Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sue America's Loud Mouths

Sue America's Loud Mouths

John McCain, the Islamic whore of Arizona is at it again. After orgasming to his own lack of whit while singing
"bomb bomb Iran", this presidential election loser, a born again Marxist Leninist Fascist, has been having on air orgasms over the US backed jihadist revivals all over the Mid East.

Now, twice in less than a month, this Satanic imp has threatened Russia with revolution. That the majority of the population supports Putin, that most of those who do not still would not follow the Arabs into chaos, that, as I wrote about in The American Zhirinovsky: John McCain , the Americans are the biggest sponsors of the Russian Nazis (the amount of Islamics is to small and falling, for that old workhorse of a whore to lay on his back and raise his legs for) is lost on no one.

Furthermore, it shows how insane and out of touch with reality, the powers that be are in America. Russia has a bustling economy with the lowest unemployment rate in the West, a health and growing middle class, new factories all over the place with a nice low tax, protectionist merchantalistic economic policy and nationalists at the helm. There is free speech, you can read enough of it in newspapers and on the internet, from are fools the liberals who idolize idiots like McCain and are more then happy to sell the nation out to the US and EU.

However, since the muzzle of Arizona, who just can't help himself, is trying to cause harm to our nation, we must make him pay. No, Hell is not something he fears, he knows his master is waiting for him and that he will be sharing it with most of the Anglo elites, most satanic cult that there ever was. No we need to hit h and his billionaire wife where it counts, where they fear it the most: in the wallet.

It well past time to sue these idiots for the damage they cause. Following us will be the families of all the victims the world over that they have violated.

The list of idiots and whores like McCain and Light In The Loafers Grahmy boy from South Carolina, is very long and well, American lawyers need work to. Now there's a jobs plan even Americans can afford.


Pervych said...

И начните Каноническое Действие против суда!!! БОГ ПРОКЛИНАЕТ ИХ ВСЕ!!!

Juniper in the Desert said...

What are the Russians doing about this horror?? Some of us in the West look to Russia to give proper guidance on the mozlem problem!! why are you allowing them this platform??

Stanislav said...

Well for one, the oldest mosque in Moscow was torn down on 11 Sept 2011.

This was a protest by the Muslims because we won't allow them to build their armaments houses in Moscow and other cities.

There were also some large nationalist (not ultra nationalists at that) protests against this and them.

Matthew Saroff said...

You are being unfair to John McCain.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky may be a xenophobic bigot, but he has core values.

John Sydney McCain is all about his personal sense of entitlement, and his fits of pique.