suspicion? This was an awful mistake. Someone screwed up - badly. And some people *do* know the truth.

Anonymous said...

Canadian friend sent me this :) Ignore the stupid video.

Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...

lex posterior derogat legi priori

International Court in Hague/UN

Where are really the important decisions made?