Monday, August 16, 2010

American Elite Dialectic: Perpetual War for Perpetual Profit

It should not come as any surprise to anyone familiar with the American elites that the business of America is business and that the best way to propagate that business is war, bloody, messy and ever so profitable war. Of course, what would one expect from a nation, whose elites were majority Masons, and for whom conspiracy was the life blood of their crooked hearts.

These are the people who rebelled against their God appointed monarch, over throwing his rule and thus freeing themselves of his vicious 10% tax and who then turned around placed a much heavier tax upon their people, expanding it over the last 250 years till America is now one of the highest and heaviest taxed and regulated nations in the world. Of course the real reason had a lot more to do with the treaties that King George had signed with the various Indian nations on the boundary of his colonies, swearing to not expand any further. This would hamper the profits of those who held the or wanted to hold the leadership of the soon to be USA.

One must ask why Canada and Australia never felt the urge to rebel, the quantity of Masons being much lower.

In the process of rebellion, the newly minted USA showed that its Elites had no honour or sense of duty, as they betrayed and exterminated the majority of their Iraqua allies and then equally betrayed their allies and main financiers, without whom they would not have ever won: the French and to a smaller degree the Spanish. With the French, they refused to repay their loans, even grabbing some French shipping, leading to the Phony War and with the Spanish, they stole Florida, while exterminating their peaceful neighbors the country of Creek, a nation of westernized Indians, who had their own light industry, carriages and newspapers. This in turn lead to the three Seminole Wars.

Other Indian nations were to follow, such as Apachia in the south, the Five Nations in the Ohio River Valley and many other smaller ones. Equally, as soon as the USA felt itself strong enough, it started to move on Canada, launching the 1812 War, which the Americans lost, as their goal of conquering Canada was a failure.

The borders were open and kept open for mass immigration that would drive the national expansion, which of course would lead to more wars, such as the Mexican American War and dozens of Indian wars. Land hunger led to the theft of the Indian lands and freedoms and lives, as well as their resources and then of the more organized Mexicans.

As the Masons of America gained more and more control of their new found empire, the southern states, more religious and traditional decided to separate, as was their right. To that end, the Marxists of the Republican party (see the 1848ers and the founders of the Republican party) and the Mason Elite launched the American Civil War, with a murderous rage, that had at that point not been seen in the civilized world. As a note, of the 36 million people who lived in United States of early 1861, over 600 thousand were dead by 1865, almost a third of them civilians and all the civilians in the destroyed Confederacy. Mason/Marxist strategy continued to starve, impoverish and drive out the citizens of the South for over a generation to follow, while those territories withered under military rule and northern recolonization.

So it should be no surprise that the US elites launched one military adventure after another in Latin America, the Caribbean nations and against the Spanish Empire, China, Kingdom of Hawaii and Japan, to name a few.

So it is no wonder then, that when WW1 broke out, the Masons fed the flames of war, selling weapons to both sides, until they saw first, an opportunity to remove our Russian Tsar, through the backing of the Soviet Revolution and then, by directly entering the war, to remove the German Kaiser, as well as the Austro-Hungarian King, dividing central Europe up into small states, easier to exploit and easier to foster various Marxist revolutions upon, such as the Fascist Marxist movements of the Nazis.

After twenty years of direct US Mason exploitation in Europe, all while tightening the noose on their own freeman turned peasants turned serfs, they had the stage set for WW2 and the Cold War to follow. As the American president Eisenhower warned, the military industrial complex, the money making and controlling body of the American Elites would soon bankrupt the very serfs it had convinced, er brain washed, into supporting them.

Is it any wonder why the Soviet Union died owing the US and UK over $39 billion? If the Mason were really fighting the Cold War, why give money to the failing Communist Marxist state? Why to keep the good times rolling.

Once the Soviet Union collapsed, they helped foster numerous local wars, stealing everything that was not nailed down in our own nation. Of course greed, the worship of Mennen, knows no bounds.

With the last ten years, the Soviet Union gone, Russia unwilling to play Cold War, even though the US/NATO have done everything to provoke us throughout the 1990s and China to strong, the American elite launched one war of another in the Middle East, again, using the terror of the very Islamic Jihadists that they themselves helped train and release upon the world, as the pretense for further exploits. The number one thing underlining these, has been the continued transfer of monies from their serfs to the masters.

The world depression that they launched in 2007-8 was only the latest step, stealing even more of the world’s wealth, into the hands of the US Masons, as they damned hundreds of millions to misery and death. Yes, their greed knows no bounds. It is interesting to note, as their own people start to realize the bleak future they all face, that more and more of the Mason’s military might has been moved and reorganized to deal with the coming revolts and rebellions, to now drown their own serfs in the blood they so readily drown the world in.

When will our leaders and the people ever learn, with whom they deal?


Juniper in the Desert said...

Very interesting, as ever to read history from an Eastern perspective.

vonbach said...

Lets call the 'Elites" for what they are Jewish bankers and their friends.

Cobra said...

Jewish people were not elites until the early 1900s.
The more of them were inside the USA the more destructive their influence was.
But the Illuminati/masons were not 100% Jewish.
There are many gentiles co-opted by Illuminati.
Their agenda is luciferic, literally.

taken said...

[...] the southern states, more religious and traditional decided to separate, as was their right.

Please do not romanticize the south. The main reason they wanted to separate was their desire to maintain and expand slavery. Indeed, the first 14 American presidents were slave holders and the expansion of slavery was the main driver behind the eastward expansion of the US during this period (read James Loewen on this topic).

Caryl said...

Very powerful - if depressing.
Thank you.America is having its apocalypse - unveiling of the truth.

Publius said...

I appreciate your unique view on our history. I don't agree with all the details, and I don't believe in such powerful, over-arching conspiracies (such as the Masons).
However, the sad thing is that the end result of elite overreach and never-ending war-for-profit is the same: the impoverishment of the people, and the ever-increasing disparity in wealth.
I believe that the USA is destined to crackup. I don't believe that a majority of the military, who tend to be from poor families, will agree to "put down" their sisters and brothers in support of the parasitic elites.
Time will tell. My main worry will be keeping my family and friends breathing and eating as the you-know-what hits the fan.

I hope that the rest of the world will realize that we peasant Americans are decent folks who have not supported our constant wars of aggression, at least not once our eyes have been opened. We're just like the peasants everywhere: we want to raise our families and live our lives in peace and relative prosperity.

vonbach said...

Who do you think the Illuminati are? They've been playing this game for ages.

Anonymous said...

All sad but true.@vonbach The racial jews just are the icing on an already rotten cake.@taken The South was tying to break away for many reasons. Slavery was barely one of them.Slavery was becoming obsolete with introduction of farm machinery.Also only a tiny percentage of rich southerners owned slaves, which doesnt explain the huge number of poor men who volunteered.Anyway the confederate upper class was full of masons . The whole thing was a falling out among thieves , with the south being egged on in Paris/ London, while the poor Tsar foolishly protected the the infant beast north

Robert said...

Under the Synagogue’s Talmudic Noachide* law those who worship Jesus Christ are subject to execution. Here is the documentation:

The rabbinic legal authorities of Orthodox Judaism decree that the worship of Jesus Christ constitutes idol worship (avodah zarah).
—Mishneh Torah, Hilchot Avodat Kochavim 9:4. Teshuvos Pri ha-Sadeh 2:4. Igros Moshe, Y.D. 3:129-6

Idol worshippers are liable to the death penalty under the Talmudic "Noachide Laws."
—BT Sanhedrin 57a

Rabbinic authorities decree that a building set aside for actual (rather than feigned) worship of Jesus Christ is a house of avodah zarah.
—Yayin Malchus, 234-237. Minchas Elazar 1:53-3. Yechaveh Da'as 4:45. Darchei Teshuvah 150:2. Tzitz Eliezer 14:91

Therefore, when passing a church, Judaics utter a curse upon it as follows: "Beis gee'im visach Hashem.”
—Birkath ha-Minim, 12th Amidah. BT Berakhot 58b

Cheryl Pass said...

I am amazed at the people commenting here piling onto the hate of America. And, Stanislav, do you see no evil anywhere but in the Western civilizations? In America? I wonder if you remember Lenin and Stalin and the Holomodor? Are you blind to what the Russians did to the Poles toward the end of WWII? The history of Russia is not without villains and tragedies.

There are evil people in power all over the world. Americans are, at the moment hostage to some of them, not by our own doing.

Since you are so interested in the divine rights of royalty, why don't you explore the financial backing of the Queen of England? Have you heard of the Bilderburgers, and the Rockefellers, and George Soros, and how about that sweetie pie Maurice Strong?

And what about Ahmadinejad? Not there is a great guy. How about Mao, Fidel, Che, and Hitler? You want to pile on? Why can't you pile on some of the world's big players who have nothing to do with the American people? Putin, and his history in the KGB, is not exactly a holy actor in the scheme of our world. Who is sending nuclear fuel rods to Ahmadinejad? eh?

The American people are not to blame for your disgust of the West. Our history has more valor than evil, though both have played roles here. Christianity played a huge role in the founding of America. Rebelling against King George was an act of courage to bring people to God's laws and freedom, and away from the tyranny of monarchy. Monarchs can be tyrants, in case you've never learned that.

From my view of the world, there are plenty of baddies to go around. This tirade you have against America is obsessive. We, the Americans, are not who you make us out to be.

jack said...

@Cheryl Pass

I don’t think he was talking about the American populace by the American elite who are running the country.

Some real historical review is in order.

Lenin, Trotsky and the entire Bolshevik movement was supported and given exile mainly in the US, but also in Britain and Europe with most of the top leadership lead by Trotsky over 300 financed mainly by New York banker Jacob Schiff to the tune over a billion dollars to carry out the “revolution” which Russia was allied at the time with the US and had special trade agreements with Russia since the time of the civil war when Russia helped to US stay united against British backed Southern Confederacy.

Report of the American Expeditionary forces to Siberia, March 1, 1919. Captain Montgomery Schyler, speaking of events following the decline of the First Provisional Government, says:

These hopes were frustrated by the gradual gains in power of the more irresponsible and socialistic elements of the population, guided by the Jews and other anti-Russian races. A table made in April 1918 by Robert Wilton, the correspondent of the London Times in Russia, shows that at that time there were 384 “commissars” including 2 Negroes, 13 Russians, 15 Chinamen, 22 Armenians and more than 300 Jews. Of the latter number, 264 had come to Russia from the United States since the downfall of the Imperial government.

Captain Schyler then provides a personal reflection:
It is probably unwise to say this loudly in the United States, but the Bolshevik movement is and has been since its beginning guided and controlled by Russian Jews of the greasiest type, who have been in the United States and there absorbed every one of the worst phases of our civilization without having the least understanding of what we really mean by liberty. 3

Stalin and Beria were not Russian but Georgian and the Holomodor that effected the Russian speaking East not the Ukrainian West was debunked at the time based on phoney pro Fascist media outlet of William Randoplth Hearst who provided international news service for the Nazis famine serial and Nazi propaganda originally published in Nazi Germany.

Right now America is the driving force behind the NWO pushing the agenda who since 79’s have supported Islamic terrorism and especially after the fall of the USSR have supported every single Islamic movement backed by the likes of Iran and Saudi Arabia over its Christian counterpart and non-Muslim inhabitancy starting in Bosnia in 89 supporting Islamic regime in Bosnia.

The latest effort is turning Afghanistan into a drug basin to finance Islamic fighters to destabilise Central Asia, Russia and China

Cobra said...

"The latest effort is turning Afghanistan into a drug basin to finance Islamic fighters to destabilise Central Asia, Russia and China"

That may be a (big) stretch, Jack...
While it would be wise to look at the Afghan war as a strategic war , what you said is a big stretch.

Following the same logic,shouldn't we be awash in Iraq oil in the US, now!

Supposedly, wasn't the Iraq war about oil?

Pervych said...

Глупые девчонки!!!
"Since you are so interested in the divine rights of royalty, why don't you explore the financial backing of the Queen of England?"???
Regnans In Excelsis!!! Св. Пия V
Все остальные??? Не русский, но 'еврей'-американского влияния!!!

jack said...


Not a big stretch at all the UN and US/NATO intelligence admit that there are at most 300 Al Qaeda in the whole of Afghanistan.

Opium production which was virtually non-existent under in regions held by British and US forces produce heroin in quantities of tons under their protection, terrorist from Russia, China and Central Asia as well as from the Mid East and Europe are running chartered flights coming into Afghanistan and training again like in the late 90’s in the border Waziristan province to destabilise Central Asia, Russia and China and we know that drug lord responsible for organising transportation of heroin into Russia from Afghanistan operate and reside in the US.

The simple fact is which I fully predicted since Obama’s “surge” there has been a massive increase in terrorist activity in the North Caucasus, Central Asia and China.

Why do you think we are in Afghanistan?