Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Roll Call of those who Helped Russia

As we have come to help many others, so in this time of need, many came to help us. Never before have we suffered such huge fires, especially in such a densely settled area. To that end, I will now recognize those who helped us:

Armenia: 4 high technology fire fighting complexes, 28 fire fighters and 150 humanitarian helpers.
Azerbaijan: 2 helicopters Mi-17 and Ka-32, 19 persons

Belarus: 1 helicopter Mi-8, 150 fire fighters, 20 pieces of machinery. 8 tons humanitarian aid (produce, clothing and medicine)

Bulgaria: 100 fire fighters

China: $1 million directly. Follow up $2,93 million in humanitarian aid.

Czech Republic: 5 million Kron as financial help to those who suffered

Germany: fire fighting equipment and pumps, financial help in rebuilding houses and medical assistance for those who suffered.

Ukraine: 2 aeroplanes An-32P, 1 helicopter Mi-8MTB-1, 2 sets of fire fighting engines

USA: 4 plane loads of C-130s filled with fire fighting equipment in the sum of $4,5 million. Further $50,000 from the US embassy to help those who suffered.

Further aid was given, in the form of planes and helicopters as well as fire fighting equipment, from France, Italy, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Lithuania.

Additional help was offered by Switzerland, South Korea, Finland, Macedonia, Latvia, Moldova, Spain, Greece, Cuba and others.

To all of these nations and their people: thank you.


Cobra said...

I would like to point out that the USA, demonized much in postings here, helped.
I would like to see the Russian people enjoy a good life and a free society, of which they were deprived of, for so long.
Also, a better relationship with the USA would benefit both countries...

David B. Carvalho said...

I wish the Brazilian government would have sent some aid as well, but, as far as I know, our president The Squid hardly gave some aid to the homeless due to the floods in Northeast Brazil, because he'd rather spend billions in advertisement to his Marxist-Leninist candidate for succession, Dilma.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure there were some Polish firefighters helping as well, no?

Stanislav said...


Yes, there were, my apologies for not listing them.