Sunday, December 5, 2010

Russophobia, the Favorite Pass Time of the Anglos

No one hates us as much as the Anglos, the Anglo elites, backed up by a dumbed down public, which could not find us on a map, but knows we are EVIL with a capital EVIL. And after all, that is all they need to know.

The American and British Russophobia is nothing new, but of all the nations, those two the greatest hypocrites to be so. So where did it start? Surely not in the last 20 years, not even since the Soviet revolution, which was built upon Anglo cash and exploitation, nah, it came much much earlier than that.

Quite frankly, the Anglos, that is the British, have feared us ever since we came out of our forced upon shell, under Peter the Great. The British were our trade partners since the 1600s and Ivan Grozny, through the northern routes, around Scandanavia. Incidentally, the British knew these routes because their ships, prior to discovering Africans, were busy raiding Iceland and Norway for slaves, since the 1400s.

They had little to fear from us, contesting their empire, since we were hemmed in, at that time, by Turks to the south, Pole-Lithuanians and the Hapsburgs to the west and the Swedes to the north-west. However, since our breakout, they have been busy being the real Evil behind many of our misfortunes. Anglo monies and duplicity can be found in many indirect wars, to include with the Poles and the Turks and even direct ones, like the Crimean War.

Anglos brought about the collapse of the first Central Alliance: Germany, Austro-Hungary and Russia and all but assured that World War One was a done deal. Anglo money then sponsored the Russian Revolution (American absolutely the majority in this case) and made sure that they got the exploitation of Russia and her resources through out the 20s. Anglos, along with the French, took Kulchak's and Russia's recognized government's money for weapons and only gave him half, making sure the Whites would never win, while feeding the other half to the Reds. In effect, they assured that millions of Orthodox Christians would be butchered, along the Anglo-South African model.

But now it is they who are paranoid of us? As usual, the answer is yes and they always were. Since it is the Anglo model of government and finance that goes so strongly against God: a pseudo democracy where an evil and unaccountable elite does what it wants with more violence, force and duplicity then many of the worst dictators and a finance model, made not only to steal the wealth of their own people, but also the world, a model whose premise is: anything any way for money.

At the same time, a heretical form of Christianity, first imported by William the Bastard, in the Roman model, over throwing the Orthodox Herald at Hastings, and then on the back of the sinful and demonic lusts of Eward VI. Since then, the British form of protestantism, coming to pure fruitation in the Americas, has brought us tens of thousands of splinters and branches and heresies, many vile and built on pure satanic fiction: such as the Riches doctrines, where people send a "preacher" money so that he prays that God give these people money. Or the Mormons who gave up all their land to their "Church" and who are promised Godhood in the next life. Or the Scientologists and dozens of other such cults.

Is it any wonder that no where else in the world of Christiandom are even a fraction of these false prophets found or that they are allowed to flourish and then export themselves, like the spiritual version of the Anglo mortgage backed security, exported out to the world, under false pretenses. Unlike the MBS, these do not just steal your financial future, but damn your soul to Hell. Is it any wonder than that the Anglos, and the Americans first and center, scream so loudly when other nations ban these various vile cults? For example, when the Germans banned Scientology as a threat to the German national state. Why are the Americans so concerned that some cult of there's is accepted in, if not in the Satanic service of Corruption.

Anglo paranoia of Russians is well founded. Our nation should have been and will be the dominant economic power, but one moderated actively by the Church, and in all walks of life: Mindless Tolerance is a Sin. Furthermore, the Church, in its righteousness is influencing millions of the lost and to be damned serfs of the Anglo world: Satan is not happy.

So of course, a corrupt, Godless elite in the West must hate Russia and to that end it breeds strains of Russophobia like a diseased homosexual, through his perverse lifestyle (incidentally most strongly found also in the Anglo world) breeds new strains of viral infections.

During the 1950s, the Americans, for example, actively encouraged a heretical Rapture Dogma, that is about 1% based on the Bible, and that saw and still sees Russia as Gog in the Gog-Magog duel that is supposed to help spark Armageddon. They then attempted to export this lunacy to the rest of the world, thankfully with little fruition.

In the 1980s, the CIA and the US elites, through Hollywood, sponsored various movie "hits", like Red Dawn, portraying those EVIL Russians invading the American homeland, never mind the logistical impossibility of that. These films, along with a plethora of video games, such as World In Conflict, have made a stunning come back in the past few years. As a matter of fact, big US media and video game companies are charging ahead with one title after another attacking Russians left and right, be they over Georgia or just "mythical" Russian nationalists who must be shot down in the dozens by American joystick heroes. Michael Flenning's "unbiased" movie about the Georgian-Ossessian War, sponsored by Georgia's elites and shot only in Georgia, is another prime example, soon to get the Orwellian Hour of Hate from the American masses.

In the 1990s the Americans and British actively sponsored every corrupt and traitorous bastard in our nation, starting with that drunken embarrassment Yeltsin, while also and still to this day, actively sponsoring and backing Islamic Jihad in Russia.

Russophobia, of course continues and is seeing a new upsurge recently, as the combined Anglo-sphere's rot and death has accelerated with the destruction of its last great financial bubble.

The "spies" found in America, this year, was just one small chapter. To mention that this bunch had gathered or rather made inroads to key officials at a smaller rate, over the past two decades, then a good lobby firm in Washington can do in two weeks, is beyond mention. That they were outed by their former boss, who himself was recruited by the CIA, which actively works to undermine Russia both directly and through its NGO storm troopers, is taken as a norm.

During the American elections, Russophobia was the card play of choice by both of the branches of the One Part system and the ownership elite. From calls for more of the American "democratic" revolutions and exploitation of Russian allies and neighbors to ousting Russia, the 5th largest economy, from the G8, without asking the other members of course, to out and out calls by the totally insane, for war.

Mainstream American publications, by "experts" who are nothing more than mouth pieces and mental light weights, or just plain evil bastards, are rampant: "The New Cold War" by Edward Lucas, who claims that "Russia's vengeful, xenophobic and ruthless rulers have turned the sick man of Europe into a menacing bully."

There is, for example, the case of Victor Bout, who was supposed to be released by Thai court, after a US backed sting failed to bring evidence in to indict him. However, with massive American pressure, he is instead, illegally deported to America, handled worse than the Islamic terrorists or would be terrorists. He is, after all, a Russian.

“We regret the political decision made by the Thai Court of Appeals,” Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister, told reporters in the Armenian capital of Yerevan. “In my opinion, this verdict is unlawful. The information available to us confirms that this decision was made under very heavy pressure from abroad. This is sad.”

“The utmost discontent and concern were declared over the politically–motivated verdict of the Thai Appeals Court, which contradicts the Thai Criminal Court's ruling made in August 2009 that denied the US extradition request due to a lack of evidence,” the Foreign Ministry’s statement reads as cited by RIA Novosti.

Now we have the case of Katia Zatuliveter, who worked for the UK MP Mike Hancock. It is not as if she lied about being Russian or was not extensively vetted, but she is now being chased as a "sleeper" agent....again, would not a sleeper agent NOT draw attention to herself as being, oh, I don't know, RUSSIAN? AFP: Russian 'spy' found in British parliament

But in the end, we must view, until such time as the sheeple either remove their Elites or dismember their own states, the Anglos as enemies, if not as hot enemies then definitely as cold enemies. While the difference is great, between the desires of the owned and the owners, it is, after all, the will of the owners that matters and they have proven in the past as deft manipulators of those they own.


jack said...

This book actually pretty much sums up western view point of Russians and Russia that Russian “nationalism” is intrinsically expansionist in its foreign policy and essential the problem with Russia is Russians so the less or no Russians and Russian influence political, economic and cultural the better.

Russian nationalism since 1856: ideology and the making of foreign policy by Astrid S. Tuminez

Even has a section on Yugoslavia

This was the philosophy behind support of Communism and the post Soviet NWO to replace the Russian minority with hostile ethnic minorities.

Interesting to note the year 1856 after the end of the Crimean war and British expansionism into the Eurasian sphere.

The is the same western countries that allow the ousted Oligarchs to invest their stolen wealth (a modest estimate of a trillion dollars in off shore British tax havens) to buy up political influence in Washington, London and elsewhere.

Berezovsky who brags about connections to the major political parties and is MI6 connected and the other Oligarchs are based in London who have bought up media like Gorbachev crony Alexander Lebedev who is promising a Wikileak attack on Putin.

London is even referred to as Londongrad as well as the term Londanistan due to it being the centre of international terrorism and like Marxist groups prior is the home of Chechen terrorism.

Zakayev has address the parliament on occasions and travels on a British passport and the Al Majaharoun organisation lead by Omar Bakri was used by British intelligence to recruit Muslims from Universities like The London School of Economics as well as the Finsbury part mosque and other Muslim organisations.

Anonymous said...

I am ashamed of our media. They have implied Russia don't deserve to host the World Cup, and that you have bribed FIFA officials. Our MPs are the biggest crooks on the planet - they're literally giving away our country in exchange for their thirty pieces of silver.

However, only today it emerged that FIFA officials had been promised top notch accommodation in London for the Olympics - which has subsequently been withdrawn following the vote.

Russia has never hosted the tournament before, and is the biggest territory in the world.

I can't comment on the spy allegations, but I imagine there's little in it.