Friday, February 6, 2009

Admiral, a Reflections on the Evils of Marxism

Recently I watched the excellent blockbuster: The Admiral. The movie covers the life of Alexander Vasiliyevich Kolchak(Александр Васильевич Колчак) from 1915 to his death at the hands of the Marxists in 1920. A true Russian patriot who served his Country and his Tsar with devotion and honor. When the Empire fell to the Anglo-Marxist funded Bolsheviks and civil war ensued, Kolchak formed a Russian national government and raised an army of patriots to fight against the Bolshevik internationalists who were destroying Russia.

A devoutly religious man, with strong sense of duty and morality, Alexander Kolchak upheld the ideal of an imperial officer. Kolchak was approached by the white forces to become their leader, but initially refused. Than they voted him in as supreme leader and he agreed, forming a civilian government, along side his military regime. From here he courted the Western powers to aid him against the Bolsheviks, not realizing to what extent it was those very powers funding his enemies. While it is absolutely true that the British military armed Kolchak's forces and a small American expeditionary army fought and died beside him, it is equally true that the banking and monopolist elite of both were busy flooding the Bolsheviks with cash and backing.

In the end, Kolchak and the Russian cause were betrayed, first by Woodrow Wilson and his American commander, who disliked the royalist government, finding their soul mates in the Marxist Internationalists. The Japanese pulled their backing deciding that they wanted a large chunk of Siberia and a Kolchak victory would deny them that. Finally by the Czech legion which sided with the Socialist Revolutionaries and while in control of the Trans-Siberian Railroad and under command of French officers, betrayed Kolchak's safe passage, surrendering him to the Marxists.

The inevitable happened, they executed him and his Prime Minister V. Pepelaev, throwing their stripped bodies into the river Ushakovka.

What this masterful movie and the opening of the achieves demonstrates, is that the promise of the Marxists to raise humanity to a new level of scientific enlightenment really meant was to unleash a hatred and evil akin only to that of Satan. Brother against brother, son against father, no barbarity was to low or evil or base. No word was kept by the leftists or their soul brothers. Every evil of all unspeakable nature became the norm. That is the true legacy of Marxism, a real debasement of all that is good or holy, all that is God given in humanity.

Is it any wonder, why Holy Russia is walking away, nah, running away from such a legacy, heading to a pre-1914 world view and culture, rather to the modern "ism" created world?

It is on display every day, in all its corrupting "glory" in the dieing Anglo-Marxist sphere. A people fed on gluttony, on a "get mine, screw yours" culture, are now facing the inevitable collapse of this obscenity of mindless hedonism.

One should learn from such mistakes, and the suffering they cause. But thankfully for the Anglo-Marxist public, still deep in denial of their own fate, Admiral will never play in one of their theaters and they will never be forced to contemplate anything deep in its message.


Nonin Stone said...


Excellent column. I will be back during my late night to comment further.

Russia's immediate risk is the Marxist reinfection of your own youth by hedonistic young American and western European multicultural drones.

I encourage you to take a time out and read Takuan Seiyo's excellent multi-part essay in the Brussels Journal: "From Meccania to Atlantis: ..." beginning at the link below. The author is an eastern European, naturalized U.S. citizen, now living and working in Japan.

Seiyo is quite accurate in his assessment of both our situation and options. So far, he has published nine segments as seven parts. A long but beneficial read since one must articulate the problem in order to successfully fix it.

Thank you for your contributions.

Stanislav said...

Thank you for yours.

radical royalist said...

You made me curious. I hope I'll be able to watch the film.

John said...


You give the impression that the Anglo-Marxists were pro-Bolshevik.

How would that have aided the war effort? As a result of Brest Litovsk there was nearly a breakthrough in 1918 and only the fact that the German stormtroopers were starving stopped them.

My Great Aunt was lifted from Archangelsk during the Intervention by a British destroyer, having spent a year in a manure covered izba with an old Russian woman. It was only war weariness and Ireland that called a halt to that British operation against the Bolsheviks.

I suspect Wrangel, Denikin and Kolchak were all heroes to the English bourgeoisie.

Respectfully yours,


PS Otherwise excellent English, and an easy error but it's "dying", like "lying", not dieing.

macatac7692 said...

Again, I am from the USA, and I find it absolutely abhorrent that the bolsheviks were funded in part by Wall Street, as later in history, if you search, wall street had also helped fund Hitler. But Then what can you do? Socialists will fund other socialists, will they not?

We can see from my last comment where I stand on the place my government has taken. Freedom and democracy is much talked about, but we are and never were a democracy. We went from a republic to a northern revolution to communism. If not, explain what is so different from Russias recent past history. The only difference is that we deny the truth. I know how hard it is to realize this truth. I spent 15 years in the military, defending our freedoms, god-given freedoms, and realized that we had ceded half of them by default, and they (government) were now trying to steal the other half. The constitution is a great thing, but manipulated and twisted and distorted, it is simply trash. We read into it rights not listed, not even conceived of, and try to eradicate illegally the rights we shouldbhave so as to induce a certain level of slavery.

Nonin Stone said...


As a fellow American, I'm always happy to read another American who actually gets it right, across the board. Spread those thoughts.

Our only way out of this may be by secession. Please read Hans-Hermann Hoppe "On the Impossibility of Limited Government and the Prospects for a Second American Revolution"

Cristiano Alves said...


Excuse me, but I completely disagree with you text. Actually, it's completely inacurate. Firstly, it implies that Anglo-American capitalists financed he bolsheviks, a myth, because everything that bolsheviks got was gotten from their work among the masses of peasants, who lived in a terrible lifestyle under the corrupt autocracy of the tzar, and actions against banks, one of them directed by Stalin himself.

Englishes and Americans actually helped the counter-revolution in Russia, slaying 3 millions of Russians and bringing starvation to the country. Thanks to the reds, Russia arose as the USSR, a country with social justice, that in 10 years reached the same development level of Western countries and often even passed them.

Anna L. Strong, who lived in USSR, show us that the country produced more books than UK, France, Japan and Nazi Germany together, when books were a high product in the west, available for a few. Illiteracy was eliminated, while countries like USA had millions of illiterates. While countries like USA and S. Africa segregated their own people, the Bolsheviks made the first document in the history of Mankind to condemn and criminalize the racism, this was a true step towards democracy. In US original Constitution, for instance, blacks were considered only 2/5 humans and Catholics faced the same situation.

If Kolchak was orthodox, that's irrelevant, because Yeltsin also was, and what did he do for Russia? Medvedev is, and let's the social indicators of Russia and its HDI.

Your claim that "Western cinemas are not going to show this movie because it's pro-Russia" can't be matched with reality. I never saw a western cinema presenting "Padenie Berlina"(1948), "Brestskaya Krepost"(2010), "Idi i smotri"(1985), all of them pro-communism/Soviet/Russia movies. I did not see them showing even "Taras Bulba" or "Kandagar".

Cristiano Alves said...

Let me just make it clear, Stanislav, that I'm not against Russia nor rusophobe, actually, lots of ppl who know me and many who hate me call me a "Slavophile" or "Russian agent", in an act of villany.

However, I'm a person who likes to be fair, and I have no problems in speaking what I think for an opposer or friend.