Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wikileaks: The Serbian Judases and the US Silver Coins

Wikileaks has taught us much, such as the release two days ago, that quite frankly outlined the traitorous Judases who now nest in Belgrade, spreading their vile poison through the body politic of Serbia. Lets review:

Vice President Biden’s May 20 visit to Belgrade, during which he met with President Tadic, Prime Minister Cvetkovic, and Defense Minister Sutanovac, marked a “new beginning” in the bilateral relationship thanks to the core message that the United States recognized Serbia as an important regional partner and potential contributor to global prosperity and stability.

How bloody nice, so the nation that bombed your people, murdered your children, no so long ago, who continues to push national guilt of the Serbs, the very state that dismembered you totally, even took away your ancestral heartland, now sees you as a regional partner for prosperity and stability? Are you insane or just traitors to your own people? To your own Church?

Why the answer is:

Two months later, we have seen constructive engagement from the Serbian government on a certain number of issues. Our challenge now is to maintain and build on the momentum generated by the Vice President’s visit to keep pushing Serbia forward on Euro-Atlantic integration, regional relations, economic development, and the bilateral relationship. During this several-month period between Ambassadors, post urges Washington policymakers to visit Belgrade and engage in international fora with their Serbian counterparts as frequently as possible on these key issues.

The answer is obvious, yes, yes they are.

The Vice President’s message that the United States wanted Serbia to consider joining NATO, but would not push it to do so given the lasting impact of the 1999 NATO intervention, was well-received by the Serbian government and public.

You mean the intervention that has never ended? The intervention that still sits on Serbian land in Kosovo, that still supports the illegal Albanian entity that now steals Serbian land for the Islamic Jihadist front?

In addition, the Vice President’s decision to meet separately with Minister of Defense Dragan Sutanovac has given this reform-oriented advocate of cooperation with NATO additional credibility and weight in the policymaking process. Moving forward, we should continue to expand our vibrant military-to-military relationship with Serbia, work with partners to educate the public about the benefits of NATO membership, and encourage the Serbian government to cut through its interagency squabbles and open its long-awaited NATO mission in Brussels.

Yes, explain to them, that by becoming the sock puppets of the Anglos, by surrendering your faith to the homosexuals, the atheists, the Islamics, you can feel good that you will not be bombed, just one day soon required to die in Afghanistan, Iran and eventually against your brother Orthodox Slavs, in Russia. But those who bombed and murdered your women and children will make nice and pretend it didn’t happen.

We should also encourage Serbia to play an increasingly active role in global security issues, for example by sending police to Afghanistan within the ISAF framework.

Like I said, just more Slavic cannon fodder for the Anglos. Are you proud yet, of your so called leadership?

Its main challenge now is to convince The Netherlands that its efforts to capture ICTY indictees Ratko Mladic and Goran Hadzic are sincere and effective, as the Dutch insist on Serbia’s full cooperation with The Hague Tribunal as a prerequisite to unfreezing the Interim Trade Agreement and ratifying the Stabilization and Association Agreement.

¶2. (SBU) In meetings with President Tadic and other Serbian government officials on October 16, Ambassador at Large for War Crimes Issues Stephen Rapp received updates on the search for International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) fugitives Ratko Mladic and Goran Hadzic and highlighted the importance of capturing them, offering U.S. assistance. He also discussed domestic Serbian war crimes trials and cooperation with regional neighbors. Serbian officials made it clear to Ambassador Rapp their commitment to finding the fugitives, but they avoided Ambassador Rapp’s suggestion that they take up the challenge of influencing public opinion about the need for war crimes trials. Both sides agreed on the clear need for increased regional war crimes cooperation.

Again, you Serbs, must give up your people to die in the Anglo sponsored Hague kangaroo courts, which let Islamic psychopaths go on a regular basis, but would rather give Serb defendants induced heart attacks rather then let one dirty slimy Orthodox out of their clean and God like hands…..or so they seem to purely and satanically believe. But why do all the dirty work yourself, when plenty of Serbian Judases are more than happy to do it for you.

¶10. (SBU) Ambassador Rapp’s interlocutors also noted the successes of Serbia’s domestic war crimes trials in the Serbian War Crimes Special Court. They all expressed thanks for the USG’s strong and continuing support to the court and the police War Crimes Investigation Service. Ambassador Rapp noted the importance of having trials in national courts, which facilitated reconciliation. Kostic said the domestic trials had been important in helping the Serbian public understand that Serbs had committed war crimes and not just been victims of them. Ambassador Rapp told Judge Vazic he was concerned that the Supreme Court had overturned many of the Special Court’s convictions. Vazic noted that Supreme Court judges lacked the specialized training to understand war crimes cases.

So, the biggest group of homeless and exiled peoples, their lands stolen at all fronts, their ancestral churches bombed by NATO and burned by NATO’s Islamic war dogs, must understand that they are the criminals. Where are these trials in Croatia for Croats? In Bosnia for Bosnian Muslims? In Serbia’s Kosovo for Albanians? Or how about in the US/UK for their war criminals? Oh, its only Orthodox Christians and specifically Orthodox Slavs who are war criminals, as they watch their children murdered by NATO bombs. But see, its those damn Supreme Court Judges who are just to dumb to realize what these whores for politicians already know…how to sell their souls to Satan.

we are working with the FBI to bring a fugitive investigation expert to Belgrade to review the case file on Mladic and determine whether there are avenues of investigation or techniques that have not yet been applied. Continued engagement with the Dutch government to identify steps the Serbian government could take to demonstrate its best efforts to cooperate with the ICTY would enhance our leverage with the Serbian government.

How nice.

¶10. (C) Although the current Serbian government is democratic and
pro-European, it is also frequently unfocused and politically timid. Our challenge is to make it clear that Vice President Biden’s visit wasn’t merely a reward for good behavior, but rather the start of what needs to be a much more intensive dialogue on how we can work together more closely and productively on our shared objectives. End Comment.

How nice again. Those shared objectives seem to be squarely the vassalhood of Serbia, to the modern version of the Ottomans, the US Empire. So we should take it, the timid rulers of Serbia have no qualms with this. Do the people agree?

¶1. (C) We expect Serbia will continue to obstruct and undermine Kosovo’s sovereignty in the lead up to and following the International Court of Justice’s advisory opinion, which most believe will be ambiguous. Regardless of the position taken by the ICJ, Kosovo’s independence and sovereignty are irrefutable.

Yes, those shared objectives: to march Islam straight through the Orthodox Christian lands to shake hands with the growing Islamic caliphates in the dieing Western Europe. What else should one expect from the shills in the US/UK who serve the Saudi funded world Jihad? Serbs were always the gate keepers, defending the Europeans, not that they were ever thanked.

¶13. (C) If Belgrade follows the path that President Tadic appears to favor, Serbia will be able to move forward with EU integration while still not recognizing Kosovo. If however, when the ICJ opinion is issued, Jeremic is the only one with a plan, the GOS is likely to pursue the misguided idea of continuing to battle in the UNGA. This course will at least delay and at worse threaten
Serbia’s EU aspirations. In either case, we must snuff out any further roundabout talk on partition by both President Tadic and Foreign Minister Jeremic.

Get it? Just accept the fact of the land we stole from you, from your children and from the bones of your ancestors who died to reclaim it last time from Islamics, and just get on with your life….oh and we may throw you a bone of EU vassalhood, where we can flood your borders with Islamics, just like we did to Greece, are doing to Poland, Bulgaria and Romania.

If our strategy is to be effective, we need to encourage Brussels to have a clear, coordinated policy regarding the linkage between Serbia’s EU path and resolving practical issues with Kosovo. If Serbia fails to heed this message we and our like minded European partners will need to prepare to defeat any new Kosovo resolution in the UNGA next fall. This will require an aggressive strategy to counter Serbia’s lobbying.

Just more of those shared values.

President Tadic and his close advisors appear intent on giving the Russians their due without irritating the Europeans, while others - including Foreign Minister Jeremic - seem to want to use close ties to Russia as a “bargaining chip” with Europe and the United States (ref A).

Obviously, there are strong Anglo-phile elements who are more than happy to betray our brotherhood, our ancestral brotherhood for the dirty thirty pieces of silver. Mammon, the only god of the West and to many traitors in the East.

They perceive a continued need for Russia’s UNSC veto and rhetorical support on Kosovo, particularly while the International Court of Justice case is ongoing. At the same time, this more pragmatic group of policymakers sees that Russia is not always a reliable partner - such as when the Russian government used Kosovo’s declaration of independence to justify its actions in Abkhazia and Ossetia. This group also realizes that Russian assistance pales in comparison to the tangible benefits of eventual European Union membership.

Remind me again who started that war in S.Ossessia? Yes, the American still persist in the illusion that their vassal did nothing and that it was not under their instruction. And in the end, this “group” is only about their 30 pieces of silver and nothing else.

And when the US or the EU seem to say kind things about the Serbian-Russian relationship? Well, it is still the snake hissing with its two forked tongue.

We can strengthen the hand of pragmatic forces in the Serbian government by recognizing in our public statements that Serbia needs to devote effort to having a healthy, balanced relationship with Russia. We can afford to be magnanimous on this point because we have the better story to tell: the foreign direct investment statistics and the results of our programs supporting economic, political, and security reform demonstrate that Serbia benefits far more from cooperation with the United States and the West than it does from Russian rhetoric. While the Serbian public has not yet fully accepted these facts, our constant public diplomacy efforts to highlight the results of U.S. engagement are having an impact. We should continue to let our actions speak louder than our words by engaging with Serbia on issues of mutual interest, avoiding any direct comparisons with Russia, and flatly rejecting the notion that in the 21st century any country must choose between East and West.

Two faced duplicity at its best. Nothing else should ever be expected from the Masons ruling the enslaved populace of the US/UK.

So Serbia, best start choosing and acting: surrender your souls for EU vassalage and become cannon fodder for Anglo adventures, or stand strong for your God, Church and your ancestral allies?


Anonymous said...

Pretty clear cut choice for Serbia,God or Satan . I thought the Irish elites were brainless sellouts but this crew in Belgrade takes the prize.Dont forget the unmentioned pipeline routes and mineral deposits.Happy Christmas.

racketmensch said...

I'm sure the let-bygones-be-bygones crowd in Serbia will pray for the rapid recovery and continuing good health of their esteemed benefactor, Richard Holbrooke, whose great heart has been strained by his efforts on behalf of all enlightened people everywhere.

Not me, though - I'm hoping he has a long and painful transition to the ultimate abode of liars and murderers.

racketmensch said...

And now this giant has passed; too soon, too soon!
(I had hoped he'd suffered at least to the point of self-awareness - maybe he did, but it seems unlikely), considering...

“Yugoslavia’s tragedy was not foreordained,” he wrote. “It was the product of bad, even criminal, political leaders who encouraged ethnic confrontation for personal, political and financial gain.” Projection much?

It must be comforting to believe in a just God that will frog march this bastard past the long lines of innocents he helped send on ahead. The rest of us will just have to get by on schadenfreude. "Madame Secretary, Charon has saved a seat for your bolshoi(vek) ass".

I hope his shadow passes over all these memo writers on it's way below.

Anonymous said...

What's with Eastern Europe's obsession with joining the EU? EU-mania hasn't died despite problems arising in Western Europe. Serbia is now willing to flagellate itself and Ukraine's Yanukovich seems to have reversed his nationalist views and is now pushing for EU membership. What's going on? And why aren't present Slavic/Baltic member countries pulling out. Germany can't keep affording the bailouts forever, so sooner or later Brussels will demand that Eastern Europe pay up. And not to mention Eastern Europe will no doubt become an attractive target for a future wave of Third World immigrants.

Anonymous said...

It seems that Serbia's history has been that of being surrounded by "bad" and "worse." I can understand why the leadership might be seduced by NATO and The West though they must be gullible.
Romania is the key here, she is an orthodox nation who has joined with The West because she blames Russia for her suffering under Communist rule. The same can be said for Bulgaria. If they could be convinced to join Russia then Ukraine would be surrounded by her fellow Orthodox nations and Moscow would have an uninterrupted geographic link to Belgrade for the first time in a generation.
I still believe that the faith of the Serbian people is strong even if they are successfully fooled by their Western backed leaders. They will overcome the EU as they have overcome the Ottomans and every other barbarous empire before them.

Pervych said...

"What else should one expect from the shills in the US/UK who serve the Saudi funded world Jihad?"??? Да, эти грязные стада коз, с их неверными вероисповедания, что является еще одним икры из сатанинского сборища, всегда были готовы, но не смогли причинить никакого вреда, пока они не были застроены зверя системы выполнять свою роль!!!
"Nothing else should ever be expected from the Masons ruling the enslaved populace of the US/UK."??? проклятые еретики и за ее пределами еретики закрепленных (
каламбуру!!!)'иудео'-масонства, во вред себе, но самое трагичное, в ущерб христианской цивилизации!!! БОГ ПРОКЛИНАЕТ ИХ ВСЕ!!!

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