Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wars since the 1800s, Comparison USA and Russia

Over and over in the US press, the peasants are reminded of the evil, evil, EEEVVIIIIIL and war like Russians who storm, apparently, throughout the world, murdering raping and killing.

Of course, just like with almost everything of the US "free" press, the reality is quite the opposite. In truth, it is the Americans who have been doing this, under the banner of "We are God's choosen people and will, at the end of a gun, show the world how to "properly" live", no matter how many locals we have mass murder.

The countries on these maps, in green, are the nations in which US or Russian (including Soviet) forces, actual active military has fought, or against coalitions of troops, such as Nazi Germany and its allies. This does not include the various rebellions and civil wars the two nations have sponsored, such as the over throw of the Iranian Republic by the US or the over throw of Mubarek's Egypt of last year.

Nor does this include internal rebellions or wars.

First, the evil Russians: (Please keep in mind that central asian wars would not even show up on this if the old Russian territory was counted as one nation, just like the various US massacres and wars of Indians, and uprisings).

Now the saintly USA:

So, who are the war mongers? Who have, in 200 years, brought more war, destruction and tragedy.


Chad Eastwood said...

Do you have a similar map for British wars? Would be interesting too.

jack said...

@Chad Eastwood

That would be way higher than 22%


Interesting developments.

Bosnian blowback against the US.

British created Pan Turkish/Pan Turanian is starting to flex its muscle.