Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Wikileak Assange and the American Mullahs

It is rather interesting to see the reaction of the Americans to the Wikileak "leaks". First of all, the cables show just what the US elites think of everyone else: they are all nut jobs, perverts, mediocre or evil...that is, in the implied standard that they, these US elites, set for themselves. Notice, that the only critiques missing is of fellow, and also extremely flawed, UK politicians and any other American lapdogs, such as Georgia.

But aside from their: Gadhafi is afraid of flying and likes volumptious blonds (only in the gay ole Anglosphere is this a character flaw), Merkel is bland and uncreative (that is, she doesn't toe the DC line and doesn't like getting back stabbed by Anglos-and who does?), Sarkazi is a mini-tyrant (and not a lapdog, like the British), Berlasconi is weak and in Moscow's pocket (again, not a lapdog like the British), Putin is an Alpha male (as opposed to the Obama gamma (fe)male), Medvedev is a timid girliman (who ordered a crushing counter attack of the American Georgian puppets and then did not buckle down and become an American lapdog): views of everyone else, what is really interesting is the American psychotic reaction breaking out from Far Left (Democrat-Communists) to Almost Far Left (Republican-Fascists).

On the one hand, insane US pressure has closed down the servers and are chasing down Wikileaks (all the while screaming it'll be the Russians who'll be the bad guys and stop this freedom of information act enforced...not that the US gov ever really enforces their own laws, since they black out 90% of their documents, so someone outside this has to) across the internet, trying to ban them from the ether, even all the while the US government was already actively grabbing and closing down objectionable websites. On the other hand, PayPal has closed Wikileaks' accounts, and presumably confiscated (stolen) any cash there in. The US is also busy with Interpol getting Assunge arrested on anything and everything.

The one sensible thing that I have seen is a bill in the US parliament that makes it illegal to disclose the names of informents, which is usually a death sentence for them. Other than that, the loony bin of American politics is on display.

We have Sarah (empty vassal for the demon of neoconism) Palin wailing that the US must go after Assnge like the US has gone after the Taliban and Al Queda. Of course on this, I am not sure who should be afraid, Assuage or the American serfs, since it is their freedom, wealth and blood that has disappeared the most in their "crusade" on Freedom ... er Terror.

The US military has even gone into the censorship business, keeping its soldiers from reading any reports having to do with this issue, not simply the Wikileaks site but actual news reports. So much for the: they hate us for our freedom crap. The DC Mullahs do not believe in that any more than they do in Tehran. U.S. Military in Iraq Tries to Intimidate Soldiers Into Not Reading Wikileaks

The federal government seems to have lost its mind in a manic game of internet whack-a-mole aimed at getting the Wikileaks State Department cables thrown down the memory hole: First, Sen. Joe Lieberman successfully nudged Amazon into kicking the site off its servers. Then the Library of Congress blocked the site for all employees and users of its computer terminals. Now we learn that the State Department is warning prospective hires that if they write about Wikileaks on Twitter or Facebook, they might not get that job. And now Gawker has learned that military installations in Iraq are trying to keep soldiers from reading about Wikileaks. A tipster wrote to tell us that "the Army's unclassified, NIPRNET network in Iraq has blocked every major news website because of the Wikileaks issue," going on to say that,,, the Huffington Post, and a variety of other sites are blocked on the Army's unclassified network.

Then there is the "conservative" and "small" government advocate and former governor and presidential hopeful Huckabee screaming for the death penalty for anyone leaking government documents. Well, if there ever was a better way to make a transparent tyranny, er government, than the old American tradition of killing the messenger, what would it be? "Whoever in our government leaked that information is guilty of treason," Huckabee said. "I think anything less than execution is too kind a penalty." The American talking Ego Trip, Bill (I the right hand of god...just not sure which one) O'Reilly said "Whoever leaked all those State Department documents to the WikiLeaks website is a traitor and should be executed or put in prison for life,"

Other top elites and their hanger ons are screaming for the death of Assange, like some half witted Mullahs in Iran. Of course, considering that Dear Leader Barrack has signed documents allowing the murder of American citizens abroad, sans trial or any other niceties, what can Assange, a non-American hope for. 5 Reasons The CIA Should Have Already Killed Julian Assange. Saleman Rushdie, eat your heart out. Other Mullah wanna-bes, like Conservative columnist Jeffrey T. Kuhner. While Charles Krauthammer, the guru of "conservatism" and "freedom" called for the persecution of any media group that worked with Wikileaks, even as other Mullah lights called for the listing of Wikileaks and its employees as a terrorist organization.

So what do we now see as the difference between the Mullah's of Iran and the Mullah's of America? Both states sponsor terrorism, first against other nations: bombing their civilians and infrastructure, be it with car bombs or smart bombs. Both states sponsor the over throw of those who disagree with their particular and very revolutionary doctrines. Both groups claim to be republics, while shadow power elites control everything. Both groups claim to be fighting for human rights (yes Iran is always fighting for Sheites). Both nations assassinate and murder foreigners who they deemed as threats, and not just military threats and now both nations assassinate their citizens abroad. Finally, both nations constantly scream that they are misunderstood and that they are naturally "good", while abusing their citizens.

The difference is, the Iranian threat, world wide, is but a 1% of that of the American Mullahs. Assange, his family and friends, had best be very scared, for the DC Mullahs do have fangs that bite.


jack said...

Stas disappointed but not surprised you fell for the Wikileaks propaganda which fully suits NWO geo-political agenda against Russia which really says nothing and given a false impression/mis-direction on what is really going on.

It is nothing already disclosed and covered in the mass media. I have exposed on the Underground Serbian Café more damming things about the US and their allies using good internet sources.

Nothing about western support for Islamic terrorism especially Bosnia and Chechnya, Afghan heroin trade, Hague court and murder of Milosevic, Balkans, Kosovo, embassy staff work with NGO’s, opposition groups, etc to overthrow the governments in Belarus, Ukraine, Central Asian stans, China, Georgia (which installed the current government to power) and especially Russia and a whole bunch of other topics.


I sent you an email requesting Russia's press release statement regarding the launching of the 2nd Chechen war on a 9/11 article I was going to submit to you.

Did you not either receive my email or find the statement?

Anonymous said...

@jack. 100 % right . This is a typical Pyops 'limited hangout'. Nothing new here.As for reaction here , these dopes call Assange a traitor. How can he be a traitor when he isnt American? Oh thats right , 'with us or against us'.This volume of mostly rubbish paperwork couldnt be released without high-up arrangments.Just further proof that Russia, Germany, China etc need to forge ahead with their own plans and counter the doings of these mad dogs

racketmensch said...

Contra jack, I don't think you "fell" for anything - the equivalence of the hysterical official American response to WL and (for instance) the hysteria of the Moolies over the Danish cartoons, the call for Assange's death and Rushdie's is obvious. I value your opinion on this sort of thing, both because of your (presumed by me, I could be wrong) relative emotional distance, and (again presumed) ability as a Russian to spot authoritarian auto-overeaction indicative of a weak "hand".

I would caution anyone saying nothing important has been disclosed to remember that most of what is available has not been released yet, 842 out of 251,287, so it's a bit early to say there's nothing there. Also, Assange has stated that one of the main reasons for releasing these "secrets" is to cause this overreaction and disrupt the internal habits of communication and trust within the conspiracy. The shutting and blocking of websites and even secondary commenting shows that he has succeeded, brilliantly, it seems to me, much like the clownish overreaction by the TSA to the underpants bomber, or the possibility that a prankster with a firecracker could shut down air travel in the USSA.

I believe the countrymen of Kasparov and Solschenizyn should appreciate the genius behind wikileaks. If you happen to have a lot of spare time, check out this discussion of Assange's motives and methods;“to-destroy-this-invisible-government”/

Anonymous said...

Kasparov and Soltzenizyn? LOL Dont insult the great man.Theres nothing invisible about this 'government'.Its right up front in your face. This crew invades and indefinitely occupy nations with a smirk.They dont give a damn what we think.These satanists are led by a supernatural being, who is far from a 'weak' hand.I dont doubt Assanges motives,but he like everyone else makes the mistake of judging these demons in human terms.

Libertarian Advocate said...

Off Topic, but I thought you might enjoy the ironic humor of this post:

Anonymous said...

Some points.
1 Attack on internet freedom
2 Frighten potential whistleblowers
3 Like Pentagon papers, dump Cia Vietnam/Iraq/AfPak mess on hapless Army and patriotic Generals[Daniel Ellsberg who was Assange of the time,was 'pardoned'.He is now a Soros lackey]
4 Discredit foreign leaders/relatioships who are not puppets , so as to disrupt projects such as SouthStream.
5 Damage genuine American patriots by lumping them in with 'conspiracy theorists'
5 Attack banks who will soon be shorted by Soros and crew.
6 Anglosphere and Israel come out smelling like roses.
7 Also Soros/ Cia created vassals like Poland , Lithuania , Georgia etc.
8 Finally Assange is a product of MK-Ultra ,sex , drug cult based in suburban Melbourne in 1970s.
Ps. Wake up, these people might be evil but they are diabolically clever.

jack said...


Contra Jack?

Well I am not Russian or have I even been to Russia in fact I am a born citizen of the heart of the empire here in Great Britain

Wikileaks is the modern equivalent of Information Research Department of the British Foreign Office during the Cold War.

If you do not know the geo-political agenda since 1856 towards Russia and the end of the Cold war which I don’t think you do (I don’t think Stas does either) is basically this to create vassal state hostile to Russia via Islamic proxy like in Central Asia and the North Caucasus to secure and build oil and gas pipeline projects that bypass Russia which include the former Yugoslavia which was targeted to destabilisation in the mid 80’s under the Reagan administration and cut of Russian supply routes from Europe by supporting Soros colour revolutions and installing ultra-nationalist anti-Russian states.

With China they cut of all potential energy supply routes like Muslim terrorist/separatists in Xinjing province and Chinese state energy companies overseas like in Africa, Iran, Central Asia, etc so it is

Evidence of this is overwhelming

Do the Wikileaks cables support or run counter to this agenda granted that still most is to be released?

So far they say nothing absolutely nothing the mass media or internet media has not already covered.

There is no way publications like The Guardian and the New York Times would cover this and the mass media giving it all this attention if it was real.
How much attention did Sibel Edmonds get and the bombshells she revealed which is backed up by facts?

jack said...

Stas I have still to get an email response.

Where you able to find Russian governments official press release statement with the launch of the second Chechen war? Yes/No?

Stanislav said...


No Jack, I'm quite aware of these things.

As for the link, I do not have it.

jack said...


I didn't know Ellsberg who worked for the RAND corporation is employed by Soros.

Wikileaks advisory board almost half are Chinese activists and Chinese activist are supported by the CIA/MI6.

Good Madsen video from August.

Anonymous said...

What I find ironic is that document security was actually quite a bit better when we relied on paper hard copies. Modern technology was supposed to make the developed world paperless, at least as far as government documentation went. Instead, you now more often than not need even more copies of everything, plus you also have a huge and easily-exploited (even by relative amateurs) electronic vulnerability.

Less-developed countries now tend to have better custody of government secrecy, because they rely less on modern technology. I'd guess that was pretty much the opposite of the original aim.

Anonymous said...

@jack . I dont think he is 'employed' but he is in sync with his goals. Ellsberg also was an officer in Vietnam prior to his more famous 'career'. His Vietnam period is not well known or researched.