Saturday, January 31, 2009

The News is All Grim From England: Their Response? Hate Russia More

Be it the fact that unabsorbed Islamic radical populations are growing at 10 times the pace of the local English, or that Big Brother government is now checking the dust bins and video tracking the people's every move. Or that age old department stores such as Rossiters are shuttering after 150 years or that enraged energy workers are walking out after loosing their jobs to foreigners, the news from the UK is nothing but grim.

In fact, what is so grim is that the UK is on the verge of joining Iceland, Ireland, Greece, Latvia and Estonia on the list of collapsed economies and life styles of the Albanian peasants. That is correct, the 6th largest economy in the world is tittering on the very verge of default, collapse, mass civil unrest and a choice of civil war or police state brutality and their answer? Hate Russia more.

Even as the UK government has taken the absolutely idiotic step of guaranteeing all the bad bank debt, regardless of the fact that it is more than four times the UK's GDP or that they are now nationalizing (just another Marxist step by a Marxist leaning government) those very banks, the British bought and paid for press concentrate on Russian economic woes. Of course the fact that this is very much like the coverage and situation of the US, speaks volumes to how closely in sink the Anglo-Marxist regimes are to each other. Birds of a feather and all that.

In fact, the UK presently, has about as much chance of not collapsing as Ukraine, which means, almost none. Property values in the 2nd biggest property bubble in the world, have fallen by almost 40%; government interest rates are at the lowest level in 400 years, wiping out the incomes of all those pensioners living off of the interest on their investments and savings; consumer confidence is at the second lowest level ever recorded and jobs are disappearing faster than sweet cakes at a weight watcher's convention. All the while, the Anglo-Marxists in power in England continue pushing the idiotic Global Warming laws and controls on to a beaten economy, driving it further down, while flooding England with third worlders who have no intention of assimilating but of destroying the UK and thus making it really live up to its international nickname Britainistan.

But all the while the English are constantly bombarded by news of how evil we Russians are and how our economy is dieing, never mind we had 6% growth last year and will still stay out of a recession in 2009, even if by a hair. It is a pity that the neutered Royals can not seem to find a single family member to lead the revolt against the Anglo-Marxist and to bring back their country from the brink of the Abyss...though, dear readers, I am still holding out hope for Prince Harry.

Either way, with growing unrest, the actual English/Scots in the UK may finally be signaling that enough is enough. Lets hope so.


Nonin Stone said...

A brief digression regarding falling property values:

Property values became artificially high as a result of cheap central bank credit which drove up prices through rapidly increased demand.

This, in turn, drove risky 'pyramid-dependent' mortgages, which depended on continually increasing property values to generate profitable turnover before payoffs were due.

Instead of a housing bubble, think of it as a blister which must go down in order to heal. Property values are simply returning closer to their true market values. It is painful for those who believed in a "free lunch."

And for all the whining about lacking credit liquidity, that is exactly what the remedy must be: Credit needs to dry up. Properly managed business and personal economies use 'capital' -- i.e., money they have already earned, free and clear -- to fund day-to-day operations.

However, the U.S. leads the global ignorant as they champion yet more inflationary credit and wasteful spending. The U.S., in order to keep the dollar a viable world currency, has even opened its Federal Reserve to foreign nations.

This level of media-driven hysterical ignorance cannot come to any good end. Calls for entities such as a "global security council" promises a dire future for those few of us left who cherish liberty.

I hope Russia will not fall prey to this thinking.

I also hope I didn't wear out my welcome with such a long post regarding only one point from the article.

Nonin Stone said...

Oops! When I said: Calls for entities such as a "global security council"

I meant to say: "global ECONOMIC security council" an entity which would seal the fate of any nation foolish enough to participate.

Anonymous said...

My dear fellow, you're far too sensitive to the vacant posturing of our Globalist press. To the common man Russia is hazily understood as a land of drama and trial. There's no personal animosity, just a cautious regard. Just as Russia, we have our establishment "Sikoviki". Patiently waiting for the Globalist tide to wane. How useful they are has yet to be seen.

Anonymous said...

he he! "Siloviki" excuse the haste - I was eating toast!