Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wikileaked: For NATO Russia is Still Enemy Number One

For whatever reasons that archaic Cold War relic declares its purpose for existence, the truth is, outside of serving as home to tens of thousands of military bureaucrats, for NATO it is always about Russia and our destruction.

Rather interesting emails surfaced, demonstrating that even as NATO coaxis Russia into a "partnership" but never a membership, it is expanding its plans for war with us. For example, in January of this year, NATO's committee decided to expand the planning for reinforcement of troops and bases from just Poland to include the Baltics, code named Eagle Guardian.

Their excuse, or rather that of the Americans, who are masterminding this, as usual, is that NATO must prepare for the defense of its members. The question then becomes, from what? From us? Only a total lunatic would believe that our military and our political leadership are able and willing and planning on an invasion of Europe. Furthermore, if one ever bothered to look at our history, our "invasions" of various parts of Europe almost always followed one of two paths: a counter invasion of the invading power, which first attacked us or coming to the rescue of various allies.

From the US words:

-- We see the expansion of EAGLE GUARDIAN as a step toward the possible expansion of NATO’s other existing country-specific contingency plans into regional plans.

Well, outside of trying to invade US and overthrow OUR allies, what exact regional plans do the Anglos and their NATO puppets have?

-- Public discussion of contingency plans undermines their military value, giving insight into NATO’s planning processes. This weakens the security of all Allies.

Yes, we wouldn't want the public in any of these nations to have any say into what their so called "democratic" aka police state governments are doing, now would we?

-- A public discussion of contingency planning would also likely lead to an unnecessary increase in NATO-Russia tensions, something we should try to avoid as we work to improve practical cooperation in areas of common NATO-Russia interest.

Translation: we don't want those dumb Russians to realize that while they're helping us, we are planning their destruction. We plan to crack their nation up, suck out their resources, their brain trust, technology and anything else we can....after all, the Giant Vampire Squid which is the Anglo Finance system that keeps it all going is hungry.

-- President Obama acknowledged this when he said at Prague that “We must work together as NATO members so that we have contingency plans in place to deal with new threats, wherever they may come from.” CLINTON

There's that American "reset", for the world to see.

At the same time, the Americans are still busily trying to forestall any sale of military equipment from France, such as the Mistral ship, to Russia. They have brought up such reasons as a fear by Tbilisi of the ship. So, considering that our army invaded Georgia only once, in response to the American backed genocide of Russian citizens in S.Ossessia, what exactly are they planning next? Or need we ask that question.

Further, countless of the documents demonstrate that the Americans are obsessed with the Medvedev-Putin dynamic, seeking every angle to work their mischief. They are still working hard to set President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin off on each other, trying to create havoc and anarchy in our political and economic system. It is also obvious that they still believe they can control President Medvedev like they controlled our drunken embarrassment, Yeltsin.

From an interview with the (hereditary) President Aliyev of AZERBAIJAN

He added, "Many high-ranking
officials don't recognize (Medvedev) as a leader." He said
that there are signs of a strong confrontation between the
teams of the two men, although not yet between Putin and
Medvedev personally. "We have a saying in Azeri, 'Two heads
cannot be boiled in one pot'" (crude street slang suggesting
that two leaders are spoiling for a fight).

So, whether or not, Wikileaks is the real thing or a CIA front, these tell us quite a lot: the American elite still view us as their enemy and it is still their motive to bring us chaos, anarchy and political instability. In other words, they want us on our knees. I say: to Hell with that.


Juniper in the Desert said...

Anything but mention the real threat: islam!!

Anonymous said...

True. What a joke, saying Russia will threaten Georgia with an aircraft carrier when the two countries share a land border.Basically they hate anyone upstanding and honorable, while they protect the vile.

Mattexian said...

Considering how badly the NATO member-states have been voluntarily "invaded" by various Muslim nationalities thru the member state of Turkey, is it any wonder that they might try to placate those same members with dreams of an "outside" threat, not reacting to the true threat coming from within.

Rusty Mason said...

Stanislav, the average American does not hate Russia or Russians; it is our crazy leaders who do, and our lying media who tell us what to think. Most Americans don't even know where Russia is, and are beginning to understand that our government, media, and banking system are run by nothing but fools, thieves, and murderers.

Most Americans do not know that we now have the same people in charge here whom Russia kicked out over the last few decades -- the "Russian" mafia, oligarchs, etc. -- and now these Christ killers have declared war on you. These murderers have installed communism here now, (although no one dares call it that), just as they did for the USSR.

Anonymous said...

The two remaining great powers of the world should be cooperating to combat the threats of chaos and anarchy coming from the "south."
Russians understand this, and probably are perplexed that American leaders do not.